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Posted by Pepper on January 12, 2013

I don’t have much to say today. My mind is foggy. My heart is heavy. I am tired. I am unwell. Nothing seems right. My work, it is killing me. I know I never really wrote about the harsh difficulties I face. I don’t know if I ever will. There is so much to say, yet, I don’t know how to say it. I deal with deadly toxic matter on a daily basis. Some days are unbearable. Why am I still here? I don’t know.

Mint and I recently faced a massive disappointment. We really began to question one of our past decisions. Did we make the wrong choice earlier? I don’t want to be cryptic, so I won’t talk about it now. Right now, I feel like we are in the midst of a very turbulent ride.

I am scared of the different possibilities. I am tired of the unknown. I want this to end soon. I want certainty and clarity. Please send us your good wishes, people. All you lurkers too.

These are times in which I remind myself, atleast I have my loved ones healthy and safe. I don’t have to worry about where my next meal will come from. So with that thought, I will try and smile.


48 Responses to “Down”

  1. Hugs Pepper. Praying that all the uncertainty vanishes from your life. Sending a lot of good wishes your way!

  2. scorpria said

    Awwwwww. Hugggggs to you both. All my good wishes and prayers!

  3. Everything will be fine soon! Be strong! Loads of love and prayers !

  4. Smita said

    🙂 All will be well my dear!

  5. nst2 said

    Good things happen to good people. So, don’t worry. Everything will be all right.
    Keep smiling!

  6. Take care pepper.. I am sure this will pass soon.. my best wishes always with you..

    All the best always

  7. Rahmath said

    Prayers… hugs…Lots and Lots of good wishes.

  8. Kathi said

    My sincerest best to you as you go through this difficult time….for me, if my work situation is difficult, other areas of my life sometimes seem to fall apart. We just spend so much of our time at work, with work-mates, supervisors and others that there has to be something redeeming or positive in the work relationship for us to cling to. I hope that things get into a better place for you (and Mint).

  9. Jazz said

    Oh gosh Pepper.. My best wishes are always with you.. It’s just a matter of few months.. I’m sure everything will get sorted out.. Hang in there dear, hugs !

  10. raji said

    Here is a lurker coming out in open just to send good wishes. Don’t worry and keep patience. Things will sort out soon and whatever happens will be for good. Have been in the same situation as you with hubby in same school( possibly, guessing here though) and me away waiting for some kind of certainty.

  11. subbulakshmistoned said

    this too shall pass. hug.

  12. Pari said

    Hey..campus placements are tough, but hang in there…in the end the final job does turn out to be what he/she wants 🙂

  13. K said

    Hang in there Pepper.. Lots of Best Wishes coming your way..

  14. Preethi said

    Hope everything turns out fine very soon for you Pepper ! Lots of good wishes and a big hug to you. Take care.

  15. Seema said

    Hugs Pepper! Hope the turbulent times leave you for good. Sending lots of good wishes your way.

    About the choice you made, I have only one thing to say – “Whatever happens, happens for good”.

  16. Dhivya said

    Hi Pepper,
    I am one of your lurkers. How can I reject your wish?
    U will come out of this phase very soon and be ur happy self again.
    I wish you all the very best


    ( ask mint what Jeeragam is)

  17. chai boy and lotus girl in india said

    I have a feeling you and I are both suffering together…it’s no fun either. Wishing you the best~~


  18. S said

    Its ok pepper – this too will pass – and it will pass for sure – be strong and take care till then .

  19. Saanjh said

    I’m absolutely in the same set of mind at the moment, so many confusions, major confusions over past decisions, professional life is in a big mess, and looking in every direction for the ray of hope and clarity…
    So I completely understand your state and my best wishes for you and Mint, I wish you the best and may your past decisions on which you have a doubt, prove to be good for you… Good luck dear and keep faith, that’s what I’m advised too…:)

  20. Chin Up, Pepper!! Things will only get better. Loadsa good wishes coming your way !!

  21. vijayaa108 said

    Pepper dear -you are very young and life is very complex.
    Do not worry -there is Bhagavaan who looks after the tiniest creature in this Brahmaanda and so He will never let anyone down.Just Be!
    Yes -it is easier said than done but my PRAARTHANA is there for you.

  22. Sarah said

    Don’t worry Pepper. There’s a lot of everything stored for everyone. ‘This shall pass too’. And Mints there with you! The biggest satisfaction.

  23. Smitha said

    Lurker commenting for the first time…Part of being an adult is having to make decisions constantly. I am close to 40 and I still struggle with it. But with experience, I am learning that if you make a mistake, it is best to let it go rather than keep rehashing it. You also learn to prioritize and let go, things which are important (but less important in the overall scheme of things). Hope you feel a lot better soon.

  24. Kalyani said

    Good Luck! May everything go well and we get to see a post that says UP!

  25. anisnest said

    hugs Pepper.. big big hugs…

  26. Best Wishes and Prayers are with you Dear Pepper !
    Believe all good things will unfold and they will.

  27. this too shall pass gal; have hope; smile and spread sunshine. Wishing you & Mint the very best 🙂

  28. Music said

    Sending you lots of love and good wishes.It’s all going to work out soon.

  29. Bini said

    Been ages since we caught up..Skype date?..Your bestest friend from South Bay:D–“B”

  30. nachu said

    Best wishes, Pepper. It can only get better after this. Hope things fall in place for you!

  31. R's Mom said

    aiyo hugs da!! take care

  32. metherebel said

    Hugs Pepper! Sending you all my good wishes 🙂

  33. Ashwathy said

    What the eff?
    Call me. Text me. Msg me. Whatever. You get the drift.

  34. Titaxy said

    hugs. sending good wishes your (and Mint’s) way.

  35. Awwww. Hugs! I don’t know what’s making you feel down, but I do hope you’re feeling better now. 🙂

  36. Sending you good wishes 🙂 It can only get better from here! *hugs!*

  37. Reema said

    Hope things get better soon!

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