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Busy times ahead..

Posted by Pepper on October 29, 2012

So I started work at the new place. I’ll do a separate post to write about how things have been so far. Right now, I have other things on my mind. Very critical issues. You see, I work in an IT company. Which means, they’ve blocked all access to Gmail, Facebook and blogs! Sigh. I can’t tell you how much that disappoints me. How do I go and tell them, my productivity levels would have been much higher had these distractions been available to me?

Anyway, now I am left wondering. How and when do I find the time to blog, let alone read blogs and comment on blogs and reply to comments on my blog?  *Sigh* I am occupied from 8 am to 8 pm. After which, I do not want to spend time online. I’d rather spend time with my family, go for a walk, sit back and relax, watch TV, cook, catch up with friends, read. There is so much to do.

Neither can I give up writing. That would make my head explode. It certainly can’t contain all my thoughts and opinions and views and emotions. I need to let those out. So I will try and write as often as I can. I will also try and read as many posts as I can. I don’t know how I will, but I will certainty try. But commenting on blogs and replying to comments on my blog? I may not find time for that.

For some reason, that makes me feel awfully guilty. Especially the part about not replying to comments on my blog. I always thought I owed it to the person who commented. Doing that it is very time consuming though. The more the volume, the longer it takes. At times, I spent more than an hour, just replying to individual comments. All of that has to stop. I need to prioritize, and I choose writing posts over replying to ever comment. Now let me see how this goes.


26 Responses to “Busy times ahead..”

  1. My Era said

    Good luck with everything 🙂

  2. I love your comments section because it gives different views of people and usually very interactive. I will miss this. Yes do write when ever you can.

    • Pepper said

      Oh I will still reply to comments that need a reply. Just that I won’t be typing out unnecessary responses for everyone. So hopefully, the interaction won’t die 🙂

  3. Congratulations for the new job 🙂

    Do not worry,you would be able to balance everything from the blog to work and family,just need to settle in a little,best wishes for that!!!!

    And please keep writing,even if you do not reply to comments,I guess your readers would happily nod with that 🙂

  4. Oh Pepper, I was always in awe of how you do it – reply to every comment so promptly that is!

    You have a large reader base and quite a volume of comments..and you responded to every single one of them. Hat’s off, really!

    Totally understand the lack of time with the new job. No comment response is fine..but don’t dare stop the blog posts, okay? Ok 🙂

  5. Write posts on MS Doc or whatever is available in your office, copy and smuggle out and post from home. I will forgive you for not replying to our comments but…………. you will not be forgiven if you fail to post okay?? I love reading your blog 🙂 and this is the only way I get to smile between diaper changes and sleepless nights 😥

    • Pepper said

      Saks! You superwoman, you! Didn’t you just pop out TWO babies a few days ago? You manage to read blogs despite the two new hurricanes in your life. I am impressed!

  6. Well you blog when you get time and reply when you get time I am sure everyone will understand..

    All the best at the new place have fun

  7. Lets say these are teething problems. Its a totally different schedule so obviously will take time to settle. But once you are settled, I’m sure you’ll find time to do the things u’d like. All the very best ! Hang in there 🙂

  8. I too work in IT company but they have not blocked any of the websites.. In fact I write my blog in the office and not at home 🙂
    I can so understand how you must be feeling.. I am happy that you decided to continue writing posts… may write during weekends???

  9. hAAthi said

    I dont know how you’ll get around making time to reply to every comment, but to post, you could do what I do. I have a word doc perennially open just for blog drafts. That way I can write whenever I want.. At work/at the cafe/when Im sitting in a coffee shop trying to get some work done 😛 Then when I get access to the internet at home, its just a 5 minute job of hitting post!

  10. R's Mom said

    oh thats fine..just write write and write..we love love love what you write okie?

    8 AM to 8 PM hai bhagwan..kaisa schedule hai da?

    Need to meet up with you soon

    Waiting to hear about the work place though 🙂

    • Pepper said

      Didn’t mean to say I am in office from 8 am to 8 pm. Just took all the time into account, getting read for work, travel, getting back home, etc. That’s why I said I am ‘occupied’ 🙂

  11. ashreyamom said

    oh all best dear.. take care..

  12. Ashwathy said

    Hahahah you sound like me… right when I started working!! It was madness….trying to blog, and keep track of blogs that I follow…and manage to comment on everything.
    Over time I managed to find time a slot in the morning where I would sit down for just blogging, and reading other ppl’s blog. It worked, and still works. In between I have also done it in the cab on the way to work…optimum utilization of time! But in your case you might be going by train… so I guess waking up a little early to set time apart for this would do. When I used to follow only a few blogs, I would take time apart on the weekend to sit and go through all of it, but I realized that keeping it all for just the weekend won’t do.

    Otherwise, trust me, you will see the mountain of comments growing, the number of unread blogs on your google reader increasing…and you will feel even more lazy and helpless as to where to start and how to finish!! Keep time apart for this half an hour everyday or something like that. Be regular. That helps.

  13. metherebel said

    Good luck Pepper 🙂 May you get the time to reply to all the comments read other people’s blog and leave a comment on their blog as well 🙂

  14. Nachu said

    oh That is so terrible… I would feel so lost if I have to work without a “lurk-blogs” break.

  15. Jazz said

    I’m glad with your choice of writing posts over replying to comments. And lots of best wishes for the new job. 🙂

  16. Please squeeze in time for writing posts. I love you as a blogger.

  17. A said

    Ouch. Can’t you try blogging with a smartphone or something? Don’t know how helpful that is..

  18. Vidya said

    Banning social networking, gmail etc? And that too in an IT company?! Hey bhagwan!

  19. Aish said

    Sounds like a busy busy life! Good luck, Pepper! 🙂

  20. Smita said

    hmmmmm I face the similar dilemma. Though I do have blog access @ work but there is as much only that one can do. So I comment on other blogs, put up my post & reply to comments in my blog, in that order. I know I shud be replying to comments but what to do 😦

  21. Good luck on the new job. I know exactly how u r feelig with respect to blogging and commenting becoZ i havw the same problem at work…
    My solution-after years of sticking to a very basic phone i have now switched to a smartphone that atleast allows me to read all blogs and comment occasionally rather tham be deprived of reading itself…

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