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This is how you get yourself fired

Posted by Pepper on January 7, 2013

There I was, in bed. Snuggled under covers. On a Monday morning. I had my laptop sitting on my tummy. There I was smirking at the poor souls who had to be in office, and feeling thankful for having the option of working from home. The last two days of being able to do this, you see?

My role is not client facing, but there are times in which I have to interact directly with the clients. Today morning, I had a client call scheduled for 10 am. We had one of our project managers on the call as well. Two minutes into the call, and I hear my maid laughing in the kitchen. Loudly. Her laugh, a hysterical, shrieking echo that refuses to die down. Since I was in the process of saying something at that time, I couldn’t even mute the call.

There was a second’s silence on the phone. I racked my brains for an explanation, but could come up with none. Thankfully, they decided to carry on. He took over from me, with a ‘So I think we should..’

And there, I heard the dreaded beep that warns you of low charge on your phone. A second’s pause in the conversation made me realise they had heard the beep too. Crap! How did I not think of this? The next minute saw me flying across the rooms, from one end to the other, desperately hunting for my phone charger. Dammit! I couldn’t see it anywhere.

Just then, the conversation took on a new turn. ‘So Pepper, do you think you can do this’?

And the line was blank.

Perfect way to tell them I can’t.


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