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I am in a bad mood

Posted by Pepper on January 24, 2014

Because my laptop is acting up.

Because Mint made me wait for a long time today. As usual, I know. But this time, I was waiting for him on the road. It was cold. I am terribly pissed.

Because he isn’t with me right now. I want him.

Because I had a very busy day, and yet, I managed to accomplish very little. A classic case of going around in circles.

Because it is Friday, and I am not feeling the kind of excitement I would like to feel.

Because I had a hair cut today and paid for it through my bloody nose. And no, it doesn’t seem worth it.

Because the mad traffic on the road left me disgruntled.

Because I am craving a burrito bowl from Chipotle with extra guacamole. And I know there is no way I can have it.

Because this post is disappointing me. I am churning out complete trash in the name of a post. But then this blogathon is wearing me out. Not because we have to post everyday, but because we have to post everyday before midnight.

Because there isn’t much time left before the clock strikes 12. It was such a crappy day, I haven’t had a chance to have dinner yet. But I decided to get done with this post first. I deserve a salute. Food is usually my first priority.

Because I bought a lovely pink dress for Rs 2,000. And then I saw the same dress being sold on a road side shop for Rs. 600. This sucks.

Because I just realised I have too many reasons to sulk.  That knowledge is giving me an extra reason to sulk. Seriously, I should stop.


14 Responses to “I am in a bad mood”

  1. Bingo said

    go and have dinner, NOW.

  2. Heyy! Pepper! Don’t sulk! You have a beautiful heart, soul and mind. It shows in your writing and even the sulky writing is always so beautifully written. It’s Compliments Day aaj. See! I’m bribing you to read this post

  3. You crave for Chipotle with extra guacamole, that’s my regular lunch the day I don’t cook. I just don’t get bored with it. I wish we both could hang out right now at Chipotle right now.

    Some days are like that, have dinner and sleep early. Tomorrow is going to be a good day.

    I am also publishing posts in the last hour before 12 and I am thinking I should be better prepared for next day but that never happens. I don’t know how people managed to schedule daily posts in advance.

    • Pepper said

      LF! Trust you to like the same thing.We are indeed similar, aren’t we? I so, so wish we could have a happy lunch at Chipotle. That would be so nice!

      And yes, I’ve no idea how people schedule posts too. I just open the page and then think of what I want to write about.

  4. You still posted, skipping dinner!..Girl, you sure deserve a salute!

    But, seriously, please eat. I think half of your bad mood would have been lifted just by inducing food into the tummy 🙂
    I can tell because I ma most crabby while on empty stomach 😀

    P.S: Don’t call these posts ‘complete trash’. Please? They give us honest insights to your life, connects us with the real you. If posts were always logical and made perfect sense, it could be a computerized robot writing it, no? 🙂

    • Pepper said

      I didn’t skip dinner! There is no way I would do that. I only delayed it by 10 minutes. And perhaps it was a good idea. Better to eat a relaxed meal after finishing this time sensitive task, rather than a hurried one na? That wouldn’t have been too enjoyable.

      And AHK, aren’t you the sweetest? My posts are rarely logical and sensible, but atleast the nonsense seems to be presented in a better way. This seemed too lame to me, but thank you for your words. You always make me feel better :).

  5. There there…. Its okie… Do you want me to have the bowl on your behalf? You have some extra pani puri in exchange for me…

  6. Go catch the person you meet first and give a tiiiiiight hug. That usually helps me. And yes, you deserve a salute 🙂

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