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Sunday evening

Posted by Pepper on January 19, 2014

When you’ve had a buzzing weekend, which included strolling out of bed and running to a movie theatre to just about make it in time for a movie you’ve been wanting to watch, having a lazy lunch at a well known eatery, allowing the SALES to lure you into the mall and spending hours there, going to your cousin’s place to play with their darling bacchas, heading out for dinner to yet another well known eatery for dinner, waking up late the next day, stepping out to run errands, following it with a big lunch at a famous little joint, yes, when you’ve done all of that, you want your Sunday evening to be relaxed.

So you head over to your parents’ place. Afterall,which other place can bring that kind of comfort?

You spend part of your evening reading. Yes, we are done with ‘The Zoya Factor’ and have moved on to ‘Nineteen Minutes’ by Jodi Picoult. You read, and are spoilt with a hot cup of chai.


You also spend some time on your favourite rocking chair. Doing nothing but lying back and, well, rocking yourself comfortingly.


You watch some news with your family. Oh, the debates. They’re amusing.


Then you step into the kitchen, to see your mom sorting out fresh greens that have been bought today. Greens in winter are a true delight!


And from there, those delicious greens make way to your plate. Lightly browned rice with a medley of greens, veggies and dal. The quintessential maa ka haath ka khana.


You top that off with Mint cream cookies. With real Belgian chocolate! Mind blowing! That’s what they were.


There, you have the perfect end to the perfect weekend. I may not be rich enough to afford too many luxuries, expensive cars, posh homes and the works, but I do have all that it takes to make my life perfect.


20 Responses to “Sunday evening”

  1. What a perfect weekend. I am truly jealous to the fact that you can run to your patents home whenever you want. Thats something I never had in my life after I got moved to US. There is no better place to relax than being with parents and eating the comfort food of mom.

  2. Deepa said

    Too much luxury doesn’t make it luxury anymore:-) So what you have is perfect for now. We’ve realized this with our son too so treats like a movie or ice cream are doled out only once in a while. My son would say “Once in a blue moon is more like it!”.

    • Pepper said

      Your first sentence, “Too much luxury doesn’t make it luxury anymore”. It is so bloody true. We really need to learn to see perfection in what we have.

      PS – How about treating your son to an icecream on my behalf today? 😀

  3. Pepper, Is that Sai-Bhaji in the pic ??

  4. Santulan said

    Is that sai-bhaji and bhugyal chaanwar?

  5. kinmin said

    That is a perfect Sunday indeed!! 🙂 The food looks delicious.. And I love Jodi Picoult’s books…

  6. Life is beautiful, yeah? 🙂

  7. Sounds like a perfect weekend to me! 🙂
    That dish of maa ke haath ka khaana looks delicious! And those Mint cookies too. 🙂
    What movie did you watch?

  8. Jas said

    What a satisfying weekend!

  9. Seems like a perfect mix of everything over the weekend pepper. Joy and peace filled moments with all loved ones around is luxury itself 🙂

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