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Posted by Pepper on March 6, 2013

Perhaps I should start by thanking all of you for writing in to me after my last post. I really didn’t expect a response this time. But you took the time out to compose an email, jot down your concerns and suggestions and send it to me. This blogworld is such an amazing place. It makes a nobody feel very valued and cared for.

I haven’t had a chance to get my blood tests done, but for now, I have been prescribed iron and vitamin tablets. My parents say I create a scene every night when I am asked to swallow the pills. But what to do? Tablets make me gag. I hope this stops soon, because I sure can’t imagine nauseating myself like that for too long.


Work made me feel like I was spending my life in tiresome drudgery, so I took last Friday off and went to see Mint on campus. It was my last time there. And as expected, I found myself getting all nostalgic. The campus, the lawns, the dorm room, the reception area, all of it, makes me wishful now. To make the most of my last visit, we took a few refreshing walks across the lawns. I know those last few walks will make lasting memories. I wish I had a camera..


I did something very out of character by wearing a dress that seemed quite low necked (by my standards) to one of the campus parties. It so happened that I forgot to carry the tube top I wear underneath. Mint asked me to try on the dress and told me he didn’t think it was inappropriate by any standards. Until the last minute, I kept telling him I was not sure I could do it. I did, however step out after he gave me a lecture on how I need to be bold and confident and now care about what others will think or say. Today at work, I happened to sit with a group of women who kept talking about how their husbands don’t let them wear sleeveless clothes. It made me really wonder, why is my husband such a contradiction? Not that I am complaining..


We celebrated my dad’s birthday yesterday. Time and again, I have been envious of bloggers who skillfully sketch out characters of the people they love on their blogs. They do this by writing about small incidents and occurrences, by putting up snippets of their conversations. Very soon, most readers know about the said family members personalities, their quirks, how close they are to the blogger. I have never been able to sketch characters through my writing. I felt like writing a post for my dad on his birthday yesterday, but just saying things like he was an integral part of me felt so inadequate. I wished I had written more about our beautiful bond and our crazy, fun life during the course of the year. But then I asked myself – why do I have to exhibit my awesome relationship with my family to the world? If I could write effortlessly about them, I would. But since I can’t, why do I long for the world to know? Once I realised that, I didn’t feel too guilty for not writing much about us. Strange solace?


I managed to live away from Mint for 11 whole months. And now, the dreaded distance will no longer separate us. That period is almost over. Just a few more days to go, before we get back to living with each other.  I can’t put in words how I feel.. This deserves a new post.


My life is in for a lot of changes. I still don’t know anything for certain, but there is so much going on. In the midst of the chaos, I have ignored my mails and this comment space. I will be back. In fact, I will come back to this dear corner and pour out my thoughts without restrain once things firm up a little. As usual, I feel nervous, scared, excited. I also hear a voice in my head that says ‘Beware the Ides of March..’



28 Responses to “Random”

  1. Glad to know that you are getting better. Once when you start living with mint and when you are busy with more responsibilities, you will again feel energetic like before. Take care

  2. vishalbheeroo said

    hey Pepper glad to see you back with a bang. As always, amazing post and happy budday to uncle. Well, you have a wonderful husband. Njoy life to maxi..

  3. Bubblegum said

    🙂 ❤ So very much loved your post! Will some day mail you, how I ACTUALLY can draw a parallel line to some events of your life 🙂

  4. Good to see you back; Was missin’ ya!

    Midway through this post, I was thinking this one should’ve been titled ‘Random’ and looked up to see …… 😀 ! Welcome to the list of bloggers who’ve had at least ONE post called Random. Goes to show how many of us are…..LOL!! Excited for you about Mint & You getting back together into the nest. Good Luck Lovebirds! Cheers 🙂

  5. R's Mom said

    I hate swallowing pills myself :):) so I can understand your agony

    Yipeeeeee on getting back together with mint :):) what fun 🙂

    Happy Happy belated birthday to uncle..hope you guys had a blast 🙂

    LOL on the low neck dress…I want to see it next time we meet eh?

    hugs hugs and take care of your health okie?

  6. Santulan said

    How did you celebrate Dad’s bday?

    As far as the dress goes, as long as you are comfortable in it and feel like pulling it off, all is well. It’s nice to see that the husband encourages you in that.

    umm.. why do you call him mint?

    • Pepper said

      We just did a loud, family dinner. Nothing extraordinary, but it was loads of fun.

      Why I call him Mint? Lol. Good question. I think I’ve answered that on the ‘About’ page.

  7. pixie said

    Hugs Pepper!! 🙂
    I’m so glad you wore the beautiful dress and that you guys are gonna live together again! 🙂

    I’ve heard of women complaining as well that their husbands don’t like sleeveless and that “they don’t let them” wear such dresses as well!!!
    My point – no one can tell you what not to wear.
    I wonder why these women don’t stand up to such behaviour and why they keep massaging the guy’s ego…

  8. Glad you were able to take time off and spend some quality time with Mint on campus, so health wise are you doing better?

    I am sure the singeltons on your blog keep falling for Mint ;), coax him to do a guest post when he can manage time.

    And about the parents part on rereading I realized that definately you have not drawn their personalities on this blog but you have beautifullly sketched your relationships with them every now and then. And you know what though you have put hazy pictures of your sister, Mom but I have a very clear picture of your dad too in my mind, and when ever you mention him, subconsciously that image comes into mind. Surprised by the blog world yet again 🙂

    Lastly despite the initial apprehensions about every big decision you guys need to make, you have come out as a strong girl pepper, you will manage pretty fine in future also with Mint and family on your side. All my wishes with you.

    • Pepper said

      Thanks so much! That is such a lovely comment. Made me smile all the way.
      As far as Mint doing a guest post goes, I have put up some of his writing on this blog. I should link it sometime. 🙂

  9. techie2mom said

    Good to know that you have consulted a doc and also took a break….
    All the best for new beginning…May you get the best of everything…
    Take care…

  10. Ashwathy said

    I can’t help but smile at Mint’s reaction to your wearing a “daring” top. I’ve heard a similar reaction from my own hubby so I completely believe such men exist. But I do believe they are quite rare though.

    Wow, already time for your last visit to campus eh?? Time flies alright!! What happened to the whole placement thingie? (P.S.: *Hint* Time for you to msg me and update me 😛 )

  11. Visha said

    I love to read you. Period.

    Will wait 🙂

  12. Smita said

    WOW!! His course is already thru??? Time flies!! See we are already in the 3rd month of the year!!!

    And I hope u do get your blood tested soon…

    And like you I too am unable to write my real feelings for my loved ones…but then I feel is it really necessary? I know what I feel and my loved ones know what I fell…I guess that much is enough.

    P.S. Belated B’day wishes to your dad 🙂

    • Pepper said

      Thanks Smita..
      You are right, announcing your feelings to the world is not necessary. I still don’t know why I feel jealous of people who are able to depict their relationships through their writing..

  13. Aah I am a pro at swallowing tablets! For me taking water first and then tablet helps!
    Nothing beats taking a day off and lazing around with nothing in to-do list 🙂 Pure Bliss!
    yay on you and Mint getting back together!

  14. vishalbheeroo said

    wen is next post?

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