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Busy times ahead..

Posted by Pepper on October 29, 2012

So I started work at the new place. I’ll do a separate post to write about how things have been so far. Right now, I have other things on my mind. Very critical issues. You see, I work in an IT company. Which means, they’ve blocked all access to Gmail, Facebook and blogs! Sigh. I can’t tell you how much that disappoints me. How do I go and tell them, my productivity levels would have been much higher had these distractions been available to me?

Anyway, now I am left wondering. How and when do I find the time to blog, let alone read blogs and comment on blogs and reply to comments on my blog?  *Sigh* I am occupied from 8 am to 8 pm. After which, I do not want to spend time online. I’d rather spend time with my family, go for a walk, sit back and relax, watch TV, cook, catch up with friends, read. There is so much to do.

Neither can I give up writing. That would make my head explode. It certainly can’t contain all my thoughts and opinions and views and emotions. I need to let those out. So I will try and write as often as I can. I will also try and read as many posts as I can. I don’t know how I will, but I will certainty try. But commenting on blogs and replying to comments on my blog? I may not find time for that.

For some reason, that makes me feel awfully guilty. Especially the part about not replying to comments on my blog. I always thought I owed it to the person who commented. Doing that it is very time consuming though. The more the volume, the longer it takes. At times, I spent more than an hour, just replying to individual comments. All of that has to stop. I need to prioritize, and I choose writing posts over replying to ever comment. Now let me see how this goes.


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