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Being home alone

Posted by Pepper on December 1, 2012

I am home alone after a long time. The sister has gone to Vrindavan to gather data for a project titled ‘Marginalisation of women’. She is going to research and document the lives of widows living there.

This is what Wiki says about the town – “Vrindavan is also known as the City of Widows due to the large number of widows who move into the town and surrounding area after losing their husbands. According to some Hindu traditions, upper-caste widows may not remarry, so many of those abandoned by their families on the death of their husband make their way here. There are an estimated 15,000 to 20,000 widows living on the streets, many of whom have spent over 30 years there. In exchange for singing bhajan hymns for 7–8 hours in bhajanashrams, women are given a cup of rice and a pittance of money (around Rs.10),which they try to supplement by begging on the streets”

I am sure this is worth exploring and I am throughly impressed by the kind of project she is going. Conducting secondary research using online tools is one thing. Traveling without much supervision to an unknown town to gather first hand data through personal interactions is another. She has been interviewed by 2 local newspapers for the kind of work she is doing there. And ofcourse, I am beaming with pride. I can’t wait for  her to document her findings. If I get a chance, I will post and discuss the issue on the blog.

My dad is in Delhi to attend a wedding. My mom was to go with him, but then she realised his trip was intersecting with the sister’s trip. Which meant, I would be all alone at home for about 8 days. Now I know I dislike living all alone, and being by myself in an empty house for 8 days wouldn’t be easy, but I still wanted my mom to go and have fun. Well, she just wouldn’t hear of it. She didn’t want me to be alone at home. Sigh.

Anyway, so the sister and dad are out of town. My mom is out for the evening, and here I am, all alone. Work has been highly stressful. And I am fatigued and mentally exhausted. I feel like writing about it, but I am not sure I should. Perhaps I will do a password protected post. If you wish to read it, do drop me a mail. The only reason I am password protecting it is because I fear my employer chancing upon it. Yes, paranoia is my middle name.

Anyway, I had a rejuvinating shower today, bathing in soft, aromatic candle light. I think the combination of candle light and a warm bath is highly invigorating. My energy revived, I came to my desk and opened my work email. As usual, there were a heap of resumes from job seekers in my inbox. One of the mails said, “I can start work after I finishing pursuing my master’. I laughed for a long time.


31 Responses to “Being home alone”

  1. Smita said

    Sigh!!! I wish I cud get one rejuvinating shower…coz I badly need one….have a hectic day ahead!!!

    What your sister is doing is commendable….and what u described about the plight of widow’s is sad re….even Varanasi is a hub for widows!!! It is beyond me that how people accept that their life ends with that of their husband’s…..

    So sweet of your Mom to stay back for you 🙂
    And yes, I need that password!! Do I need to mail you or you will put it here, the password i.e. 😀 😀 😀
    Juts kidding….but too lazy to send u a mail so my mail id is bookslifenmore@gmail.com

  2. Wow! candle light? Really? Always thot that was stuff pretty pictures were made of – you’re tempting me to try it 🙂 Good luck on the work scene – totally understand your paranoia and appreciate the honesty. Both are rare and to be treasured. Seriously.

    The last line? Kool! Look at it this way, part of your job includes being paid to get entertained by farts like this. Teeny weeny perks; helpful eh nevertheless 😀

  3. That sounds like an exciting project. 🙂 . I dont have that free time I want and trust me enjoy when you have it. :). Because when you want it later, you wont get it….

  4. Jazz said

    I like the last para, I used to do them when I was working back in Chennai too. And lol on the last line, wrong grammar totally puts me off.

    • Jazz said

      And I remember Aamir Khan mention in Satyamev Jayate show about the Vrindavan town where many widows reside. What your sister is doing is really cool, do share her experience.

  5. shaktii said

    i would love to read abt your job updates..if you do a post pls pass me the password.
    And btw, nice that you want to live in india rather than mint taking the new offer.. dont worry nice things will come soon.

  6. shaktii said

    my email is s_shaktii@yahoo.co.in

  7. That is some great research your sister is doing. I have seen so many documentaries (mostly made by foreigners) on the widows of Vrindhavan and it always leaves me teary eyed and frustrated. I am not brave enough to go there as I fear such an experience will kill my soul.

