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Going the extra mile..

Posted by Pepper on January 5, 2014

It is almost noon, on a cool Sunday afternoon. Beneath the soft covers, I see Mint fast asleep. I watch him as he sleeps, kissing his cheek and forehead every now and then. Today, I feel special affection for him. I will tell you why.

Yesterday, all of us drove to Khandala (a little hill station a few hours away from Mumbai) When I say all of us, I mean my parents, sister, my dad’s extended family, Mint and ofcourse, I. My dad’s brother will return to his home in California tomorrow. So we’ve tried to fit in as many family outings as we can in these few weeks while he was here. So plans were made for all of us to spend a day in Khandala, before he flies back to his land.

The ten of us piled into 2 cars. 5 in each. The thing is, nobody in my family is very enthusiastic about driving. My dad thrusts the task on me. I don’t take it up, and instead thrust it on Mint. And Mint, well, he gives in without a fight. So he is our designated driver, almost every time we’re traveling by road.

It took us a few hours to reach Khandala, with one hault. On reaching, we lounged around in the resort. Then ate lunch in the midst of foggy hills and stunning views of the valley. Some of the folks wanted to go shopping, so we let them. While the rest of us continued to hang out in the resort. After a good high tea, we moved on to the terrace overlooking the hills. The evening was beginning to get a little chilly. Before we knew it, it was dark. All of us felt a little exhausted. So we slumped back on cane chairs, facing the valley.

We left from Khandala quite late. I felt a little sorry for Mint, as he geared up for the drive back home. He had already spent a few hours at the wheel in the morning. As expected, we encountered heavy traffic on the way. The drive seemed endless. And then, the sister quipped in, “Today is my friend’s bachelorette party. It is in town. I want to go” We were confused. We asked her why she didn’t say it to us earlier. She said, “I thought I would give it a skip. But now they’re forcing me to come, and I think I should just go.”

We had still not reached Mumbai. It was late at night. Her party was happening in South Mumbai. Getting from the suburbs to the tip of South Mumbai would take another few hours. We didn’t want her to travel alone so late at night, and neither did any of us have the energy to go drop her. So we asked her to let it go. She was a little upset, but agreed to give it a miss.

By the time we reached our home in the suburbs and turned off the engine, it was really late. We were all tired after the long drive. I thought Mint in particular would be the most exhausted, considering he had driven in traffic for so many hours. But Mint being Mint, spoke from the driver’s seat and said, “I will go there and drop her. Let her not miss her party”. We were all surprised by the offer. He had had a long day. It was awfully late. And yet, here he was, volunteering to drop her. I asked him if he was absolutely sure. He said he was.

And so, it was decided that Mint would go to drop the sister by train. We thought it would be the fastest, but I was even more impressed by his willingness. Train travel is tiring. And to go after an exhausting day, climb the platform stairs, and go from one end of the city to the other, and then come back all the way was no easy task. He made is sound like it was no big deal. His magnanimity often touches my heart. God knows, I would not have offered to drop her there at this time. I didn’t even do it under my current conditions, there is absolutely no way I would have done it after having driven back and forth in thick traffic to a town a few hours away. Time and again, I see Mint going the extra mile for my family. This was not even important. All of this was just so the sister could enjoy a party with her friends. Each time he does go out of his way, he thinks it is not a big deal. And that, that is exactly why I think his gestures are special.

We said bye to them. The rest of us reached home and climbed into bed, gratefully. And slept. After dropping the sister to her party, Mint came back home early in the morning. It is noon now, and he is still asleep. I haven’t had the heart to wake him up. I did try using him as a hand warmer a couple of times. I let my cold hands rest on his warm cheeks while he was asleep. He sleepily mumbled and then pulled up the covers higher in his bid to protect his cheeks from my cold hands. When I saw it, I couldn’t resist taking a picture.


Isn’t he the cutest? *Grins*


21 Responses to “Going the extra mile..”

  1. Richa said

    this is straight from the heart…and everything the heart says or feels is wonderful in its own way. 🙂

  2. He is such a lovely person! I love the Mint posts where Mint indulges your sister 🙂

  3. R's Mom said

    oh he is so adorable :):) Super nice guy he is rey 🙂

  4. And you know we all love Mint.

  5. Bingo said

    Mint is an awesome guy. Such a lovely… very lovely post. You both make a cutest pair. I love you guys 😀 Did I say Mint is awesome 🙂

  6. anisnest said

    Not many think about others in this buzee world!! Glad that you found your pearl! May God bless Mint, you and your family. Heartwarming to read this in the morning and boosts the positivity to tackle the rest of the day!

  7. simplegirl said

    oh what a heart warming post.. mint is absolutely awesome … 🙂 . God bless both of you .. 🙂

  8. It’s such a sweet post…so full of love…

  9. Bhavani said

    Lovely post pepper…to me big materialistic things dont matter at all…small gestures like this go a long way….Take care…and wish you a wonderful 2014..

  10. hitchy said

    Ah! Did you pinch yourself before the post?! 😛 😀

  11. You know you have a gem in the hand. He is a sweetheart !!

  12. Shweta said

    You really seem smitten 🙂
    And you should be! He is too good to be true 😛

  13. no doubts…he is really loving and caring..nice post Pepper.

  14. ashreyamom said

    that was so nice of him.. 🙂

  15. Seema said

    Aww…so sweet! You are so very lucky 😀

  16. Mint is truly Mint for ur family. What more more can I woman and the ‘saali’ ask for? That’s lovely to read:)

  17. Ashwathy said

    I let my cold hands rest on his warm cheeks while he was asleep.
    Torturer of the number one order!! Leave him be! 😛

    I have already told you this before. You married a gem. *smug smile and ducks shoes thrown*

  18. he is one gem of a person, you are lucky to have him 😀

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