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Feeling thankful..

Posted by Pepper on January 1, 2014

It is the first day of a brand new year. Although I am not doing a post reflecting upon 2013, I must take some time out in feeling thankful for the year that went by. Really, 2013 was a wonderful year for me, despite some agonising moments. I suppose, I am in the minority here, because most posts I’ve read have only spoken about how crappy 2013 was for them. But as I think back, I feel the warmth of gratitude enveloping me and it makes me want to say “Thank you, God”.

Stability is what this year brought me. In the past two years, I’ve been living on the edge a lot. Should we move back to India? Should Mint do his MBA now? Will he really manage to get a job in Mumbai? Will I ever get a chance to live in my city? Should I quit my job? Should I take another one? I always had endless questions.

I don’t know how everything fell in place so perfectly, but it did. We moved back, Mint completed his MBA. During his placements, I prayed really hard. Please God, let him find a job in Mumbai. Then my life will be perfect. I sent fervent prayers up there. And the Gods listened to me.

Right in the beginning of 2013, Mint moved to Mumbai, with a brand new job. I was at work when he called to tell me the news. That the job we were eyeing was now his. When I heard it, I felt the happiest I have felt in a long time. And each time I think of that phone call when I found out, I feel that puddle of happiness thwack my insides all over again. We found ourselves a cosy home, close to my parents. The home was also walking distance from Mint’s office. Everything seemed to miraculously fit in.

I’ve felt extremely thankful for the close presence of my family. My parents and sister in particular. To have them around is a blessing. I also went ahead and quit the job that was killing me and took on something I love instead. Life is more than a countdown from Monday to Friday for me now. I don’t dread an average weekday, and actually feel happy and welcome it with a smile. More than anything else, I’ve felt contentment.

And it is with that sigh of contentment that I will go to bed tonight.

And oh, I will be back tomorrow. And the rest of the days in this month. See you around.


36 Responses to “Feeling thankful..”

  1. Contentment is life’s biggest blessings… I’m glad 2013 brought that to you…..hope 2014 is even better😊

  2. deethi said

    happy new year to you, may this year be one filled with loads of family,friends and adventures.

  3. Finally u back, Pepper:) Hwz was holidays?…wish u a very happy and awesome new year..wow! u left the job and congrats..that’s superb u gotta a new job..2014 gotta rock. hehe 2013 was bad for me n first time i didnt say kyon gaya..wish u lotsa amazing thgs,

  4. Ashwathy said

    Fabulous 🙂 And stories like yours give me hope! Cheers to a brilliant 2014!

  5. Contentment is all there is to life. I’m so glad you feel that way. Happy new year, Pepper! I hope this year brings you more happiness!

  6. The Bride said

    “Life is more than a countdown from Monday to Friday …” As it should be! Good riddance to toxic jobs. Glad to hear 2013 was good to you, and hope 2014 brings more joy your way.

  7. Maya said

    **Touch wood** And a happy 2014!

  8. R's Mom said

    yayayay! you are in the blogathon..just wrote to Dreamymommy she will add you once she gets time!

    2013 was a great year for you no? Hope you had a good vacation 🙂

    Happy new year to Pepper n Mint…

  9. Happy new year .. Its great to see that you feel content and happy.. lots of best wishes for the year ahead

    and oh .. all the best for the blogathon too …

  10. Archana said

    Sweet! In Mumbai distances matter, and congratulations for sorting it out – I wish I have a similar 2014!
    A very happy new year to you! Hope it is as great and perhaps even more better than 2013.


  12. Shweta said

    2013 was great for me as well!! 🙂
    And I will be glad if I see more of you here in 2014!! 🙂 🙂

  13. Richa said

    Its strange and surprising to know that everything we ever wanted is actually happening in real..isn’t it? What a feeling!

    wish 2014 makes more of your wishes come true. and how was Bangkok…I soo wana know!!!

  14. sundar6873 said

    Happy New year to you. Feeling content itself can give us peace and happiness.

  15. DI said

    Happy New Year Pepper!
    Are you in on the blogathon too? 😀 I am just feeling better and better about this monstrosity I have taken up!
    Make 2014 be even better than 2013 was to you 🙂

  16. Bingo said

    //I feel that puddle of happiness thwack my inside// I liked it.

    Happy new year to peppermint 🙂

  17. Arch said

    Nice happy post! 🙂
    Happy New Year Pepper! May you have a fabulous one! 🙂

  18. 2013 has been a good year for me too. We took lot of decisions and happy abt it.

    How was your vacation, waiting to hear abt it.

    Wishing you the best for 2014!!

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