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Just to say hello!

Posted by Pepper on December 23, 2013

Hello people. It has been a while, hasn’t it? 3 weeks of abstaining from the blog is not easy for me. I miss writing. A range of thoughts swirl in my head, longing for a chance to leak out on the blog, but lack of time and energy force the thoughts back inside the little head. Right now, my head is quite a crammed place to be in.

What do I say? A sudden trip to Coimbatore, an emergency surgery, 10 days of running around in the hospital, struggling with Tamil until Mint arrived to rescue me, a very uncooperative patient, a cocktail of  disinfectants hanging in the air, depressing atmosphere around hospitals, all of that tired me out. Anyway, I lack the energy for details, but I am happy to report, things are now in control on that front.

Once I got back to Mumbai, I was hit by a swelling wave of work. And then the cousins arrived from California. The classmate from UK got married. On any given day, I was seen hanging out with the cousins, doing late night dinner and drinks on the BFF’s terrace, walking around Colaba at night, attending a Salsa dance night (and feeling bloody stupid for not knowing a single move! Mint, Salsa has to be next on our list!), making a hurried appearance (and exit) on the said friend’s wedding reception, and more. All of this on weekdays, after work hours. As expected, each and every day in December has been completely packed.

We have some family gatherings today (since the cousins are here), and today also happens to be the BFF’s birthday, so we have those celebrations thrown in as well.  I am going to be out all day.  But let me share a little secret here. I woke up in the morning craving for a vacation. And just like that, we decided to go to Thailand tomorrow. When I spoke to my dad in the morning, I casually said, ” I am thinking of going to Thailand tomorrow”. Obviously, my parents thought we were nuts. Who plans international holidays like that? And books flight tickets and accomodations based on a random whim? Obviously, whimsical people like us. But I love how randomly we live our life.

ETA: I started this post yesterday and I am publishing it today. So tonight is when we leave for Bangkok. I have no idea when we will pack, because we have a million other things to do. Infact, I don’t even know when we will get home. Not packing well means having stupid outfits to wear through out the holiday, but hey, we will overlook all of that. And tell ourselves to go and shop there instead.

December usually sees a lot of activity on this blog. I love writing about the nip in the air, the wisps of steam that rise from your coffee while the cold morning air brushes against you, the smell of Christmas, the joy in putting up our beloved tree. And I always do a round up post, documenting the year that went by. That has been a regular feature. This year, none of that is happening. In fact, even in terms of posting, this year has seen a steep drop.

But 2014 will see a lot of posts. There is a lot of I want to talk about. A lot of changes I want to make in my life. And the blog is an integral part of my journey. I even got a brand new camera as an early Christmas gift. Finally! So the next year will also see a lot of picture posts. For now, I wish you a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year! Tada!

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