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My first baby

Posted by Pepper on August 30, 2013

turned 21. How  very boring my life would be without my childhood companion, those ‘double seat’ bicycle rides, those games, those outings, those laughter sessions, those conversations, those jokes that nobody else ever seems to get, that sharing of clothes and shoes, those Bollywood trivia quizzes, that ganging up against mom and dad, those nights where we lay in bed and discussed life, those evenings with the guitar, those counseling sessions you gave me when you were just 13 and so much more..


Thank you mom and dad, creating her was the best thing you could do for me. Without her, my life wouldn’t have been half as colourful. Because of our shared childhood, she is the *only* person who completely understands me at times..

Dear Sis, today I’ll apologize to you for all the times I bullied you when we were little. For passing on my Science journals to you and making you complete them, for making you polish our white canvas shoes and making you do other things I wouldn’t want to mention on this blog. But what the hell, I know you still love me.


35 Responses to “My first baby”

  1. Sunil said

    Lovely One.

  2. Santulan said

    Happy birthday to her! What did you gift her?

    Nice photo editing, you didn’t smudge out the hair that fell on the face, only the skin

    • Pepper said

      I gifted her nothing 😦 Simply because I could think of nothing interesting. I didn’t want to just pick something up for the sake of it. I like gifts to be thoughtful. So her birthday gift is pending. Do you have any good ideas? (Don’t ask me for her interests, any good/unique ideas will be appreciated).

      And hey, you noticed the editing! Lol, thanks. I realised doing it this way takes no extra effort.. so went with it.

      • Santulan said

        If she enjoys reading, then gift her a kindle. The basic kindle reader uses e-ink and has a battery life of 1 month. The paperwhite kindle uses a built in display which gives a crisper text and can be used to read in dark also. Both can be used in sunlight as well. The latter has the advantage of using touchscreen instead of buttons to change pages.

  3. R's Mom said

    Awww! kala tikka to both of you..Happy birthday Pepper’s Sis

  4. Pratiksha said

    Whatever wrong we do.. we still love our young lil sis 🙂 🙂

    Happy bday to The Sister!!!!!!

  5. Happy salary budday to ur darling siesta, pass ma wishes. You were a bully lol and taking advantage of being the elder one…lol sweet post

  6. Oh… That was a sweet post.. Wishing your sister a happy birthday.. Our siblings are the most dear to us.. How many times do we fight but still they will remain our sweethearts.. !

  7. Happy B’day to Pepper’s sis 🙂 🙂

  8. Richa said

    very cute post. Make your sis read this. 🙂

  9. jyotsna said

    loving your blog pepper… so many blogs that i used to read arent very active now… i dont blog but i love reading few… when i hop in here and see a new one i get happy… it cheers me up.. dont know y… i first came across your blog when you had posted about wanting to go private… and i have enjoyed every bit of your writing.. thank you pepper…

    wishing your sister a very happy birthday…

  10. Hey Happy Birthday to your Lil Sista !! I am soooooooooooooo jealous now, coz my big sister n I were just this close but she lives 1000’s of miles away now 😦 Sisters are the bestest 😀 😀 !!

  11. Happy birthday Pepper’s sis.
    Ps: Why doesn’t she have a herb/spice name? 😀

    • Pepper said

      Lol.. I couldn’t think of one. Also, I thought we already had a lot of names on the blog that people call ‘cheesy’ and ‘funny’. So decided to not add to the list..

      I just might though, if at all I feel like, in the future..

  12. 21 – that’s a marvelous age to be in! Wish her joy filled year ahead and smiles/laughter all the way 🙂

  13. Jazz said

    Aww belated birthday wishes to your little sis.. I recently met my elder sister after a long time and we fought/talked/had lot of fun and now I miss her so much.

  14. Happy birthday to the first baby of yours. 21 isn’t that the legal age here to get a drink ?

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