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What I have been upto

Posted by Pepper on January 6, 2013

This is perhaps the 6th or the 7th consecutive day I have been putting up a post. Quite an achievement, I say. I have been prodding myself to give daily writing a shot. I started with small targets, like posting everyday for a week. But I was unable to achieve even those. So participating in and completing a month long blogathon seemed very unrealistic. Then I saw Lifeslittetwists rounding up some bloggers for the blogathon, and I decided to take the dive. We’ll figure out workarounds, I thought.

So here I am, on the 6th day. I refuse to make any commitments though. I am of the opinion that I should post only when I have something to say. Forcing words out of myself will seriously bring down the quality of my writing. That is not how I would like it to be. So we will see how long I can last in this.

The other factor is time. Finding time everyday is not going to be easy. I prefer not writing shabbily. And I tend to be haphazard when I try to do something hurriedly. So the moment I find that happening, I will stop.

So far, things have been easy for me. I have been working from home since the past few days. This obviously means a more relaxed life, and more time to blog. This ends in the next 2 days.  *Sobs*. I do not want to go back to office. I wish I could continue working from home. I know I said I miss the office space earlier, but I changed my mind. Not spending any time traveling is a blessing. Other than that, I hate strongly dislike my work environment, for too many reasons. But let me know rant now.


I just realised, I never put up a post about my last trip to campus. I spent more than a week there. I took the sister along with me this time. Mint had made arrangements and rented a married students hostel. That is a 1bhk. So atleast we would have space to walk around. We reached his dorm at 6 am, and the rented accommodation would only be ready by afternoon. We were sleep deprived zombies. Mint was terribly sleepy too. We only had 1 single bed, between the 3 of us. After fighting for it for sometime, we decided to make peace with sharing it. Yes, 3 of us on one single bed. The sister and I on one end. Mint on the other. We managed to sleep pretty damn well. Just that Mint might have had 2 pairs of feet being shoved into his face, one from each end. The image makes me laugh.


The sister had to complete a market research project for which we had both been working very hard. Yes, I help her a lot.  She is blessed to have me in her life. I think the first thing she needs to do on waking up every morning is thank God for giving her a sister like me. No? Okay, I won’t over do it. Anyway, we really worked awfully hard. She had to analyze competing brands – Bournvita and Horlicks. Her submission was scheduled for Saturday. It was Friday night, and we had miles to go before we could sleep. In fact, there was so much of data that we weren’t sure how to read. Let alone analyse and draw conclusions from. We were both lost, fatigued and nervous. At about 1 am, she received a message on whatsapp, saying her submission had been postponed to Monday. That feeling we experienced  on reading that message was nothing short of bliss and disbelief put together. We dumped the work and and went to bed.


Mint has placements going on, and we’re both very stressed out. The companies he really wants to be a part of are coming towards the end of the placement season. The ones he doesn’t care much about are all lined up before that. Given the complexities of the rules and regulations, we don’t know whether he should wait for the companies he wants. That comes with a high risk of not being placed at all. We don’t know if it’s worth it. Decisions, you never seem to leave us alone!



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