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For old times

Posted by Pepper on January 10, 2013

Dear Mint,

Do you remember the day we took this picture? It was my birthday. We were out, dining with friends. On that particular day, we had absolutely no idea of what our future held. But we were fearless, young and hopeful. And full of idealistic cheer.  We had no idea how we would convince your parents, or how much we would have to fight for our relationship. We had no idea if and when we would get married. But there we were, foolishly rehearsing the coy looks we would be made to sport during our wedding. We mocked and ridiculed and laughed at the concept of posing for wedding pictures.

During one of our mock performances, I picked up the table cloth lying in front of me and covered my head. I lowered my eyes, shyly. You played your role, smiled demurely and held up my chin. It lasted for a split second before we both burst out laughing. But in that one second, the BFF who was sitting across the table picked up the camera and captured the moment forever.

The drama

I laugh each time I see this picture. We look pretty damn genuine, if you ask me. Must thank the BFF for her quick reflexes. She froze the moment and gave us this picture to laugh at. It has been several years, but this picture takes me back to that dinner table, and our naive confidence in everything falling in place for us. Thankfully, it did.

May the faith always remain alive.




33 Responses to “For old times”

  1. Deepika said

    So cute!!!
    Sweet memories 🙂

  2. Rahmath said

    Awwwww!!!! How absolutely adorable!

  3. Smita said

    Amen! 🙂

  4. aww…lovely. and you are doing the blog marathon eh? na…not complaining …just happy that I will get to read 3 of my fave bloggers – you, Smithu and RM on a daily basis 🙂

  5. So cute…I’ve read your posts about your marriage and the fight you had to put up for it. I love your story, everything about it. I wish i could have a happy ending too. God bless you both.

  6. Once again, your love story makes me believe. Much love to you and him forever.

  7. Touching !!!

  8. scorpria said

    is this awwwwww or what!! 🙂

    been reading all posts n quietly leaving without commenting coz im bloody hardpressed for time — just could not hold back from commenting on this!

  9. DPN said

    Very very cute – 🙂 and yes, your BFF had great reflexes!

  10. Titaxy said

    so lovely!

  11. Tanishka said

    Some pics are just priceless… Cute pic… 🙂 I wish you had a pic where both of you start laughing just after the click…. 😀

  12. nachu said

    😀 When I look back, it is the same thought that occurs to me – how were we so hopeful and completely unaware of what lay ahead. But I’m thankful that I was optimistic and unaware! Though it was a slightly bumpy ride for us, it feels as though things fell in place magically!

  13. That picture is so cute Pepper.. I can see how much masti-khor you both “were”.. sorry.. “you both ARE” 🙂
    glad that your dreams did came true & you both are still together.. Wish you many more years of togetherness Pepper & Mint 🙂
    So, do you have same picture from your wedding?? You can frame them both side by side 🙂

  14. Awwww………….this is Soooooo Sweeeeeeeeeet !! Mint totally seems like he is every girls dream 😀

  15. Amen to your last line.

    Such a priceless capture..and hey, I had no idea young couples rehearsed their wedding looks at restaurants with table cloth. That’s a fantastic drill to do me thinks..LOL!

  16. Awwww…This is such a beautiful picture – Pepper !
    Knowing not what the future holds – You guys were rehearsing what you both wanted it to be and then IT WAS !
    Wow – I love such moments captured…A Treasure Indeed !

  17. R's Mom said

    oh I loved this picture da 🙂 and Mint’s hair style heheeh 🙂

  18. Seema said

    And I say it again… I’m in love with your eyes 😀

  19. This is definitely a priceless picture 🙂 I see your shy face as mint hold your chin. Yeah I can totally relate myself to the uncertainties you mentioned. Wish you both many more beautiful years ahead PepperMint 🙂

  20. Ashwathy said

    I clicked the ‘Like’ button 🙂 I have nothing more to say. Amen!

  21. metherebel said

    Awww…how cute! This is indeed a priceless picture!

  22. tht’s sweet; here’s to many more such wonderful years. Have a rocking

  23. Swaram said

    Totally awwww 🙂 Priceless! Kudos to the BFF!

  24. Pepper said

    Thank you people 🙂

  25. Saanjh said

    Awww.. Such a sweet pic.. Nd a beautiful memory to cherish..:)

  26. Shweta said

    Loved it Loved it Loved it………… 😀

  27. Awesome…

  28. chattywren said

    Oh, it’s a very sweet picture! And wish you both a very happy life together.

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