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Parathas, pizzas and burnt cookers

Posted by Pepper on June 16, 2013

I was craving for aloo parathas. So I decided to go to my parents’ home. I end up being there once in three days on average, and each time I come back with home made goodies. Living close to parents is such a delight!

Anyway, where was I? Yes. Aloo parathas. I went home, and the parathas were waiting for me, packed in silver foil. I had planned to bring them back with me, instead of eating them there. After spending some time at home, I left. The mother and I decided to walk down for some sev puri. After stuffing outselves with the tangy chaat, we walked in to a store to buy some steel utensils for our new home.

The moment we reached the utensil store, my mother noticed the bag missing from my hands! My precious aloo parathas! They had been left  behind at the little sev puri shop. Thankfully, I realised it in good time. So we turned around, walked back and found the bag that contained my aloo parathas lying there.

We then walked back to the utensil store. After making a few purchases, I hailed an auto, hugged the mother and left. When I was almost home, I realised the bag containing my aloo parathas was missing, AGAIN! So I called home, told them I had left the bag at the utensil store this time.

Since I was almost home, there was nothing we could do. I was feeling really bad. I had been fantasizing about the parathas all day. The parents were feeling bad since they wanted me to have the parathas they had made. Since we could really not do much, I told them to let go. But what do you know? They made the aloo parathas for me the next day again, and my papa came to my office to deliver them to me before lunch time.

I know, I am blessed. But really, how do I cure myself? This absentmindedness and carelessness has been a chronic ailment.


It was a rainy evening and we decided to order some pizzas at home from a place called Joey’s. When I called the pizza place, I learnt that the whole world had decided to order in pizza from Joey’s on that particular day, and they were taking no more orders. We tried convincing them, but to no avail. Disappointed, we let go. We then thought of ordering pizza from a place called Pizza Craft.

They took our order and assured us the pizza would be delivered within 40 minutes. We waited, and called them after an hour to check. They said the guy was on his way, and the pizza should reach us anytime. After about 1.5 hour, when there was still no sign of the pizza, I called them again. This time, a little angry.

I was shocked, since a man on the other end of the phone seemed to be clueless about our order. He said they had not received any order from our address. I told them that the earlier two times I had called, there was a lady on the phone. He told us no lady worked for them.

I put him on hold and told Mint. He said he would speak to them, since he knows I am too much of a softie and don’t know how to sound stern. These are the parts that I heard him say.

” How can you do this? We’ve been waiting since an hour and a half and now you tell us there is no order from us? ”

“What do you mean you don’t understand? We placed our order at 9:38 pm. What kind of a system do you have if it can’t track orders?”

“There was a lady on the phone.  What am I to do if you say you don’t have any femlate employee? How do you explain us talking to one on the phone when we called here last?”

Meanwhile, the bell rang and there was a delivery guy carrying our pizza. We were confused. Mint continued on the phone..

“If you say there was no order from us, how come we have your delivery guy standing at our door?”

Then I asked the delivery guy his name. The pizza folks were as confused as us. Mint was still questioning them. And then it struck me.

I gulped. Looked at Mint and whispered to him, “I think, I dialed Joey’s pizza instead of Pizza Craft this time. We’ve been shouting at the wrong guy”

Mint looked appalled. He whispered back “What? You dialed Joey’s?! How could you? I trusted you”.

And then to the guy on the other end, he said a random “Okay thank you bye” and hung up.

Somebody kill me.


We were back at home after a long day at work. After scouring the refridgerator, we decided to stir fry some ridge gourd and pair it with dal for dinner. Mint starting working on the ridge gourd and I was in charge of making the dal. Both the preperations were basic and got done in no time.

The dal however, seemed a wee bit watery. “Do you want to leave it on the stove and thicken it a little?”, asked Mint. “Okay”, I said. So I left it on a low flame and we moved on to doing other things. I am sure the next part is predictable. After about  40 minutes, a weird smell made me run into the kitchen. My dal was burnt. The cooker was black. I looked at my charred preparation in dismay. How could I forget we had left it on the stove? What do I do with myself..

I think it is time we get a cook.


50 Responses to “Parathas, pizzas and burnt cookers”

  1. LOL seems like we share the same problem -absent mindedness 🙂

  2. Richa said

    Oh dear! Its okay you have just started running a house of your own. You will get better and a pro at it very soon. It happened to me too when I got married three yrs…sometimes still it happens though not that often. Thankfully!

    By the way, you are lucky to be visiting your parents every two days and eating food made by your mum. How I wish my parents and siblings lived nearby!

    • Pepper said

      Oh, but no! I haven’t ‘just started running a house’. Did that for over 3 years, but looks like I unlearned most of it during my time home with my parents. I was spoilt to such an extent!

  3. Jack Point said

    “And then to the guy on the other end, he said a random “Okay thank you bye” and hung up.

    Somebody kill me.”

    Made my day 😀

    Really did. 😀

  4. hey Pepper, don’t take it at heart..galaati se mistake ho jate hai aur insaan se..hum log insaan hai bhagwan nahin hai and we are allowed to stumble and fall. Though, I feel sad for the aloo paratha coz m a huge fan:) I pity the poor Pizza guy.

  5. Dane Dane par likha hai khane wale ka nam :). Tha parathas were not just meant for you two that day. And your parents are super adorable, now who does that and make that kind of time in busy schedules n Bombay rains.

