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I had so much fun!

Posted by Pepper on January 16, 2013

These 16 days of daily writing have been thoroughly enjoyable. I didn’t officially sign up for any blogging marathon. I only tried writing everyday, wondering how long I would last. Now, I believe it would be best to break the continuity.

I feel a little sad, because unlike what I believed, I didn’t ever run out of content. I saw others around me, fretting over ideas, racking their brains and searching for blog worthy material. Me? I always had something to say. I think I have an opinion on pretty much everything.  I feel for pretty much everything. Combine my opinions and my emotions and the result is a never ending monologue. There were days in which I wanted to put up more than one post, because I was so full of thoughts.

I can’t go on anymore because I feel too stretched. I stay in office till late. I can’t blog from work. I come home miserable and cranky, carrying other burdens on my shoulders. Putting an end to daily blogging makes sense.

I must admit, there were days on which I felt very guilty for writing everyday  There are so many people who have subscribed to the blog. They get posts delivered in their mail. What if they got annoyed with my daily posts? What if they thought I was spamming their inbox? What if they cursed me? And then I told myself, they asked for it! I shouldn’t find reason to feel guilty.

Anyway, thank you for putting up with me. Thank you for being there. I had a wonderful time. And I do hope to do something like this again. For now,  I am still here. I still hope to blog regularly, but I don’t think I can continue blogging daily anymore. This was good fun while it lasted. Ta for now. See you around.



13 Responses to “I had so much fun!”

  1. diatriblog said

    Trust me, your posts are what I (and I am sure many others) look for in the inbox. Keep going!

  2. nachu said

    Ah It was fun reading your posts everyday!

  3. Saanjh said

    Enjoyed it dear…And I’m in awe how you found topics daily…Actually I guess its experience…I am always on a hunt for a topic to write, and then on a mission to actually write..;)
    Anyways do this daily posting more often..:)

  4. Tanishka said

    You know I didn’t realize that I was reading your post everyday… And even you wouldn’t know coz I don’t comment always after reading…. Yess I’ am a lil lazy… 🙂 Keep writing… 🙂

  5. seema3 said

    It was 16 days of great reading. Loved all of your posts. Thank you!

  6. Oh no.. will miss your daily posts Pepper 😦
    Please please post more frequently whenever you get enough time 🙂

  7. Dear peps – I donno if i’m representing ALL of the bloggers who have subscribed to your blog…But seeing your blog post in my reading list is a pleasure – however frequent !

  8. R's Mom said

    nahinnnnn mujhe chod ke mat jao..or something as dramatic as that 🙂

  9. techie2mom said

    No, you shouldn’t feel guilty for writing or not writing!!!
    I subscribed to your blog because I enjoy reading what you write…

  10. Ashwathy said

    You don’t need to give such an explanation. Most of your posts, in fact ALL of them I should say, had content. Not stuff made up for the sake of it. That is the whole point. So much to say that I actually scrolled down, checked and commented on each of the posts I missed out. There!! Does that satisfy your queries? 😛

    • Ashwathy said

      But I figured you must be caught up. Since you seemed to be posting nonstop without replying to a lot of comments. If you don’t enjoy it, there’s no point stressing yourself and killing yourself to complete it. Let it be.

  11. metherebel said

    I had so much fun reading your posts. Guilty for writing everyday….don’t be silly 🙂

  12. Hey i love love reading your posts. So lrts have you back on this marathon…

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