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Depths of fright

Posted by Pepper on February 13, 2014

A building under construction, with no boundary walls. Only slabs that will one day be somebody’s roof. Yet another upcoming high rise in the city. The elevator shaft wasn’t yet ready. So we huffed and puffed our way up. I stood a few feet away from the edge of the floor, peering at the road from that height.

The height combined with the lack of constructed walls and boundaries gave us an unhindered view of the buzzing city. I watched from a distance. Mint, despite my wishes decided to walk over to the very edge. And just as he crossed over to the edge, stepping over the rubble and the dust, he stepped onto a loose tile and lost his balance. He stumbled. I let out a loud scream.

Yes, he was able to regain his lost balance on the last second. By now, he was on the very edge. Another inch forward and he would have fallen to his death. He paused for a second, as he gathered his wits and made his way back. I had by now felt my heart stop. I couldn’t feel a beat. My breath was caught in my lungs. The entire scene flashed  by my eyes and replayed in my mind several times.

The moment I could, I grabbed him. Not wanting to let go. I wanted to shout. I wanted to scream. I wanted to yell at him for wanting to go to the edge. But for those few moments, I had lost my voice. We had to make our way down the stairs after that, but my knees would not behave. The unstoppable and uncontrolled trembling made it very difficult for me to walk. So while the rest of the folks made their way down, I stood there in silence. Mint said nothing, but came up to me and gave me a big hug. And we hugged for a long time, without caring about the construction workers in sight, the darkness that was enveloping us, the smell of the damp cement, the debris strewn all around us. We just hugged in silence, till I felt my heartbeat return.

I shudder to think of all that I would have lost had he not been able to hold himself back in that one moment. Suddenly, all my complains in life seem very trivial. Sometimes, perspective is all it takes to put things in place for you.


23 Responses to “Depths of fright”

  1. stutigupta said

    ….. Hug. Try to not replay it over and over again. Hug.

  2. Sumana said

    oh god the way you have it described sends jitters up my spine. Lucky he was able to balance himself and come back. Can understand that few seconds of total stop you were in. God bless…..

  3. R's Mom said

    Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God! thank God he is fine…big big hugs…

  4. smiles32 said

    Sweetheart, don’t worry, its okay, he is all okay!
    Thank God. Take care girl.

  5. Boiling said

    omg, that sounded scary.

  6. Sometimes life makes us realise that to be alive is itself a blessing. I hope both of you are feeling better now…..

  7. ashreyamom said

    hmmm.. now u understand why we appoint a safety officer at every construction site.. every time i go on a site inspection and have to climb on top roof, I feel so frighted, but dont show it out to my colleagues. Yes, i dont want them to make another statement of me being a women in construction site.

  8. D said

    Phew! I could feel the post. Wishing a long long and equally happy life for Mint and you!

  9. Ohh my Ghosh ! Pepper your post sent a fright down my nerves. I can imagine what it did to you.

    Please for heaven sake, stay safe ! We all love you and Mint, you are like family.

    Take Care and I mean it.

  10. I can understand your fright and what you went through in that fleeting second….hugs to you

  11. Titaxy said


  12. anisnest said

    hugs Pepper.. big big hugs! I have been there at that edge of seeing the loved one on the other side.. This post brought back the memories of those moments and yes suddenly all those mountain-sized issues lingering around my mind before reading this post looks like nothing now!
    hugs again..

  13. Bhavani said

    Imagining that scene made me tremble here Pepper!!! You guys please be careful!! I can imagine your fright….

    Take care..


  14. aarya said

    I have no words Pepper. This scared me too. I just wish you and Mint well. Take care but do give ‘one tight slap’ to Mint for not being careful enough.

  15. I am glad you guys are ok. Sending you lots of positive vibes 🙂

  16. Good God…just reading about it made me shudder!

    Why do they have to walk to the edge? why do they have to peek down dangerously?why do they….

    Heck, am so glad he was back and into your arms.

    ( Planning to buy a house, are you? Just wondering why did you guys go there)

  17. Sarah Syed said

    That’s frightening.

  18. Oh My God!!!!..

    You are right..”Sometimes,perspective is all it takes to put things in place for you”.

  19. Just reading this sent a shudder down my spine, I hope you have recovered from the incident.

  20. pixie said

    oh Jeez!!
    I am so so glad that he is fine!

    hugs!! hugs! and some more hugs!!
    I hope you both have recovered from the horrible incident!

  21. Stu said

    ……. Hugs. Try to not relive it again and again. Hug.

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