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Posted by Pepper on June 12, 2013

Big number, isn’t it? Through out my so called adult life, I never managed to actually connect with the grown up adult world. And I always told myself I didn’t have to. We were 20 somethings. It was okay to feel childlike and believe the world was full of uncles and aunties, just the way it used to be a decade ago. We weren’t a part of them grown ups.

But the number 3o always sounded really big.  Like the final frontier of your youth. At 30, it felt like you could not escape it anymore. You had to confront, acknowledge and accept adulthood. I had been dreading Mint turning 30 since the time he turned 29. Because being married to a 30 year old made me feel very old. I’m not sure why that number bothers me.

Perhaps age is really just a number. Nothing changes. Or maybe, somethings do. I am not sure I know.  I will leave the contemplation for another day. For now, let me document the very wild celebrations.

Earlier in the month, I realised his birthday was on a weekday. On a Thursday. But when we came to know that a local group was covering one of his favourite bands at Hard Rock Cafe that day, it was tough for the rock music fans in us to pass it up. We started by asking friends if they would be able to join in, considering it would be a late night, and the next day was a working day. Surprisingly, we had big numbers. Weekday be damned.

Once at HRC, friends started pouring in. We were a big, loud, boistrous group. Friends got their spouses. A friend got his classmate. The BFF commented, saying we didn’t exactly know everybody too well, but we were all there with a common objective – having a good time.

We bonded over Metalica and alcohol. The music was loud, accompanied by a lot of head shaking, screaming to be heard, giggles, laughter and madness. The alcohol – this is deserves special mention. Generally, I dislike excessive consumption of alcohol – but I was told by everybody, ‘Oh let go today! It is his 30th birthday!’. So I decided to forget my rules for that one day.

I was driving back, so I didn’t drink too much and ended up being the only sober soul. They started with free flowing towers of beer. Just when I thought people were quite drunk, they ordered vodka and mojitos. By now, I was getting amused by the drunken chatter and was sure nobody had the capacity to hold anymore alcohol. I was proved wrong by a friend who ordered some shots of tequila for most of us. He did that without checking with anybody and insisted we went for them.

People swigging down the shots showed me a new level of drunkeness. Heads started reeling. People were staggering to the restrooms.

– I have never seen Mint drunk like this in my life. I was annoyed at first, but then I let go, telling myself it was a once in a life time event.

– The BFF was seen pointing at a man and screaming at the top of her lungs “He took 5o0 bucks as cover charge. I hateeeee him! Ask him to return the money. NOWWWW”

– Guy friends were seen hugging each other in a manner that I thought was, umm.. inappropriate.

– Mint was seen raising his glass of water and screaming, “Does anybody wand some waderrrr?”. He did that just after everybody’s glasses had been refilled by the server. He was seeing doing that every 3 minutes.

– Another friend was seen holding her head and laughing, saying ‘My head is going round and round and rounddddd’

– A  friend went to the rest room and perhaps, fell asleep in there. We had to go around searching for him.

– Another friend went to some dark corner and, again.. either fell asleep or got deeply immersed in thoughts, that I suppose were of critical importance. He was found spacing out after being searched for for about 45 minutes.

– Mint was heard saying ‘ Don’t be mad at me because I love you, okay?’ every 10 minutes, in the most sincere voice I’ve heard till now.  He loves me, so I shouldn’t be mad at him? Perfect logic.

There was more, ofcourse. Drunken talk was amusing. The random hugs were funny. The loud music was intoxicating. The dazed people were laughworthy. By the time we piled in the car, it was 3 am. By the time we were home and in bed, it was past 4 am. And then the next day we were all back at work by 9 am. Texting each other about the crazy night and groaning in the midst of meetings.

It was a mad night, and for the crazy memories, it was worth it. Mint’s birthday is still the talk of the town every time we meet. Like he said to our friends, “I’d like to say this was one of my most memorable birthdays, the only thing is I don’t have much memory of it”

Mint Bday

Mint, after having his face smashed with cake, came to my end of the table and smeared my face with cake too. For what joy, I don’t know. Here we are, posing for a picture while the BFF takes a picture from the side.

Mint Bday 2

Those tequila shots that brought on the madness

Mint Bday 3

Mint’s very awesome birthday cake. We relished it for 3 days.


30 Responses to “30”

  1. OMG.. that surely is memorable and fun celebration of Mint’s birthday..
    so true that when you get drunk you become more happy and laugh a lot. You were the luckiest among all as you were not drunk and you were enjoying the madness coming from your friends 🙂
    In my case, when I am bit tipsy I always ask waiters to take away all the cutleries and plates and food and drinks glasses from our table as I don’t like mess.. and guess what I did this on our 3rd wedding anniversary 😉

    • Pepper said

      Lol… You can’t tolerate mess even in a table in a restaurant?! *Shudders* This is why I fear calling people home. The mess at our place is ending..

