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Just one of those days

Posted by Pepper on November 10, 2012

We had a shoot in our office today. I planned to look good. I planned to wear my favourite shirt, my best fitting trousers, use kohl on my eyes, and have washed and styled hair.

It all got ruined because I woke up too late. I realised I had no time for a hair wash. So I was forced to skip it.

I used kohl on my eyes with shaky, nervous hands, and ended up messing it all up and looking stupid. Never mind, I’ll try fixing it to the best of my ability, I thought.

I ran out of the door in a frenzy. Suddenly, my shirt seemed a little creased to me. I had ironed it the previous night, so I don’t quite know what happened. Anyway, forget it, I thought.

And then I did it. I forgot I had kohl lining my eyes. I rubbed my eyes, clumsily and enthusiastically. The result was obviously disastrous. Kohl smudged eyes can look scary.

Anyway, it happened. There were bright lights. Cameras in my face. I was questioned. I answered. My eyes instinctually averted the camera. I have always been camera conscious. My skin flaws, the smudged kohl, sticky hair, it all seemed so much more glaring under the 1000 watt lights. I know I don’t look or sound great. But hey! This was a first! Yes, it will be aired on TV. I will let *some* of you know when and where.


I started this post on Thursday and I am completing it on Saturday. With Diwali around the corner, life has been too eventfull. This is my first Diwali in India after what feels like a thousand years. I am excited beyond words. Mint was to get here tonight. Instead, he sprang one of his usual surprises on me and walked in today morning. I was woken up by him, and as usual, I went ‘wha?’. I think I should stop falling for these. Let me just accept the fact that he appears anytime, anywhere.

This week is bursting with plans. Dinner plans, catching up with friends, gorging on sweets, decorating the house, buying gifts, having family gatherings, soaking in the festivity, admiring the strings of lights and lanterns adorning the windows of each home. To add to it, we have travel thrown in. It’s going to be a very busy few days.

Tada folks! I’ll be back when the madness subsides. Maybe in a week or so? Here’s wishing all of you a very happy and bright Diwali!


18 Responses to “Just one of those days”

  1. Bubblegum said

    You are the fortunate one to enjoy in India and that too Mumbai!!! 🙂 Happy Diwali and a happy new year! (If at all you celebrate the new year)! 🙂

  2. vijayaa108 said

    Great Pepper to be aired on TV!Congratulations!
    Hope I shall be one of your ‘some’ to be able to see you as you know I am far away from where my heart and where all the action is taking place!
    Now regarding your worries about your ‘looks’ I have a few thoughts.
    Just as you say we wish to ‘look our best’ especially on such occasions about which you have stated.And at times we try too much and plans go haywire.
    Incidentally,I was just thinking about my silly girlhood ‘vanity’ which I hope to have got rid of.
    My mother always plaited my long hair till I got married and left home (along with my younger sister) and on certain days I used to ‘frown’ looking at myself in the mirror and say as to how badly she had plaited my hair and how ugly I appeared.
    My mother would very lovingly say -O would the Giftee give us the power to see us as others do!!!
    I never understood what my dear mother said and never ever asked her what it meant!
    Today many many years later I understand what and why my mother said that and strangely repeat the same to my children.
    My wonderful mother was saying that Beauty was not only in our looks but in how we felt because that is what ‘others’ see.Real beauty comes from within.
    The truth is that beauty is always in the eyes of the beholder.
    So despite all the external ‘crinkles and wrinkles’ do not worry.You will look beautiful with your inner light shining through.
    Another beauty related incident comes to my mind.
    About 2 decades ago I used to teach spoken elementary English language to Afghan,Iranian and Iranian-Armenian refugees living in India.
    They were very sincere people and it was a love-love relationship with them.
    I loved to teach and also learn from them as teaching and learning is a two-way processs.
    One day I remarked to one young man that he had a beautiful handwriting to which he replied a bit shyly -Teacher -Your eyes are beautiful!
    I got alarmed and thought that I had over-stepped my position by giving him a very personal compliment.
    During my college days I had got into many “scrapes” due to ‘ wearing my heart on my sleeve’ and open nature of talking very openly.
    I felt ‘guilty’ of having crossed the LAKSHMAN REKHA..I felt I should not have been so impetuous with words and compliments.
    And then later on realized that he did not mean anything beyond the saying-beauty is in the eyes of the beholder!
    So for you too I am sure ‘beauty will be in the eyes of the beholders’ and not to worry you will pass the test!
    So dear Pepper JUST BE NATURAL.That is what we all are meant to be and that you are.
    This is my reading of you through your very many blog articles.

    Have a wonderful time with family and friends as this is the season of sharing,love and LIGHT!

    • Pepper said

      V, I love your comments. I have already said that to you in the past. I truly thank you for taking the time out to write such elaborate comments, explaining to me everything you say with detailed examples. You are a spiritual person, and your comments always serve me as a reminder – to live life the right way. So today, please accept my heartfelt gratitude. I don’t know how you landed on my blog, but I believe it was for a reason. And for that, I am thankful.. 🙂

      • vijayaa108 said

        Thank you (sweet) Pepper for saying so much from your heart!
        I too do not know how ‘I met you!’Strange are the ways of destiny and I too am mystified as to what brought us together!
        Your ‘spirit really enlightens me’ and I really admire your innate warmth,spontaneity(spicy) and sensitivity.We are all connected in this voyage of life!
        Hope you had a wonderful DEEPAVALI!
        Thanks and keep well.More later.

  3. Yes, its kinda crazy hectic here too. Despite the smudged kohl n all, smthng tells me you looked stunning for the shoot. If anyone sees a smear, tell him they need to clean their TV screens. Trust me, that’s one chore everyone needs to do all the time LOL!
    Off to a Diwali party in a bit. Happy Diwali Pepper and Everyone 🙂 !

  4. Happy Diwali, Pepper 🙂

  5. Happy Diwali to you and Mint 🙂
    I am so missing Diwali spirit here.. eat lots of sweets from my side too 🙂

  6. Meera said

    Happy Diwali, Pepper and Mint, to you and all your near and dear ones as well. Do let me know when the interview airs and where. I’d love to see if your looks really warranted as much criticism as you think.

  7. Jazz said

    I can totally understand about the applying kohl with shakky hands, happened many times with me, and trying to redo gets disastrous. 😀 Aww on the lovely surprise Mint planned for you. And wish you and your family a happy happy Diwali.

  8. ashreyamom said

    happy diwali.. nice that mint thought of surprising you for the festival.. enjoy..
    so am i included in that *some* 🙂

  9. metherebel said

    You will come on TV? You are a celebrity! Very happy diwali to you an your family Pepper. Have loads of fun 🙂

  10. Hope you let me know tooo 🙂 wishful wish i guess he he he he

    I am sure you looked ever so lovely , good people who have a good heart look good always.. dont need the kohl and all to make them good 🙂

    have a great Diwali , enjoy an Happy diwali to you , mint and family and everyoneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  11. Childwoman said

    Wishing you and your family a Happy Diwali and prosperous New Year!!

    You HAVE to let me know when and where :))

  12. R's Mom said

    Happy Wala Diwali..mereko msg karna please?

    Errr…rubbed kajal in eyes looks AMAZING! especially eyes like yours 🙂

  13. chandni said

    Let me know when and where I can watch 🙂

  14. pixie said

    I hope you had a great Diwali babes!
    I’m sure you would’ve looked gorgeous! hugs!!

  15. scorpria said

    whoa! on tv!? wanna see, wanna see! am sure you looked dashing…
    hope you had an awesome diwali!
    liking the job yet?

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