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When I have no energy to think of a title..

Posted by Pepper on January 15, 2014

There won’t be much of a post from me today, because I feel horribly ill. It all started with a mild headache. The weather, I suppose. I could feel the onset of a headache when I was exposed to the chilly breeze in the morning. But that was fine, because the headache was only mild. I thought it would be gone soon. Unfortunately, it showed no traces of leaving until evening.

Evening is when I met some friends. We ordered a meal at one of our favourite restaurants. That is when I made the blunder. I pulled out my miniature bottle of hand sanitizer and rubbed some on my palms. The fragrance of Dancing Waters from Bath & Body Works ended up fueling my headache. It got so bad, I wanted to cry. Strong perfumes and powerful fragrances give me an instant headache. I wondered how I had been stupid enough to expose myself to a hefty scent like this when I had a headache already.

And then I had to drive back home. The drive was pure agony. I felt nauseous. I was worried I would throw up in the car. I even wondered what people would think when they witnessed the sight of a girl throwing up at the wheel. There were no plastic bags in sight. The traffic wouldn’t let me pull over to a corner. What was I to do? How long would my car stink if I did throw up? How would I clean it? Our carpets are white, would they be soiled beyond repair? I tried to pause the unending thoughts and focused on not throwing up. Each bump made me say a silent prayer.

And then there was the asshole in the Audi behind me. He trailed my car from start to end, and he had his horrendously powerful headlights on all the freaking time. Seriously people, there is no need to drive on high beam! The blinding flash of white light was reflecting in my rear view mirror, causing me to squint and furrow my brow constantly. Because of that, the intensity of my headache was plain scary. I must have murdered the driver of the Audi in my thoughts a minimum of ten times. To drive in traffic with a throbbing headache and threatening nausea was a very tear inducing experience. That’s all I can say.

I threw up the moment I stepped home. To my dismay, Mint is out socialising with his office colleagues. I am hoping he comes back soon, because being alone at this time sucks. I need him to stroke my hair and soothe me. Really, I feel so drained out, I almost thought of skipping today’s post. But then, that would be too much of a blow to my ego. So here I am, lying in bed and writing this post. I’ve smeared my palms and head with Vicks. Yes, palms too. To get rid of the scent from the hand sanitizer. So hopefully I won’t have to hold my breath each time I use my hands to clutch my head. And with that thought, I will pull up my comforter and go to sleep. See you tomorrow.


14 Responses to “When I have no energy to think of a title..”

  1. Bingo said

    Pepper, please take enough rest. Get well soon.

  2. Gayathri (@Gayathri_R) said

    Exactly what headache does to me too. Feeling nauseous and throwing up. Thanks for letting me know that I am not all alone in this. I hope you feel better after a good nights sleep.

  3. Smell, sound, light – everything seems super exaggerated when you have a headache. I do understand the sentiment to go punch the sh** out of anyone causing you the discomfort even unknowingly. Have been there.

    All will be better when you wake up in the morning Pepper.Headache wiped out clean with no trace.

    Sleep well.

  4. Awww, feel better…

  5. anjali said

    Dear Pepper: Have been following your blog.. I love it that you have such a happy life and outlook. Good for you and good luck

  6. Ohh no.. hope you are feeling better today 🙂

  7. hitchy said

    Take Care! and yes Cya tomorrow!

  8. R's Mom said

    Jeez take care take care!

  9. Ayoo ..Hope you are feeling better by now !

  10. aww.. see you in pink of health tomorrow … 🙂 .. take care..

  11. The Bride said

    Hope you get well soon. I have the mother of all colds myself!

  12. So Pepper, how are you feeling today?

  13. DI said

    Uh Oh! get well soon! i am in a pretty pathetic situation myself 😐 And the Dude didn’t call me ONCE! 😦

  14. Pepper said

    Thank you people! I woke up feeling totally okay. Thankfully, my sickness was just a one day thing. Phew!

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