    And the second one made me laugh out loud in the room full of my people who already consider me half mad. Poor them, they will never understand the joy of reading daily tales of some people we start connecting at a diff level.#lovebloggingworld.

    The first two make us totally aware of the plight of two foodie souls deprived of home cooked meals, you should totally get a cook asap.

    • Pepper said

      Totally believe in the ‘dane dane par likha hai khane wala ka naam’ part. We did get a cook finally, but I am so not satisfied with her.

  6. Santulan said

    Hota hai.. there there

  7. Ashwathy said

    Living close to parents is such a delight!
    Slight correction. Living close to parents who are so benevolent is such a delight. That’s what makes the difference. 🙂

    For someone who was craving aloo paranthas, you sure didn’t seem to pay them enough attention 😛 You didn’t deserve those paranthas, IMO. Now pls send them to me :mrgreen:

    OMG!!! The poor pizza guy had to hear this for no reason??!! 😐 You definitely a good shaking! Hmph!
    Once we ordered from KFC and we waited. And waited. And waited. For 2 whole hours. Then finally realised the order is never coming, in spite of repeatedly calling and complaining at them. They were also having too many orders to take to cater. Just one of those days I guess.
    Atleast you guys did get your pizza, albeit late.

    I thought you already had a cook? What about part-time help for cleaning?

    Ah! The joys of living by yourself! You surely are learning right? Or are you? 😛

  8. R's Mom said

    Jeez! the parathas was really really bad eh? I would never imagine forgetting FOOD!

    The pizza thing was funny..and the cooker happens at least once a month in the R household..

    Errr…its better than burning the dal than sambharofying the house no?

  9. Smita said

    I was ROFLing at the Pizza thing!!! U r a riot!!!!

    But you know I can relate to you coz I am as absentminded as u r (though I am sure I would never forget Aloo Paratha’s anywhere!! Woh bhi Mom ke haath ka? Never!)

    Kitchen disasters happen a lot when u have just set up your kitchen (I am sure u have not bee cooking as a routine at ur Mom’s place) once u settle down and doing this daily the disaters wills top. I used to have a cut on my hands when I had just set up mu kitchen…Now I have graduated to burns 😉

    Take Care

  10. You are indeed blessed to have parents around, it’s so sweet of dad to get them to work next day.

    Ha ha I am glad you finally got pizza, I recently had an experience where I never got my pizza.

    Dal burning its common sweetheart, just hang in there you will master, but then considering a cook isn’t a bad option either, that way you can eat better home made food.

  11. Pri... said

    Hey Pepper..I was in splits reading the pizza episode:)
    And Yumm Aloo Parathas:)…You are Blessed

  12. Deepa said

    Guess what? I did the exact same thing in US. I ordered pizza from Papa Johns and lambasted the Dominos guy :(.

  13. Taa's mom said

    You have to get a cook, small pleasures of living in India. just so you get your creative juices flowing, you can have them off weekends so Mint and you can spend some quality time in the kitchen as well

  14. Mint saying ..” How could you? I trusted you” as if it were a end of world scenario from a cheesy Karan Johar movie..LOL!

    You still had your parathas, pizza and dal..err..stir fry dear. Badey shehron mein choti batein..hotey rehte hain 😉

    Psst: I have made Hari drive back far and long to retrieve the bag/purse/sunglasses/phone…etc too many times. So much so that he checks to ask me about all items every time we leave any place. Family and friends who know me will do the same too. Am phamous like that you see 😛

  15. MR said

    I’ve realized having a reliable and good cook and cleaning person cures all of the worlds problems. 🙂

  16. Lol on the pizza incident 😛

    On dal and burnt cookers..I can relate pepper. Been there. Done that. 🙂

  17. LOL.. 3rd one happens so often to me.. Along with absentmindedness, I also seem to be blessed with a nose that just can’t smell. No, not even the burning dal!
    I should bookmark this trick, “he said a random “Okay thank you bye” and hung up” for a rainy day 😉

  18. chattywren said

    Lol! love the way you’ve narrated the situation! Kitchen disasters are more common than you think! I burnt my new saucepan while making popcorns 😦 I do sympathise with the Pizza folks though!

    • Pepper said

      I sympathise with the pizza folks too. In fact, the next time I called, I was so worried they’d deny me pizza cos they’d be mad at us 😛

  19. My Era said

    Aloo Parantha episode was really sweet 🙂

    OMG was my reaction to the pizza episode.

    You are doing just fine, we’ve all learnt by burning something or the other when we’ve been too tired or preoccupied.

  20. Scribby said

    ROFL at Mint’s answer “ok thank you bye” I can imagine his expressions 😛

    Come here, I wanna hug you tight right now!

  21. Bhavani said

    You guys are too cute and funny :-))
    But then you know that already right??


  22. Pari said

    Haha…I really thought you are ending the post with, It’s time I become more responsible/or learn to cook/or something like that 😛

  23. My dear friend, nominated u for a bunch of awards http://vishalbheeroo.wordpress.com/2013/06/25/face-smeared-with-awards-and-its-a-semper-fidelis/

  24. One things for sure it must be super fun to be around you. LOL!!! Can identify.

  25. […] recall too many recent disasters. Despite that, I have managed to accomplish a few feats. I have burnt the food along with the cooker several times, sometime ago I added lemon tang instead of salt to the noodles I was […]

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