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What a productive day is like

Posted by Pepper on January 25, 2014

This Saturday has been such a productive day. I woke up at 6 am today. Yes! I went for a run, soaking in the freshness of the morning and the sweet chirping of sparrows. Exercise works best in the morning, don’t you think?

Then I came back to a healthy breakfast of boiled eggs and natural, freshly squeezed juice. The next few minutes were spent in meditation, calming my mind and learning to breathe right.

I decided to not just clean, but organize the house today. A task I have been postponing forever. So the fridge was cleaned out first. Kitchen cabinets were emptied, the jars were labelled and put back in after lining the cleaned shelves with newspaper. Every visible particle of dust was wiped out. And in this sparkling kitchen, we cooked a wholesome and healthy lunch.

Then we moved to the bedroom. The wardrobes were upturned. Unused clothes were separated for donating. Dirty clothes were laundered. They were then stalked in piles according to their style and colour. So all sleeveless tops lay in one neat pile. The blacks tees went in together and so on. Now the wardrobes are structured and coherent.

We then sat down to our wholesome and healthy lunch. It was a treat. After lunch, we discussed out finances. This has been another pending chore. We allocated a budget to the month. We tracked our expenses and even paid our monthly bills. We made investment plans. And after this productive discussion, we cooked dinner.

After that, I spent some time pursuing an old hobby. I painted. I mixed those glorious colours in my palette and let my brush create magic with them. It was beautiful. Painting brings your inner creativity to the fore. It is therapeutic.

Early in the evening, we ran some errands. Groceries were done for the week. We made other pending purchases. We are back home now. After putting everything we bought in place, we will settle back to watch a movie as we have our dinner, in our clean and organised home. We’ll also open some beer to go with it..and..

OKAY. FINE. Fine. I will stop. But please tell me, what is the point in having an anonymous blog if I can’t make up stuff and lie even sometimes?


29 Responses to “What a productive day is like”

  1. haha! I am not telling nethg, productive lady..though, we would love to see you!!!!! That’s quite a productive Day. I woke up early for ma yoga, came back and slept::)

  2. Did your day really have 24 hours or were you blessed with some extra today…..Way to go,Girl !!! You got so much done👍

  3. Phew! You almost gave me a shock there 😀

  4. You are a naughty girl Pepper 😉 though by the end of it I started to wonder in this super perfect day but now that you have dreamt, I hope this will come true pretty soon :). But I liked the idea of organising wardrobe on the basis of style and colour.

  5. Wow Pepper what a perfect start of the day. I have seen when ever I start my day fresh the whole day turns awesome.

    I am super proud of you babe for getting your Kitchen and wardrobe organized. I always think being organized could take time but it can help you function better on long run. I have recently blogged too on my tips on it.

    Don’t you think you are becoming more organized? I have been following you for 3 years and I can see those little changes in you. Earlier mess never bothered you at all.

    Now I am interested to know what happens after a good dinner, movie and some beers. Bring in the romance and have a rolling night 🙂

    • Pepper said

      Gosh LF! I feel so guilty saying this. None of it is true. 😦

      But, you know, you are right. Over the course of the years, I do believe I have become more intolerant towards mess. I like order. Though I don’t know how to maintain it. But atleast there is hope. Maybe I will get there someday. From living comfortably in mess, to disliking it – it is a start 🙂

  6. Didn’t know you are also into painting too. I am sure you are creative. The way you write itself is so beautiful not that everyone has that talent. Now can you share those with us, I mean if you feel comfortable 🙂

  7. Sarah Syed said

    Wh-What?!?! LOL. I was starting to feel impressed. At least thumbs up for making us believe 😉

  8. Hahahaha! Hi five sistah! A girl after my own heart 😀
    I smelled the fish half way in 😀

  9. Bingo said

    I am wishing you luck for actually doing it, someday 🙂

  10. Neeha said

    lol, gosh, I was thinking how could you fit so much in a single day when just organizing my kitchen shelves yesterday took me some 3 hours 🙂
    Good one, pepper!

  11. Deepa said

    You are really funny pepper. LOL right now. But I hope you got atleast a few of those things done- maybe the wholesome lunch part and the finances planning:-)

  12. for a moment i was so scared. thought i had lost u and mint. then everything went back to normal.

  13. Arch said

    Wow! I didnt see that coming!

  14. MR said

    Halfway thru i thought ‘boy she must have magic elves working for her’ – good one. I’d say it’s the thought that counts, doesnt matter if you didnt do al this , you want it done is all that matters 🙂

  15. I was beginning to think of you as a super-woman 😛

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