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On the prowl..

Posted by Pepper on January 10, 2014

So you are at work and it is an unusually busy day. To add to it, you have to step out for a client meeting soon. But before that, you have a lot to finish. You are racing against time. Writing mails. Going through reports. Trying to understand some things that are just not making sense to you. And then you discover a problem. No, a crisis. You are one harried soul and you start pacing around like a mad woman. Okay, okay. Calm down, you tell yourself. You have time until the end of the financial year to sort this. Which means you have time until March. You can do it. You’ll figure out a way.

Before you know it, it is time to leave for your meeting. You take one last look at your screen and log out. You grab your car keys and run out of the door. Soon, you are with the annoying client. The client who hasn’t paid you in the longest time. The one who isn’t cooperating. The one who is getting on your nerves now with his nonsensical yapping.

You grit your teeth and smile, as he continues. And then all of a sudden, he takes a look at your curled up fist, clutching on to something. “Oh Pepper, why are you holding on to a stapler like your life depends on it. Have you brought it with you, all the way?”. Eh? And then you look at it. Indeed. In the frenzy you were in, you have actually grabbed the stapler along with your car keys that were lying on your desk. Suddenly, a diabolic grin spreads on your face as you think of something. You have a weapon in your hand. You know what to do if he opens his mouth to start the same old brash, immodest boasting he was subjecting you to. Hah!

And then I think of something even better. I can actually roam around freely with this powerful little weapon lying in my pocket. Nobody has the power to arrest me for carrying this! All you people around me, it will be in your interest to be in my good books.


7 Responses to “On the prowl..”

  1. haha! Pepper! I know something bout it and carried stuffs in a rush..the culprit is multi-tasking..lolz! I say only sweet things bout u from now:) Pepper is sweet:)

  2. K said

    That was funny! 🙂

  3. hitchy said

    lol yea! *terrified* 😛

  4. Smita said

    lol!!!! *notes to self* beware of Pepper…:D

  5. LoL I hope I am in your good books. Now what if you had carried a knife instead of a stapler? Very funny !!

  6. Bingo said

    *goes off to check whether I made any wrong comments in your blog* #fearofpepper

  7. R's Mom said

    hahahahah :):)

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