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Where there’s a will, there is a way..

Posted by Pepper on June 8, 2013

We’re desperately trying to unpack the boxes and set up the house. I allotted one room to a very sleepy Mint and asked him to “clear the place”, while I worked on the other room. I was worried he’d doze off, so I made sure the room was too bright for his comfort. One part of the window had the blinds rolled up. Sunlight was streaming in. I was confident he wouldn’t be able to sleep under such glaring light.

After about half an hour, when I walked into the room. This is what I saw..


The guy was fast asleep. He had opened the suitcase and used the flap to shield his face. Innovative, I thought. How do I get any work done with him? Ufff..

ETA: Title credit – Smitha


41 Responses to “Where there’s a will, there is a way..”

  1. Smitha said

    LOL! Now that is a perfect illustrations of ‘When there’s a will, there is a way’:)

  2. AaeKay said

    Haha that is so funny! 😀

  3. LOL!! LOL!! have to give credit to the man for thinking out of the box err…out of the suitcase!!

  4. pixie said

    Poor guy eh?! 😉
    Let me rest his eyes a bit!! 😛

  5. Hehhe! When sleep possess us, there is nothing that shall deter us:)

  6. 😆 I can’t help but say …how cute!! I love love to see all my boys sleeping and they do have weird ways to do so 🙄

  7. Taa's mom said

    Please, let him sleep no ?

  8. kofykat said

    ha ha ha, innovative indeed. Like my little sister. She fell asleep at the dentists. While he was working on her mouth :-O

  9. R's Mom said

    hahahah! he is super duper cute eh?

  10. metherebel said

    LOL! That sure is innovative 😀

  11. Lol 🙂 this is so cute 🙂

  12. Comfy said

    Sleep and laziness always wins. Did you know that? 😮
    Poor poor Mint, what all he has to do to get some good sleep 😆

  13. MR said

    what were you doing running around harried, I see plenty of space on that bed 🙂 you should have stretched out too.. and woke up refreshed .. just kidding

  14. MR said

    btw is that a jaipur quilt on the bed? just asking cause i bought a few and love it but i dont know if i can wash it or if it needs to be drycleaned only?? hearing conflicting views.

    • Pepper said

      I actually got that quilt from Ahmedabad. But perhaps it is a Jaipur quilt. I’ve washed it in the machine and even put it in the dryer. So far no hassle.

  15. MBA strategy and skills put to good use eh? 😀

    That’s such a creative way to shield from the sunlight..haha, good one!
    You go take a nap too Pepper..the clearing up can wait.

  16. Kanthu said

    Desperation and laziness is the mother of all Inventions. 😛

  17. Smita said

    ha ha ha ha….Men!

  18. LOL

    That is so innovative! 😀

  19. Swaram said

    Hahaha! It could so be Su there 😉

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