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Food heaven..

Posted by Pepper on January 29, 2014

My mom, she is a strange woman. She feels guilty eating any food that happens to be loved by her kids if they are not present to enjoy it with her. So if the sister and I are not around, she will avoid preparing any food that features in our list of favourites.  And if at all she does prepare it for some reason, she will serve it to everybody, but will not feel comfortable eating it herself.

Is it guilt? Is it the need to share? I don’t know, but I know I always scoffed at mum. Until I started experiencing the same thing myself. No, I never stop myself from eating the said food. Just that I experience pangs of guilt. It is rather strange, because Mint and I have had several fights over food. We’ve fought over the last piece of chocolate brownie, over the last slize of pizza and more. My mom finds these fights petty, but I can tell you it is not funny when you glance at a shared plate and find it empty all of sudden. I accuse him of eating too fast, and therefore eating my share too. He accuses me of eating too slowly, making it hard for him to keep track of our individual consumption.

Considering that we actually fight over food, it is strange that I find myself wincing when I have the opportunity to eat something interesting all by myself. I think of saving some for him. I picture him eating it. I imagine his reactions. Finishing it all up alone just doesn’t sound appealing. So I end up being more generous to him by saving him a good piece when he is not around. I suppose it is the same with him, which is why he brings me half eaten bite sized goodies from work.

Yesterday, my mum made pani puri at home. The sister was supposed to come and stay with us at our place. She was supposed to bring the pani puri ingredients along with her, so we could have them too. Pani puri is much loved around here. I was waiting for the sister to arrive, so I could get my first taste of the tangy pani. But what do you know? She forget to bring it along with her. Can you even imagine how disappointed I was? 

My mom felt worse. She said she would come over and drop the pani puri at that time. Since she had had a long day and it was almost dinner time, I asked her to stay back. So we made our plans for today. We went to my parents place after work (Nothing new, I know) And there, I had my beloved pani puris, to my heart’s content. Princessbutter, I had a gazillion puris, enough to satiate the two of us.


It was so easy to keep gorging on them, because my mom would actually do the needful in terms of readying the puris before handing them to me. So all I had to do was pop em in. I continued doing that till I was ready to burst. Only after I was through and had let out a contended sigh did I see mom sitting down to make some for herself. That is when I realised she had not had them until then. Sigh. Mothers!



27 Responses to “Food heaven..”

  1. Awwww. Tears of joy! It is Chipotle time for this Friday’s lunch…. Promise!

  2. Btw, that looks so yummy, I can imagine the khatta meetha taste in my mouth.

  3. aobeamber said

    What is it?? I mean in photo

  4. Mothers are a crazy breed indeed. Mine made me wear all the new clothes she bought, oohed and aahed on how good it all looks on me and only then wear it herself. Even nighties. Sigh.

    That pani puri looks yum. The best part of making them at home is that you end up eating three times more 😀

  5. Oh no, where do i go and find pani puri now in the ‘Videsh’ 😦

    • Pepper said

      Arey, you can find it in a lot of videshi places. Most big cities have stores, restaurants and chat corners that sell it. I had a lot of options in California. I also enjoyed a lot of panipuri in London when I lived in UK. I know Sydney, Paris and most other big cities sell panipuri. You are in NZ right? I am sure you will find it, if you don’t, go to an Indian store and buy the puris. You can make it yourself 🙂

  6. R's Mom said

    I didnt read anything…just saw that pani puri and going yummmmmmmmm (note to self – Make pani puri at home within a week!)

  7. Ok, so you dint miss me while eating that yummy looking pani-puri huh??? 😦 😦

    • Pepper said

      I missed you a lot TPL. You go ask Mint, I even told him about your love for pani puri. Do you know, Mint thinks pani puri is just about okay? He doesn’t fancy it too much. I say he has a mental defect. Don’t you agree?

  8. Very true…My mother also does that..But I can not say that all mothers are same, because I am an exception. I honestly did not feel guilty while I eat favorites of my kids when they are not around..hmmm…or may be sometimes yes…but yes never stopped myself from eating…bad haan?

  9. Sweet stories! 🙂 Pani poori is much loved around here too.. and that pic has set me drooling. 🙂

    My mom is the same – she feels guilty if she eats anything that I love, and I am not around to enjoy it. She didn’t cook any of my favourite dishes for about a year after I got married and shifted to Bangalore. I had to literally blackmail her into starting to cook them again, for my dad’s and granny’s sakes. 😀 I had to tell her that her daughter was not at all food-deprived in Bangalore – quite the opposite, in fact, judging by the size to which I had bloated by then.

    That said, I feel the same guilt when I have something to eat without the OH, something that he loves. He feels that way too. On official meetings and colleague parties, we miss having each other around to taste the food. If there’s something unique or something that I/he have really loved in the menu, we want the other person to taste it too. I’m turning into my mother, in that case, and the OH is turning into me! Help!

    • Pepper said

      Lol! Your mom sounds like mine. When I moved to the US after marriage, my mom would cook for my sis, but would eat with so much guilt. I had to ask her to get over these silly thoughts.

      Your last line made me laugh. We make fun of our mums and then go and turn into them.

  10. Aww! It’s the same with my mother too. I, on the other hand, am perfectly able to enjoy all kinds of food even when the kids are not around–I only make sure to save their share of it. And oooh, that pani-poori pic you put up is making me drool! I must absolutely must have pani-pooris today 🙂

    • Pepper said

      Atleast you save some for your kids. I’ve seen friends who steal chocolates from their babies, and I find that perfectly normal and acceptable 🙂

  11. I feel and experience the same when TBH is not around, and he is too generous for my favourite stuff, I can never be as big hearted as him. And your mom! she is an amazing lady.

  12. radha said

    huh, Its been ages since i asked maami to make dal-bhaati, my sons favorite. and ours too, but never asked our cook to make it since it reminds me that they are not there to eat it. Even though the pigs seem to be gorging away @ college going by the rapidly depleting bank a/c 🙂 .. maybe today will have it and surprise hubby . he’ll probably think the boys ran back home from college and freak ,if he sees me calmly sitting and eating dal-bhati

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