  2. Hey, M sure u guys have a blast and it sounds so much fun. How I wish I was there..lol:) I fully agree with u on 30 and till now, I am still a child inside and why the f*** should we grow up. We should remain a child or 18 forever and ever. Enjoy and once in a while makes sense to cork 25 grand and it’s not wasted at all since all of you enjoyed:)

  3. R's Mom said

    That seems like a party I have only read in books :):) How awesome 🙂 Glad you were smart enough to be sober to drive back *Pats Pepper on the back*

    30 by the way, is NOT a big number gah!

    Big hugs though belated, to the birthday boy 🙂

    • Pepper said

      Ofcourse I had to stay sober RM. I had no choice. It wasn’t an option I chose. If I wasn’t sober, we’d not be able to go back home and would have had to sleep at HRC.. or maybe in the car. Lol,

      Thanks for the wishes 🙂

  4. Richa said

    this sounds so much fun! having drunk loved ones all around you. though even I wouldnt initially endorse the idea.
    my hubby will be 30 in Aug too. But we dont have too many friends or family here.

  5. Awesome drunken night 🙂 wishes to Mint 🙂 and it is something about HRCs that make people loosen up….you won’t believe that last time I was on a high just after having a breezer n a couple of sips from the TBHs drink but whatever I blame it o the music, though I was the joke for next few days….but anyhow, love tht place.

    And yes, age is just a number. I have seen 50years old young people and 20 something oldies ….so I believe it has to be just a number.

    • Pepper said

      I agree! Something about HRC that makes people loosen up. The music is intoxicating, like I said. Especially if they have a good cover band playing..

  6. metherebel said

    Belated birthday wishes to Mint 🙂 Looks like you guys had a crazy night!

  7. Whoa! What a befitting way to celebrate 30th. Haha, the drunken talk is surely amusing! I just couldn’t stop laughing at all that. Just forget that “25 grand” number 😉
    LOl at Mint’s lines.. Belated birthday wishes to him once again.

    • Pepper said

      I removed that 25 grand bit from the post. Got yelled at by Mint for putting it there in the first place 😐 But looks like, most of you have already seen the number. Lol.
      Will pass on the wishes. Thanks.

  8. KV said

    happy bday to mint 🙂 and anytime is a good time with friends 🙂

  9. Ashwathy said

    Excuse me while ROTFL at those bullet points!! HAHAHAHAH!!
    Oh come on, let those guys touch each other… why would you decide what’s inappropriate and what’s not! 😉 :mrgreen:
    Ok I’m even worse!! And I’m not even drunk!! 🙄

    Fell asleep in the WASHROOM??? Oh jeez!! 😛 😆

    25 grand in one sitting? OMG!!
    Looks like you definitely have to digest that his birthday celebration happened!! 😛
    I can’t believe you all went to office the next morning after that! Crazy! 😀

    P.S.: We need to do that sometime. At home.

    • Pepper said

      25 grand is a big number for one sitting no? I mentioned it here cos I was reeling each time i thought about it. But when Mint read the post, he told me it sounded snobbish. Like I was showing off.. and was in poor taste. So I edited the post and pulled it out. I must think more before posting maybe.

      And yes, we went to office the next day! Beat that.. It was crazy 😀

      When are we doing this? You guys should come to our place now.

  10. Smitha said

    Belated birthday wishes to Mint! That sure seems like a fun birthday, and the best way to usher in his thirties:)

  11. Wow, whattay celebration! Thanks for putting it down here so we could be amused and tickled by the drunken acts 😀 In a similar setting, I see myself as the one saying ‘My head is going round and round and rounddddd’ LOL! 😉

    Again, a very hearty Happy 30th to Mint. Please read it as just another number, nothing more. As long as you don’t ‘feel’ the numbers in your age. Sounds cliche..but have gotten to believe it sincerely 🙂

    • Pepper said

      Lol! Would be fun to see you high, AHK!

      I know, about the age being just a number. I am starting to believe that too, cos it does suit me. Now that we are growing up (old?), we realise how true that is.

  12. What a fun birthday that was:) wishing Mint a very happy birthday and fabulous year !!

  13. Jack Point said

    Happy birthday, Mint 🙂

  14. Smita said

    ha ha ha ha so u guys had mad mad fun 🙂

    Belated birthday wishes to Mint 🙂

  15. Kanthu said

    ‘Don’t be mad at me because I love you, okay?’, what would any guy do without this one sentence. 😛 A belated ‘Happy Birthday’ to Mint. And remember, 30 is the new 20. 🙂

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