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Geek talk

Posted by Pepper on August 21, 2013

Mint and I are watching an intimate sex scene playing in a movie.  We watch intently. Our minds begin to wander.. Not in the direction you’d expect them to. Of all things, we end up thinking of the science behind sexual intercourse. And that is what we discuss. The biological functions, about the increase in muscle tension and blood flow, How erection is such a complex process, the endocrine glands, the central nervous system. We keep diving deeper into science and biology.

Surely this is not the kind of conversation arousing scenes should elicit?


This happened a while ago. We were driving back home, stuck in a monstrous jam. We had spent a few hours in the same spot. Mint’s cousin who was with us, exclaimed, “This is ridiculous, I wish I could magically transport myself to my bedroom”. That gave rise to a new thought. Teleportation. We talked about the transfer of matter from one place to another, without physically covering that distance. Mint had a problem with the fundamentals of this concept – what if two bodies choose to be in the exact same space at the exact same time? Then their bodies will fuse and die. The discussion got geekier by the minute as we discussed speed, matter, energy, motion. It went on, until Mint’s cousin snapped. “Guys, will you just shut up and end this stupid discussion? All I said was that I wanted to be transported to my bed. The science and physics behind it be damned”.

Point noted. We shut up at that time., wondering how weird we may have sounded to her.


We’re in a restaurant, enjoying a plateful of hot biryani. I appreciate the flavour of the rice as I laden my plate with another spoonful after scooping it out of the main dish. Then I look at Mint and ask him, very randomly “How many grains of rice are present in your plate?”. He pauses for a second and then promptly takes on the task of calculating the number of rice grains on his plate. An estimation of the height, width and radius of the plate is made. Soon, he has launched into explanations of the formula he used to calculate the area of the plate. After some brief calculations, he comes up with a number. “I’d say, there are x number of rice grains on my plate at present” We discuss the calculation method for some more time, until we both agree with the number that was derived.

Hmm. I wonder after a while, how did our talk shift focus from the delicious biryani at hand to the mumbo jumbo of complex numeric formulae? After all, I see no relation between biryani and mathematics.


Mint and I are sitting on a bench in a park. It is a pretty, starlit night, with a cool wind blowing. Most people would romanticize the setting. I lean in closer to Mint and gaze at the sky above. The stars shine down upon us. As expected, it gives rise to a new discussion – stars! Or rather, the formation and chemical composition of stars. Instinctively, we pull out our phone and look up the details on wiki. We then continue to discuss the percentage of hydrogen and helium, the solar radius, high pressure and high temperature reactions near the core, emission of other gases and so on.

Ugh. Whatever happened to us romancing under the stars?

Sigh. How do most of our conversations end up taking such a nerdy turn? I knew I had married a geek. He is permitted to indulge in this kind of geek talk, but I participate with an astonishing level of interest.  Bloody hell, Science fascinates me. A lot more than I let on. I wonder if that makes me a closet geek. *Shudder*


22 Responses to “Geek talk”

  1. DI said

    *Eye roll*
    Super geeks! I can never get into this how does this work mode! Bah!
    I do like discussing situations, and reactions and such, but those are people centric things, after which I start wondering if I should have been psychologist.
    May be that’s what I am, a close psychologist?
    Hehe, you guys really are mad! 😀

  2. R's Mom said

    And this is exactly the reason why you and Mint will spend your life with the same excitment as now even when both of you turn 100 (okay he 100 and you 95!)

  3. Kanthu said

    You two make a perfect couple. Mint is lucky. And who says talking about science isn’t romantic..?? 🙂

  4. shaktii said

    Ha ha that was really funny…I love that lol

  5. quantum physics lover said

    i think you want to make it sound as if you guys are blessed with a physicist’s mind, please let me tell u that these are very basic discussions which people have at the age of 10-12years, nothing geeky about it..please dont make geeks look this bad.

    • Pepper said

      LOL! I love your rage and how insulted you feel by our petty geek talk. You’re right, we discuss these concepts around the age of 10-12, but that is because they’re a part of our syllabus. We’re studying them at that age and are still in the process of acquiring knowledge. But randomly discussing these things in the kind of settings I described does not seem to be very usual, no? .. Not in my circle atleast. Most of my friends do not indulge in this talk at such times.

      PS – I doubt you’re a regular reader. Where did you emerge from? Did a Google search of some truly geeky stuff lead you here? Once again, I love your rage. 😀

      • quantum physics lover said

        i love u too, but geeky you guys are not!

        *how do those emoticons work, need to check teh ASCII code*

        • Pepper said

          I still think you are incorrectly focusing on the content of the conversation, instead of focusing on the timing of the talk.
          Oh well. I don’t care enough to be certified a geek anyway. So the club is all yours. Lol.

  6. Hit that Lab …NOW !! Lol! 😀 Ya never know what you two might discover. Jokes apart, glad you are both two of a kind.

  7. Gosh! What a science couple u’ve turned yourselves into?! hahah..lol fun post. try reading Sex and Super Consciousness by Osho. Quite an interesting read:)

  8. Sunil said

    Lovely post. I love the way you have put in your thoughts..From, Biology to Technology to Gastronomy; then a little bit of romance to astronomy…It is nice to have a geek as your partner because it will add life to your living…

  9. Ashwathy said

    You saw an intimate sex scene and your minds delved into science?? 😐 How long did you say you have been married? 😛 😛

    Teleportation is something I have always wished for. Especially when I am late for work! :mrgreen:

    Hahaha looks like your marriage is crossing a different level. You share geekiness now! It has passed on from Mint and …er… evoked your deepest desires! 😛 *ducks chappals thrown by Pepper*

  10. ajay said

    Perfectly normal discussions or maybe the effect of living with a geek! 🙂 You should read The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy. It’s science fiction and totally hilarious. You’d love it.

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