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Posted by Pepper on January 12, 2014

Today morning as I put out the trash, I felt this familiar surge of happiness. I don’t think many people would remember, but years ago I had written a post about how happy I felt on seeing a bag full of trash produced from my home. You see, the collected trash says a lot about your day. The peels in the organic waste will tell you what your meal comprised of, the recyclables will tell you what chocolates you gorged on, what milk you consumed, the shining wrapper will tell you about a new gift that was opened today, and so much more. It also tells you how lived in your home is.

On most days, Mint and I barely collect any trash in our home. We travel a lot. Even when we are not traveling, we end up eating out or at my parents’ place. We usually come home, watch tv and go to bed. For most of the day the house is locked. It remains silent and still. So yes, there is barely any trash that gets accumulated. I usually put outside an empty garbage bags with only bits of scrap.

My mother and sister came to stay with me two days ago. The moment my mum entered, she let out a loud scream. Our living room was barely recognizable to her. We had still not unpacked our bags after our trip to Thailand. Suitcases were lying on the couch. A heap of clothes was on the dining table. Water bottles and used cups were lying in various corners. She went and surveyed the other rooms and saw similar sights everywhere. “What have you done to the place?”, she almost cried.

And from then on started our tidying spree. We sorted the clothes, folded them, did a round of laundry and put in place all other random bits we could see. After that, we did a round of rigourous cleaning. Soon, the place was clutter free and clean. The sister lit my favourite  incense in the evening, and the home turned into a warm, cosy little place with a floating scent of balmy sandalwood.

We ate hearty meals in the two days they’ve been here. Today afternoon as I peeped into my pot of bubbling sambhar, I realised our home has not been this lived in in a long time. In the past two days, we’ve had many cups of ginger tea, watched movies, laughed, cleaned the place, done laundry and had a ball doing all these seemingly mundane things. And so,  jars of sugar, the stove, the TV, the landline and washing machine have been used like never before. The house seems to have come alive with all our sounds. We stay with my parents a lot, but my parents seldom stay with us. But I now know we should do this more often.


My mom lying back and watching TV in our home

And an indicator of my happy, lived in home is a bag full of trash that I will be putting out tomorrow morning, with a smile on my face.


10 Responses to “Home”

  1. Santulan said

    Parents tend to have that reaction and effect on people 😛

  2. hey! That’s a lovely and feel good post on a Sunday. Have a lovely week end:)

  3. Bingo said

    Now I know the secret of your super sexy body. I thought it was you on the sofa!

  4. R's Mom said

    Fun having mom around no???

  5. Shweta said

    Is it your mom??!!! I thought it was you!!!
    Now I know where do you get this super slim bod from!!!

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