  8. Bubblegum said

    Give me a job too in Mumbai!! 😀 😉 Missing Mumbai big time!! (My mom might roll eyes- as I am NOT missing Ahmedaba!) 😀

  9. Password protected is still risky.. as people who follow your blog sometime do get the whole post as email..

    Home alone I use to pray that my parents go for a holiday or go to visit someone and take my sis with them because home alone was funnnnnnnn time..always

  10. R's Mom said

    tried calling you….didnt get through.. send me a message when you get free and come home for dinner tomorrow!

    • Pepper said

      Dinner? Shucks. I missed it. Didn’t see the comment in time. Having said that, I don’t know if I would have been able to make it. My life is crazy busy 😦 I come back from work at about 10-11pm these days. So I am going nuts.
      But, we HAVE to do this now. I will keep bugging you! Us din kuch special tha kya?

  11. Hi Pepper!

    I’ve been lurking around your blog for a few hours since last night and all I can say is wow! I really relate to the way you write, and the way you think, feel and perceive sentiments. I especially loved your posts on your husband (me being a romantic at heart…), especially cos they really struck a chord with me. I was only 17 when I met a guy through blogging too – it was literally a single blog comment that made me want to find out more and – like you – I used to take so much comfort in reading his blog and imagining his life before me, his college days and the bad food at the canteen. And he was extremely funny and witty, too. Unfortunately, our love story had the most f*cked up ending and we no longer talk. But even before reading about how you two met, I really liked the way you wrote and it struck a chord with me (you reminded me of an old friend of mine) and then after I read about how you two met – I was like, ‘wow’. It made me feel very nostalgic all of a sudden, and made me wonder what my own love story would have been like if the man I met was a better human being. I think we would still have been together. Or maybe, I like to think that.

    Anyhow, I am also a student in the UK (doing a Master’s in London too, incidentally! Which university did you go to?), born in India. But I moved to England when I was seven.

    All the best for the future, I just wanted to tell you how your story struck a chord within me!

    Take care.

  12. Ashwathy said

    Now I know I dislike living all alone, and being by myself in an empty house for 8 days wouldn’t be easy
    Stop being a baby… its 8 fricking days!!! 😛 Yeesh! You should have pushed your mom to go…

    Pah! U were alone at home and free….and didn’t even message me! 😡 😦

  13. Anjana said

    Oh come on…bad English is nothing to laugh at. Poor things.

    • Pepper said

      Eh, why would you get defensive now? Anyway, I wasn’t laughing at the bad English, just so you know.

      • Anjana said

        Whos getting defensive? I thought that was your prerogative. So what were you laughing at?

        • Pepper said

          Sorry, took me a while to respond..
          I was laughing at the idea. Not at the person who wrote that. I don’t even know if it was poor English. Heck, it could have simply been a typo. I didn’t think about it too much. What tickled me was the idea/picture of a Master being pursued.

  14. Your last line reminds me of a Facebook comment I read on my friends pic.. the picture is she is posing at the beach & one of the comments made was – ‘That bitch looks awesome” my friend replied – “Oh you mean Beach, right?? thanks anyways” lol

  15. Feel so proud about your sister and her new project. We need more people like her. I am also settling in new job even I wanted to write a password protected post 🙂

    LOL on that resume covering letter 🙂

  16. pixie said

    How awesome about your sister!! Its such a huge project on such an important subject.. congratulations! 🙂

    I love candlelight and long bubble baths! 🙂

  17. You are being MISSED ! and hope, likewise 🙂

  18. R's Mom said

    And I just wrote the other day, that I had to attend a conference and ‘network’ *Shudders* I didnt network AT ALL! I am useless in business development honestly 😦

    We have to meet Pepper…am going to message you and let you know where and when okie?

    • Pepper said

      Oh I will run miles away from anything to do with sales or business development too. Some people just don’t have the required skills. I recently attended a conference too, and I stayed in a corner without almost zero interaction 😦

      Yes. We must meet! Let me know when and where. Hopefully, we’ll be able to coordinate our time 🙂

  19. i likesssss.. what u write 🙂

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