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Celebration time..

Posted by Pepper on August 22, 2013

My mother celebrates her birthday on India’s Independence Day. That is why the 15th of August has always been special to me. Patriotism has nothing to do with it.

As usual, she was excited about her birthday days in advance. I find her childlike excitement so very endearing. My papa has a, ‘It is just another day’ attitude towards his birthday. But my mom? She will prance around, deciding what she will wear, where we should dine, how we should celebrate, what cake she wants atleast a week before the big day. It makes the sister and I want to squish her.

This time, mama wanted a new pair of jeans and a good tee for her birthday. The jeans shouldn’t have a very narrow cut. The tee should be very casual. Those were her specifications.  The sis, mum and I went on to make the necessary purchases, only to end up in splits of laughter. Mama, being typically mama, would do funny things. On two occasions, when she disliked the fit of the jeans she had tried on, she slipped out of the fitting room with her tee still pulled up and jeans still unbottoned, saying “I don’t like these!”. The sis and I had to pull her back and make her realise the bare state she was in. She is a riot.

Papa, the sis and I pooled in some money to buy her a new music system. It is basic, but the sound has good clarity and it allows her to play all her old MP3s. When we presented it to her on her birthday, she was delighted. What joy it gave us in seeing that expression on her.

Following the birthday ritual, we got a brilliant chocolate cake. I love the cakes from this one place – French Connection. Do try, if you haven’t. Post that, the five of us went out for lunch. There was laughter, conversation and good food. Like I always do at such times, I said a silent thank you to God for my beautiful family.

Here is my darling mother showing her new birthday clothes..

momma bday

Every time I think about it, I feel so blessed to have the kind of parents I do. The other day, I realised I had a sore throat and no medicine at home. My parents were staying at our place. By night, when my dad had already slept, I told my mom about the pesky ache I felt in my throat. It was a casual remark, but my mom jumped up. She said I had to have some medicine before sleeping, or I’d have a rough night due to the sore throat. Mint, who is more of the ‘Aww baby, do some hot water gargling, it will go away’ kind was pulled up by my mother. She told him that she wanted to go in search of a chemist now and get some medicine for me. Either he go with her or she will go alone.

It was quite late at night and while Mint was still talking to me, asking me how bad it is, mom had already worn her shoes and picked up her bag. When her baby is in need of something, there is no stopping my mama. I grinning at Mint, as I saw my fierce mom taking matters in her own hands. He then followed her out of the door and the two of them stepped out to bring me some tablets.

I am glad I did get the tablets, because the next day, my throat hurt like hell and was so inflamed, it felt on fire. Since the time my papa was told about it, he kept calling me to ask me how I was. He pushed tablets in my hand and asked me to have them without fail. When he wasn’t around, he called to remind me of my tablets, or scolded me when he found out I had missed a dose. I love the attention I get from them. While Mint fusses over me when I am ill, he is nowhere close to my parents and I do end up blaming him for not treating me the same way. I guess that is something he has to live with.

As far as my parents go, the sis and I call them our angels. My most adorable mama and papa, always there for us with big smiles. Each time I realise with a start, how heavily I lean on them, I go and give them big hugs and kisses – wanting to keep them with me safely forever. My angels..


25 Responses to “Celebration time..”

  1. chipmunk said

    She is looking like a young girl 🙂 🙂 🙂 touch wood!!!! belated wishes for mum 🙂 🙂 🙂 its good to see when our mum celelbrate the birthday that too aunt with super plans has steal my heart 🙂

  2. R's Mom said

    Yes, very very lucky you are :):)

    I loved that pic..that T is cute na :):) Happy Belated Bday to your mom

  3. Deepa said

    God bless your mum and may I say this with complete respect and admiration ki your mum has one helluva hot figure. I now know where you get your good figure genes from:-)

    Happy Birthday to her and many wishes for a good year ahead. I loved reading that she lives it up on her special day and that you’ll get to pamper her so much.

    • Pepper said

      Lol..that’s right Deepa. I get my genes from my mom. But then I also worry about the flimsy bones and arthritis and severe osteoporosis that comes with it..

      Thank you. Will pass on your wishes to her.

  4. Santulan said

    Your mum looks cute in the out fit 😀


  5. wow! U have such wonderful parents and hubby! I absolute adore ur mom when she beams like a kid. We should never ever lose the child in us, no matter what’s our age:)

  6. Richa said

    this is such a wow post.. n your mom looks like a school girl in dat pic. Even my mom is a leo and you cannot stop a leo from doing what they have decided. 🙂

  7. Ashwathy said

    That pic is your MOTHER? 😯 I swear, before reading the post, I thought that’s a pic of you showing off your new clothes or something! 😐 I am serious!!

    Touchwood… you are lucky to have the parents you do…they are simply adorable 🙂

    • Ashwathy said

      Psst! But I still really think it’s unfair of you to blame Mint for not treating you that way. He is your husband, not your dad 😛

    • Pepper said

      Hain? Why can’t my husband treat me like my parents do? I’ve seen a lot of partners spoil, indulge and fuss over their spouses a lot more than their parents do. Stop siding Mint all the time! Hmph.

      • Ashwathy said

        Lol 😛 That’s coz you can’t have everything. You already have your parents spoiling you. And it’s not like Mint is being a cad! It’s only that your parents are giving you so much attention and fuss that you feel Mint is not doing enough. That’s not his fault. And you know it… you just don’t want to acknowledge it 😛

  8. vethal said

    Hope you or your sis can do this :

  9. Aww such a sweet post, patents are so caring and loving.

    Is that your mom, did she turn sweet sixteen? She looks gorgeous 🙂

  10. smiles32 said

    Hey, Happy birthday to your Mom..! She does’nt look like a mother at all!
    I recently celebrated my birthday and My roommates got me a fresh fruit cake from French Connection..Absolute delight it was!!
    Another thing..So me and a friend of mine keep discussing your blog..and i think we figured out the suburb you live in..so happy we were, thinking that I probably live the same place as around you..!! okay, its a little cheesy I agree, but what the hell:)

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