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Posted by Pepper on October 25, 2013

They arrive. My inlaws and Oregano. Oh, for those who want to know, Oregano was declared unfit to go to the US for his Masters by most doctors. So he stayed back in India and took up another job. They arrive tomorrow. This is their first trip to our new home in Bombay.

As is usually the case at such times, I feel like a bundle of nerves. This time, more so. Because for the first 3 days, Mr. Mint will not be around to shield me. He is traveling. Sigh. I feel awfully scared. Perhaps I should not say such things. I might unintentionally portray my inlaws (MIL in particular) as nasty ones. They’re not. Far from that. They are genuine and goodhearted people. Just that my dear MIL tends to grill me a little too much. And I don’t do too well with such stuff. My feminist views are forever fighting her sexist views,albeit silently. I only feel the despair, but do not give voice to my thoughts. Stupid, I know. Or maybe not.

I’ve worn the ‘thali’ (hah! the chicken girl I am), made the filter coffee decoction for tomorrow, stocked the fridge with supplies for the week, hidden the alcohol, cleaned the home (from the surface), but despite that, I know our combined unorganized traits are very visible throughout the house. I only hope this trip of theirs does not do to me what their trip to the US did. I remember having multiple crying sessions when they visited us in California, because I just could not handle the expectations. This time, I hope things are different.

I’ve been missing Mint terribly and can’t wait for him to get back. Sigh. It has been a long day. I pick the inlaws up from the airport tomorrow morning. After that, I am not sure where I should take them, or what I should do to entertain them. Oregano’s special dietary requirements restrict my options a great deal. Mint, come back soon. How am I going to handle this without you, so what if it is just 3 days?

Okay, I know I am blabbering and this is my cue to sleep. Gnite folks. And apologies for not having replied to the previous comments. I’ve been very short of time, but hope to rectify that soon.




37 Responses to “Tomorrow”

  1. Ashwathy said

    Good luck!! Any sign of despair, gimme a shout.

  2. Pepper, it’s nice to get an insight in your world. Cheerz n keep the faith:)

  3. You’ll be fine Pepper.Just take it one day at a time and pretend Mint will be back by dinner 🙂

    BTW, Oregano means you have a close friend coming to visit! Look at it that way and it might feel better.


  4. simplegirl said

    chillax dear … 🙂 and how is oregano doing health wise ?

    • Pepper said

      His tests say he is stable now. He continues to have a very restrictive diet, heavy meds and regular tests, but I think all of that is working.. Atleast he isn’t getting worse like the docs said he would. We’re hoping to pull along for a while like that.

  5. Smita said

    All will be fine my dear! Just be yourself and don’t feel nervous! As u they aren’t bad 🙂

    And I don’t feel that not voicing your opinion is stupid. Rather it is wise! You know I have been staying with my In Laws from the time my son was born? Initially I wud argue with them and express my opinion but over time I realised that it is very difficult to change their view so in larger interest it is better to be silent! That means there is peace in house and that also doesn’t mean that you are changing your opinion on certain things. Ultimately we do what we want to. Hai na? 🙂

    Good luck 🙂

    • Pepper said

      Guess you are right. Trouble only starts when you are not able to do what you like, and when people expect you to change your opinions, ways, lifestyle. But none of that is happening with me right now. So I am not too bothered. 🙂

      PS – I only think of voicing my opinion when I am forced to/expected to change. If not, then I can’t care less.

  6. Jazz said

    You are doing good Pepper, I wish you have a smooth time with them. 🙂

  7. scorpria said

    Awwww! You will be just fine girl. And so will they!

    In five years, I have never done this once! But I am mighty sure you are much more equipped than I to handle this well.

    Hugggggggs 🙂

  8. Richa said

    all the best dear. Just face it with a smile!

  9. HereandNow said

    Hi Pepper,

    The nervousness is infectious for reasons unknown,I am guessing it is the intensity of the post.

    Good luck with playing host.Worry not !

  10. Sumana said

    Have fun, it will all go well. Loved your thoughts.

  11. Shweta said

    LOL…u surely are a bundle of nerves girl!!!
    Wish u luck! And dont worry, Oregano will shield u if not Mint… Just repeat the mantra: all izz well 😛
    BTW, I have been meaning to ask how has Oregano been and did ull have to go for the transplant???

    • Pepper said

      Yes, thankfully, there has not been much need of any shielding so far. Oregano has been trudging along. We haven’t gone in for the transplant yet. Perhaps he can go on for a few more years without needing one. We’re hoping.

  12. scorpria said

    I have not a clue where my comment went, despite paying it twice. No matter. How’s it going girl? 🙂

  13. Ramya said

    Pepper just don’t look at satisfying them. That will help you a lot. We feel bad when we cant satisfy somebody whom we are expected to do so. All the best.

  14. R's Mom said

    Geee! Chill..guess they would already have arrived by now..if you need any molagapodi to impress, let me know 🙂 will drop it across 🙂

  15. carvaka said

    Ah, good luck. I can relate. Even with good people in-laws, there is so much cultural baggage for women that there is this awkwardness. After my first awkward visit with mine, trying out sindoor etc and feeling weird, I decided to do all the potential disappointing or surprising outright the second time around. There are no more expectations. 😀

    Here’s hoping these three days go really well. Alternatively, you could pretend to be ill and hide in bed. 🙂

    • Pepper said

      Lol. Thankfully, I was never expected to try on sindoor, etc. There were other milder expectations, but I do think they’ve come around a great deal 🙂 I appreciate and credit them for that..

      Hiding in bed? Rotfl. That is my favourite, and can do it all the time 😛

  16. pixie said

    Hugs babe!!
    I do hope everything goes well for you guys this time. Give a shout out if you need to vent it out! Hugs!

    I hope its going well…

  17. You know my in-laws are coming here too. I am not anxious until last times. I did mention that on one of the posts. I am sure we will have conflicts and I wanted to see how we tolerate each other. I want to see them happy. After all they are the one who made the man of my life and the guy who makes me feel amazing.

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