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Posted by Pepper on October 11, 2013

I wasn’t feeling very well today. I’ve been battling a very obstinate stomach bug since almost a week now. It refuses to leave. Today was particularly bad. I had severe stomach cramps in the morning, I felt weak and very exhausted. So I decided to skip work and stay home.

Life is moving at a very fast pace, and I often find myself tired and out of breath. So today, I decided to give myself complete rest. I stayed in bed with a book all morning. In the afternoon, I woke up only to heat my lunch, and sauntered to bed right after. I then decided to take a nap. On a weekday afternoon, it felt like pure luxury.

Unfortunately, the moment I decided to nap, some people in my building decided to devote themselves to God and started singing bhajans and other devotional songs, loudly. I tried hard to drift off to sleep, but the noise wouldn’t let me. Moreover, it all seemed tuneless, shrill and annoying. Were they singing or screeching? I hid my face beneath a pillow and cursed my luck. Why does this have to happen on the one afternoon I get?

And then, I decided to change my perspective. I told myself that the tuneless singing was actually soft melody. That it was soothing. That it was being played as a lullaby, exclusively for me. I shut my eyes with these thoughts, and kept telling myself to relax and savour the sound, instead of resisting it. It worked. Very soon, I found myself feeling drowsy with the effect of the music. After a while, I was at ease, noting the predictable rise in pitch every now and then. The swinging beat was comforting. And just like that, I fell asleep. A sweet, ,relaxed slumber.

It is true. Perspective is everything.


11 Responses to “Perspective”

  1. seema3 said

    True , perspective is everything. Glad you could see it that way.
    Can I get the password for the previous post, if it’s okay with you.
    Would want to know and offer a comforting hand.

  2. paatiamma said

    Ah!! Many many times..it is perspective which makes the difference..

  3. Music soothes the nerves, Pepper. Sometimes, the soul needs to stop a while and not to get swayed to the bhag daur of Mumbai. Get well soon:)

  4. HereandNow said


  5. R's Mom said

    Geee…drink a lot of curd or buttermilk okay? loads of people have been hit by the change of weather and unseasonal rains…I mean, Rains in Navratri..whats the world coming to gah!

    Yes yes, thats exactly what happened to me on Saturday night…I took it positively and said, to each his/her own devotion no?

  6. Yes, Perspective is a huge tool when used positively. I’ve been known to sing myself to sleep. My brother goes to the extent of saying I sang even in my sleep – Heck! how should I know?!!

  7. Haha! How do you think I put myself to sleep when the husband has had a long tiring day ( aka uneven subtle snoring) 😀

    Ignoring doesn’t work. Waking him up works only temporarily, so perspective is what works 😉

  8. Titaxy said

    the partner and I were discussing this just a few days ago – his snoring, and how changing my mindset has helped me look past the noise and fall asleep like a baby 😛

  9. Jack Point said

    Very true.

  10. Exactly, there isn’t so much you can change about others, but you can change yourself easily 🙂

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