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Goodybye, Edward

Posted by Pepper on October 9, 2012

If there was one series I just could not get myself to like, it was Twilight. The sister was a big fan, about 4 years ago. So much so, that she forced me to read the first book. Yes, we force things onto each other like that. I tried to not dislike the book, but I can’t really feign appreciation for too long. She knew my hatred for it. I knew her love. I would roll my eyes each time Edward Cullen was brought up.

Since she didn’t have an audience in me, she would talk to Mint about it. He knew how smitten she was. During one of his trips to India, he bought her the movie DVD. It even had Robert Pattinson’s interview. She was obviously thrilled. What I didn’t know was that he even bought her a huge poster of Edward Cullen. To make matters worse, he went ahead and plastered it on our bedroom door in our absence. He wanted to surprise her. When we entered the bedroom, the sister happened to see the poster and was delighted. I screamed. I said I didn’t want it. But ofcourse, when the sister and Mint become a team, who will listen to me?

Since we share a bedroom, I had to live with the damn face staring at me, night and day. At times, I have woken up at night, startled, because of those evil eyes watching me while I slept on my bed. Every time I told the sister I would tear that poster and get rid of it, she would protest. I had resigned to being watched by that dude at all times.

A few days ago, I brought it up again. I told her I was going to get rid of that poster. “Ofcourse!”, she said. “Why would I stop you?”. Huh? I understand, that poster was put up in 2009. She was a mere 17 year old at that time. Interests evolve. But I still hadn’t expected it to be this easy.

So I did it today. I pulled out the tape that glued the poster to the door. I expected myself to be relieved. And I was. But a part of me was also sad. That poster had been bought by Mint for the sister, all the way from the US. He had gotten it with a lot of care, and ensured the travel did not damage the paper in any way. Getting rid of it was making me a wee bit nostalgic. And then I shook my head. I can’t afford to get sentimental over every little thing. It’s just a damn poster. Okay? Okay!

So long..

Once I pulled it out, I showed it to the sister, who instantly looked distraught.  She wanted to know why I really did it. She had grown used to that face staring at us at all times. Now she felt really sad, seeing the empty frame of the door. After some thought, she asked me if I could tape it back there. I considered this for a minute, before rejecting the idea. Now, it’s gone. Goodbye, Edward.


In other news, it’s time I acknowledge these awards.

Ti  gave me the “One Lovely Blog Award”. Thank you so much, Ti!

This one comes with the “Write 7 things about yourself” tag. Since I have done this several times, I will just link bank to one of the old posts. Go here to know some crazy facts about me.

The other award comes from Zinal. She has nominated me for the “Sunshine Award”. I promise I will answer all the questions the award comes with, another time.

Thank you so much. I am truly touched and honoured 🙂


20 Responses to “Goodybye, Edward”

  1. ashreyamom said

    posters and interest change with time na.. but sticking on wall was strict no no at my home.. so i used to take cutouts form new papers and magazines and would stick it in my rough book.. i used to call it the G- collections. gone are those days with fascinations and dreams.. 🙂

    give ur sis an alternative location to stick the poster.. may be she would be happy..

  2. R's Mom said

    Hai Ma, how did you sleep with that sinister looking fellow in your door…I would have nightmares *shudder*

    I think I am the only one in the whole world who has NOT read the Twilight series..but Sandhya gave me a not-so-positive feedback and that got me thinking and now you are saying you hate it..so well guess, I shouldnt really invest that time eh?

    congrats on the awards

  3. My Era said

    The way your sister grew out on Robert Pattinson I did on SRK 😉
    I have been a fan of the Twilight series (of books not the movies) but yeah that was 2009 and I had borrowed the books from the library to read. I think if I were to read them again, I too would have mixed feelings.
    Congratulations on being awarded 😀

  4. My sister was in love with the Twilight series and Edward too….i couldn’t stand both the series and the guy. Tried reading the first book but couldn’t get past 6 chapters. I too had to put up with pictures and posters of Pattinson when I visited India last year and shared my sister’s room! 🙂 Do not understand the fascination!

