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Posted by Pepper on September 20, 2013

– Time and again, I find myself caught in a whirlwind of activity. We lead a very hectic social life. We have too many social circles, so almost every other day we are either lunching or dining with a group of friends. Or we have friends coming home. We also go watch a movie every single Tuesday (Yes, the Vodafone offer is too tempting to let go according to Mint. Tickets are dirt cheap in the theatre close to my parents home). So every Tuesday after work, my parents, sis, Mint and I make our way to the theatre to catch a movie. Most weekends we end up traveling, Just after we returned from Chennai, we did Goa, then Nashik, then Dahanu, and we have more travel lined up in the next 2 months.  Mint says this is the best time for us to lead this kind of life. We are relatively settled, do not want kids for sometime, have domestic help to cook and clean for us,  so we have no real responsibility. Now is when we can make spontaneous plans and travel with abandon.

– Something strange has happened to me in the past month or so. I have finally stepped out of my jeans. I now wear skirts, dresses, shorts, capris, and different kinds of coloured cotton pants without being coaxed. I get pedicures done, I file and paint my nails. I make sure I have a good lip gloss on. I even use shades of pink! I wear coloured beads and other junk jewellery. I actually take more than 5 minutes to get dressed.  This has been fun. At one time, I wondered how people had the time and enthusiasm to groom themselves. And then I realised, if you have adequate interest, you do find the time. The other day, I filed my nails when I was stuck in a traffic jam while driving back home.

– Perishable home supplies are something we haven’t been able to manage too well. This is because we are hardly at home. We end up staying in my parents home half the times, the other half is full of weekend travel and other plans. And most of these plans are spontaneous. So when we stock things like fresh veggies and milk in the fridge, we realise they’ve gone bad when we need them. Other times, when I buy little, I realise it is over too soon and we have to make do without it when we need it. So I really do not understand how frequently we should be stocking up. We either end up throwing things because they have gone bad since we were away, or we end up running out of supplies when we need them because I was cautious and bought too little.

– Mint has turned into that annoying idiot who cannot register external sounds and noises when he is asleep. He was not like that! Now, each time the cook rings the door bell in the morning, I have to wake up. Just after the cook leaves, we have the maid who comes to clean, and ofcourse, I have to get out of bed. On some days, I find myself getting up after every 5 minutes. It is either the cook, or the maid, or the lady coming to collect the trash, or the car cleaner asking for the car keys. I have told Mint repeatedly that we should be taking turns to wake up, and he agrees. But in the morning, the guy doesn’t even stir when the bells ring. The amount of energy I have to spend waking him up so he can open the door is ridiculous. Infact, the whole exercise of waking him up wakes me up. Not fair. The other day I had to leave home at 5 am for something, so I had instructed him to be vigilant and make sure he opens the door to the cook. As expected, despite my instructions, he slept through the million door bells. The cook later told me, “Maine toh intercom bhi kiya tha, toh bhi kisi ne nahi uthaya” Arghh! Damn, I still adore this annoying idiot.

– I am sharing something that makes the sister and I laugh like maniacs. The other day we were driving back home, and as usual, we were stuck in a snarling traffic jam. I was chatting with my cousin on whatsapp. He said something that I took a little too seriously. Within minutes, I pulled open a picture of Adolf Hitler on my phone. I zoomed in. Then, I showed my phone (with the picture of Adolf Hitler on the screen) to the driver adjacent to our car. He peered questioningly at the phone in my hand. I told him, ‘Yeh Hitler hai’ (this is Hitler) and I burst out laughing. Our car moved forward and we could not stop laughing as we thought of the poor man. Lunatic girl in the next car shows him a picture of Hitler, mumbles something and starts laughing to herself? Crazy world! 


18 Responses to “Stray thoughts..”

  1. Smita said

    these crazy things give us fodder to laugh for a long time 😀 That driver I am sure must be zapped even now 😉

    And sleeping through the bells? I was like that as a kid! Not anymore! Sigh!!!

    And being active is good….we are not! And sometimes I get frustrated with same old routine!!! 😦

  2. Shweta said

    i would simply love to lead the life you do!! I mean, I am fairly happy with mine and have share of outings and stuff. But Mr. Husband is not really the movie sorts and it really is a pain to make him sit at a place for 3 hrs. Pheww!! And plus we do not really travel so much since our socials keep us busy in here. Loads of family gatherings and stuff!!

    So, all this and more, I envy the lifestyle you lead. Make the most of it!! Mint is a star!!!

    • Pepper said

      Lol, Shweta, trust me, I have too much of family to hang out with too. It is the side effect of living in Bombay. Just this weekend, we hosted a family gathering at home. About 20 people plus a few kids. It is crazy, but fun.

      About the movie bit, I am a lot like your husband. Not a fan of them films, but my husband and sister keep dragging me everywhere. The result is a mad life. I have slowed down in the past few days and I am liking this pace for a change.

  3. R's Mom said

    hahahahahah! you and Mint are super cute…LOL on the getting up thing..happens with RD and me all the time..and that too in the evenings…RD goes off to sleep after coming back from work, and NEVER gets up gah!

    Gee, I was going to ask if we could meet up..but with your hectic social life, it doesnt make sense to ask :):)

    • Pepper said

      RM! Mint and I have discussed the idea of having you guys over several times. It’s been pending. Let’s figure something out soon. And ofcourse, if you have plans, you must ask! 🙂

  4. Well done, yeh hitler hai and hope it serves him well when I sleep, no matter how much the phone ring, the devil that i am will never pick up. I am s bachelor and feel no sane woman will ever tolerate me..Lolz..try buying minimum stuffs every week.

  5. ashreyamom said

    when i think that maid is going to leave if i don’t open the door with in five minutes of 2nd bell makes me jump out of the bed. the fear or cleaning the house. :). nice that you have decided to roam around and dress up..

    • Pepper said

      Haan, I think the same. That is why I can’t even spend too much time waking Mint up. And that guy, he doesn’t even hear the bell, forget worrying about their departure 😐

  6. Jazz said

    I think we will just take more time to know what to buy when and how much.. Mint must be a sound sleeper.. 😀 The last part was so funny, the guy was sure left wondering..

  7. The last one made me laugh loud. That was hilarious . Life with family around is the best. Enjoy this carefree life while it lasts. Once you get into patenting boat it’s going to be a roller coaster ride.

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