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When your mom discovers the phone camera

Posted by Pepper on January 15, 2013

you end up with embarrassing pictures like these.


More Madness

The first one is me trying to get even with the sister who dared to tickle me and attempted to flee from the scene of crime. Ofcourse, I had to get her! Umm, I know we look a bit..funny. We have our asses jutting out. But let’s ignore that, shall we?

The second one is taken after we seemed to have made peace. She is lying on her belly and reading a book while I sit on her butt and work on my laptop with concentration.

Would you like to come home and join in the madness?


27 Responses to “When your mom discovers the phone camera”

  1. SHW said

    The first one seemed more like a yoga position in unison…..n let me not say anything abt the second one…it’s so funny n u both seem so comfortable in that position.

  2. What are you doing .. there is a game called twister 🙂

    great pics

  3. seema3 said

    awwwwwwwwww–such nice clicks..totally fun family! loved the second pic. u both so look at peace doing your thing.
    reminds me of the time me and my cosuins would all try to cramp in a single bed and have kicks and fights all over.

  4. R said

    Both of you look like schoolgirls…

  5. Comfy said

    Go Aunty. Use that phone more often and we will see more madness that is these two kids 🙂

  6. 😀 😀 !! Love your mom’s sense of humor – timing is everything.

  7. Scribby said

    see how not being fat / overweight helps? you can ride your sister 🙂

  8. chattywren said

    Cute! That is how sometimes my 2 daughters sit, both want to squeeze into the same couch and sit.

  9. Rugved said

    lol. I thought the one in yellow definitely won’t be you!

  10. R's Mom said

    hahahahha! I am toh coming pakka 🙂

  11. shaktii said

    Hi pepper,

    Is this taken recently?? you look like a school girl 🙂

    Anyways, this is reason no 5894 to have a sibling..

    btw i like your colorfull bedspread

  12. Smita said

    lol!!! The sisterly madness…remindes me how I & bro used to fight….:D

    P.S. I had thought that the yellow T one was your Sis!!! U look so young re!!! These are recent pisc or your college days ki?? *runs away*

  13. raji said

    ah… such a clean house!!!!

  14. metherebel said

    LOL 😀

    When can I come over to your place?

  15. Ashwathy said

    Sure I would!! 😀 When are you inviting me??!!!

    P.S.: Where is the call / msgs you promised me?? 🙄 Rant over before it began? 😛

  16. pixie said

    the pics are adorable!! 😀

  17. techie2mom said

    ROFL (I have checked no body is around with a camera) 😉

  18. Your room looks so clean. In fact, I think this is the cleanest I have ever seen it 😛

  19. Reema said

    lol!! cute photos filled with sisterly love!

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