  5. Visha said

    Wondering how did you manage to sleep with that eyes looking at you 😛

    Congratulations on being awarded 🙂

  6. congrats on the awards 🙂

    you know when i was a young boy 🙂 yeah i was at one time.. my room was full of posters all the walls were covered with them.. and it felt bad when i had to take them down as my dad wanted to paint the whole house 🙂

  7. aparna said

    Please send that poster to me.I will keep Edward safe. I am not a teenager but I have never outgrown my feelings for him.

  8. Jazz said

    omg that was scary, I don’t like that vampire series too but my younger sis was once crazy about it. But I can understand about the nostalgia bit, happens sometimes, even when we get rid of something we don’t like as it was that special. 🙂

  9. Even i dislike it, could only bring myself to read the first book after lot of coaxing from one of my sister, seemed Bella kept on repeating the same stuff every third page…..i do understand the sentiments of your sister and mint but the poster sure looks ghostly like all the stars in the movie.

  10. Ashwathy said

    Hahah quickly linking up old posts and getting rid of tags eh? You lazy bum! 😛 *suddenly remembers some tags to be done by self…damn!*

    OMG! I m so glad you took down that poster. And I am even more relieved you hate Edward Cullen and Twilight. I saw the movie, but have not read the book. After seeing the movie (first and second parts) I did not even want to touch the book. Bella is seriously the most annoying, irritating heroine I have ever come across in a movie…whiny, self-pitying, wimpy and totally useless. I felt like slapping the shit out of Kristen Stewart for enacting her the way she did. And I felt like breaking every bone in the body of the two men for wanting to die over such a sexless chit of a girl, you wouldn’t even dream of even looking in her direction!!! 😡 Edward Cullen is only slightly less irritating. If it were me, I’d choose Jacob in a jiffy…and live happily ever after with him. 😛 He’s saucy, don’t u think? :mrgreen:

    ooooh I feel so much better after the rant! 😀

  11. metherebel said

    What with these younger sisters? My little sis also likes the Twilight series and of course Edward!

    Congratulations. You really deserve those 🙂

  12. Smita said

    Congrats on those awards 🙂

    And never read the Twilight series and not even planning to do so 🙂

    As far as poster is concerned hmmmmm its time was up 😀 everything has a life u see 😀 but yes when I was in hostel I had Salman Khan’s 12 posters plastered on the wall and though my roomies proteste against them but eventually got used to them 😉

  13. Deeps said

    Am not into twilight series at all! Neither Robert Pattinson! I have never really understood what exactly does this boy have that makes all the girls go weak-kneed! So did your sis have a major showdown with you over the poster rip-off? 😀

    And congratulations on the awards!

  14. Having an Aha! moment. Experiencing ‘Ignorance is Bliss’ – what one doesn’t know, one can’t hate 😀 😀

  15. Hey.. Congratulations for the awards 🙂

    I remember I had Hrithik Roshan poster on my bedroom wall and my Mom always use to ask the kaam-wali to remove it and I use to protest against them but eventually one day the kaam-wali did removed it while I was gone for classes, kaam wali’s reason was – “Saaf safaai karne me takleef hoti hai na” Lol

  16. diatriblog said

    Oh no, I so identify with you… My younger sister is also a huge Twilight fan. Has posters taped all over her room and all that. Unfortunately I can’t take them down due to fear for my own well-being 😛

  17. ajay said

    I saw the first movie of the series and quite liked it. The poster looks good. I won’t like it if someone takes down my favorite poster.

  18. eyesspeak said

    hey…Even i loved the series, though I loved the novel more… and interest do evolve… a year back I was a fan of one TV star and I surely was crazy about him ( but I didnt get his posters in my room, my sis would have killed me, had I done dat), but today I laugh at myself how I was dat crazy for a show that my half day would go dreaming about it…
    Nd congrats for your awards, I just came to the blogging world, and yours is the first blog I have read, and with the first 3 posts only I’m a fan of yours.. You write beautifully… 🙂

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