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A confession

Posted by Pepper on January 11, 2014

How does the day whiz by? Everyday I tell myself I will not be stuck in the situation I am in today. That is, I won’t allow myself to get through the whole day without writing a post. Because by the time night descends upon us, I start checking the time every few minutes. What do I do about my post for today? Tomorrow, I will be better prepared. I tell myself that everyday. And yet again, the day goes by and I find myself counting minutes to midnight. So I worry about getting my post up in time, again. Uff.

So today, instead of writing another senseless post, I will make a confession. The truth is, every time I publish a post on my blog, I feel guilty. There are a lot of people who’ve signed up to receive notifications of new posts on this blog through email. I don’t suppose they anticipated me participating in a blogathon. They wouldn’t have expected to see a post from me in their inbox everyday, for 31 days straight. What if they get annoyed? What if they think I am spamming their inbox? What if they are disappointed by the trash I write? What if they get mad at me?

Ofcourse, there is this logic of them having signed up with their own free will and all that, but, you know, still.. I don’t want to let people down. Perhaps they signed up thinking I will entertain them. Perhaps I am just bothering them instead. And so. every time I hit publish, I say a silent sorry to all those people who’ve signed up to receive my posts in their mail. This time, I will just say it out aloud. All you people who read me and are fed up of my everyday writing, I am sorry.


11 Responses to “A confession”

  1. hehe! Pepper! Been waiting for ur post but its cool..ya..even abhi tak kuch nahin publish kiya abhi will type sumthg::) u jus reminded me..

  2. Santulan said


  3. vethal said

    we like you pepper. in fact I want to meet u when u r in bengaluru. no worries . me female married 😉

  4. Seema said

    Oh Pepper, I know I haven’t been commenting on blogs that I regularly read due to the network policies in place at work. But I love all your posts. Period. Hugs. Don’t worry, keep writing 🙂

  5. Bingo said

    Pepper, I am ready to read even if you write how you reached your car from your room. Please don’t worry. Keep rocking 🙂

  6. R's Mom said

    hahahahah! you are too funny Pepper..we LOVE reading your posts okay?

  7. smiles32 said

    Are you kidding me?
    I love your posts, as I believe most people would. Everyday morning, as the outlook gets updated with emails, I simultaneously open this page to read the daily post..and Mondays are such a treat, I get to read three posts from you in a day.!
    Keep writing..:)

  8. DI said

    Yo! You said I shouldn’t apologise about nonsense posts and here you are about writing! Hello! What am I supposed to say then? 😮
    Anyway, I do get you are as mad as me, in this sorry thing 😐

  9. Neeli said

    dont worry pepper… we love u 🙂

  10. I love reading your posts. I just wish this was blogathon was for the whole year, not just for a month.. am going to miss the regularity of your posts in Feb..

  11. Richa said

    nope. in fact I am loving it! Thinking about the time when the blogathon ends and your posts will elope…. 😦 so keep writing.

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