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Diwali 2012

Posted by Pepper on November 23, 2012

How was your Diwali? Ours went by in a blur. Mint and I spent a good amount of time together, and now that he is gone, I feel those distinct withdrawal symptoms. Let’s play catch up. Here’s a preview of the past week. Or was it more than that?

Mint and I had a chance to catch up with my newly married BFF#2, along with her husband over dinner. We chose Pizza Hut, since it was a convenient venue. While the BFF has had several opportunities to bond with Mint before and after we got married, this was the first time  the two of us met along with our respective husbands. The whole idea of meeting along with the husbands seemed so grown up. I mean, just yesterday, we were two young college girls, giggling at the mention of marriage, and considering it to be a very far off possibility. And here we were, married couples catching up over dinner, discussing work and life. How did this happen? When will I accept the fact that we have indeed grown up?

It was a fun meal. The two husbands didn’t talk too much. Or perhaps the ceaseless banter prevailing between the BFF and I didn’t leave the guys with adequate opportunity to talk? *Note to self* – Meet at a quieter place next time. And talk a little less.


Mint also had the chance to catch up with the rest of my extended family this time. Every time we meet, I realise what a crazy bunch we are. This time, we booked a room at Otter’s Club in Bandra. So we had all of my mom’s side of the family gathering there, along with my uncles and aunts, cousins and their kids. We spent most of the afternoon sipping drinks and eating tasty tandoori appetizers. Since this was not a typical restaurant set up with tables and chairs, the kids had enough room to run around in our private area. It was a lovely, relaxing afternoon, full of laughter and conversation. The kids also spent some time in the children’s library. When we got bored of the adult talk, we joined the kids in the library. I had fun going through the vast collection of children’s books! I even made Mint read out a bedtime princess story to me. And he did. With full expression.


Diwali was, as usual, glorious. We made a rangoli and lit diyas. The sister, Mint and I spent a while playing ‘catch catch’ with a cushion at home. The house was overflowing with sweets. We had assorted barfis, home made ladoos and other kinds of mithai being gorged on all the time.. I love fireworks and crackers. Sparklers, in particular. But we had a cracker free Diwali. I know how much harm fireworks cause to the environment, but despite that, I find it so very hard to give them up completely. They form such an integral part of my childhood memories. Diwali was never complete without the sparkle of crackers. It is going to take a while for me to disassociate Diwali from firecrackers, but hopefully we’ll get there. Now, we just reveled in the brightness of the lamps. The colourful lanterns being sold on the roads added to the festivity. We ended the day with dinner at a restaurant (Yes, again!)


We flew to Chennai to visit the in-laws early in the morning. 5 am flights don’t go too well with me. It means waking up before 3 am, or rather, not sleeping at all. Visiting the parents in law always makes me nervous. This was a very short, two day visit though. So I hoped nothing would go wrong. I am happy to note, I had a wonderful time. It was a packed schedule, what with Mint’s friend’s wedding thrown in. We had relatives visiting us. We were seen running around to get to the wedding hall. We also managed to fit in two dinner outings with Mint’s parents and Oregano. The highlight of the trip was certainly the food. I’d wake up to incredible filter coffee and unbelievably fluffy idlis with spicy molaga podi. And of course, no trip to Chennai is replete without a visit to Saravana Bhavan. Each time I go there, I eat, and eat, and eat. Why the hell don’t they have an outlet in Mumbai?

Here are some pictures for your viewing please.

Freshly made ladoos being cooled under the fan

Festivity in the air..

Pile of gifts lying on the bed.

Mint  sitting on a bean bag, reading to me. I decided to freeze the moment by capturing it on camera.. I love fairytales being read to me.

The sister and Mint playing with the pillow..


14 Responses to “Diwali 2012”

  1. Glad you had a fun diwali!!

    Cheers to many more such occasions 🙂

  2. looks like you had a fun diwali gal – cheers

  3. pixie said

    Your week and Diwali sounds fun and completely packed! 🙂

  4. R's Mom said

    1. Happy belated Diwali 🙂 Glad you had a wonderful wonderful time
    2. We had a nearly cracker free Diwali at Goa with R and RD doing sparklers and stuff with Bhabhi
    3. Your molaga podi got over? Time we meet up eh? though mine will definitely not match up to your MIL’s levels 🙂
    4. Remind me never to bring R to your house..that last picture seems like the most perfect home I have seen in a long time…I would be too scared to let R roam around 🙂
    5. We HAVE to meet up now 🙂

    • Pepper said

      The molaga podi you gave me got over *long* ago. Unfortunately, the demand is greater than the supply. I make it on my own now, since you refuse to replenish my stock!
      When are we meeting? Come home. Our home is messy, honestly. R is welcome to add to the chaos! .

  5. MasalaChai said

    Hi there! New to your blog. Its a very intersesting read! Following you already! And belated Diwali wishes 🙂

  6. metherebel said

    Looks like you had a fun diwali! Mine was okay (nothing to write about). Mint reading bed time stories for you, what a husband you have found for yourself lucky girl (*touchwood*)

  7. Its amazing that you fill in on so much despite the hectic schedule n all. Glad you had a great time. We had a wonderful vacation during Thanksgiving. Before that, Diwali was nice. Had the kids all to myself since Papa Bear was travelling, but yes, I’ve seen more fun filled festival of lights. And girl, with Chennai and Saravana Bhavan, you stir up some delicious memories **slurp**

    • Pepper said

      Yes. I wish they had a Saravana Bhavan here. It’s ridiculous. I had more access to it in the US. They have *two* outlets in the Bay Area. One in Sunnyvale and one in Fremont. I used to live in food heaven. And in India, I feel more deprived. The irony!

      • Gasp!!!!!! You replied …?!! *****mini victory dance***** k, k, jus teasing 😉

        With that reply, you’ve tilted my leaning towards CA a few more degrees. Have enough excuses to move; wish I had enough $$$ too 😀

  8. Ah that was a fun read, rather all your posts are.
    Waw that was a fun family get together 🙂
    Diwali sounds like lighting and crackers as you said tough to imagine otherwise.
    Chennai and filter coffee goes so hand in hand and what is the recipe for those molgupodi?
    Mint reading your stories and playing with your sister aww and more awws.:)

    Have fun girlie 🙂

  9. Jazz said

    Wow sounds like a fun festive time. Glad you guys spent wonderful time together. Belated Happy and Prosperous Diwali. 🙂

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