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On blogging..

Posted by Pepper on February 27, 2014

Some years ago I had written a post on my thoughts on blogging. No, I am not going to link back to that post, because I don’t endorse all my earlier views. I thought a sequel post would be a good idea though. As of today, these are my thoughts and here is where I stand. Needless to say, my thoughts are ever evolving and I do not guarantee endorsing these views 5 years from today.

1. I am no longer put off by lousy English. Yes, I still appreciate and admire good English and flawless writing, but I am not put off by awful Grammar the way I once was.

2. I no longer force myself to visit all bloggers that read or comment on my blog. I just accept the fact that I do not have that much time, so there is no point in harvesting the guilt within me.  And even when I do read blogs, I don’t bother to comment just to validate my presence on their blog. I comment if I have something to say, not simply to let the blogger know their post was read by me. At one time I was worried – if I don’t read and comment on other blogs, nobody will visit or comment on mine. Today, I really don’t care.

3. I have come to realise that I confuse people. I write very passionately about issues that are deep and sensitive. I talk about feminism and humanity and current affairs. And in the next instant I write a shallow post talking about the colour of my nails. It makes people wonder where I fit. But perhaps that is the point, I don’t have any one single carved nook that I fit into. I guess because I write so passionately about some topics, people expect me to follow a similar line of thought at all times.

The last time I wrote a very shallow post hating people with clear skin – I got a few mails telling me how beauty is not skin deep, how I am responsible for propagating false ideas of beauty. How blemishes can be beautiful too. I don’t disagree with any of that, but the mails left me feeling unnerved. While I know all of that, I still believe I have a right to be shallow when I want to. The mails were polite, so I have nothing against them. Since I am truly passionate and concerned about some issues at times, people expect me to show the same concern at all times. Well, what can I say? I can go from serious to silly, intellectual to stupid, deep to shallow within seconds. I have always been a contradicting personality. Aren’t we all? Nobody is one dimensional.

4. I still feel troubled when people dislike me without valid reason. I know a few people who bitch about my blog (okay fine, one person)  and I feel very bothered. If I write happy posts, she mails me saying I ‘show off’ too much and I love making a big deal about the little things in my life. If I write a post expressing my views on gender discrimination, she writes me a mail saying I love ‘sounding cool’, but the truth is I am just ‘wannabe’. I get a mail from her every now and then and it upsets me and amuses Mint. Very slowly though, I am beginning to learn to not care. I have to thank Mint for this. The feeling of truly not caring about what the world thinks of you is liberating.

5. Most people around me want their blogs to be their happy space, while I simply want mine to be ‘my space’. No pressure to always be happy. My place is happy, angry, sad, confused, whiny, jovial, deep, silly, shallow, fun, boring, contradicting and everything else. I think this is related to point no. 3. Since I include so many facets of myself on this blog – people are often left confused.

6. I love including pictures in my posts. A lot of people I know have a ‘no picture’ policy on their blog. Since I tend to over analyse everything, I worry about being careless by putting up pictures. I think I am finally convinced with my own choice to share pictures. I love adding pictures to posts because I believe photographs add some graphic details in a way that words can’t. Even when reading old posts of my own, I find myself connecting a lot more with posts that have a picture attached. They revive that moment for me with a lot of precision.

Moreover, I love reading other blogs that share pictures of their homes and other cherished moments. So I figure other people must like picture posts too. I know a few people who stay away from picture posts for security reasons. I totally respect and understand their decision. As of now, publishing a blurred picture does not make me feel threatened in any way. The day I start worrying about security and privacy, I will either stop publishing pictures, or I will mark my blog private and continue publishing pictures.

7. I have this knack of overlooking errors in my writing when I read the post before publishing. The moment I glance at the post after it is published, I notice the mistakes. They are either typos or spelling errors or it is incorrect usage of grammar. Why the hell do I only notice it after the post is published? It is so annoying! What makes it more annoying is the WordPress feature of spamming readers with ‘Updated posts’. So what if the ‘update’ was just a changed spelling? It is because of this feature that I don’t go back to editing my post to make the necessary corrections.

8. Sometimes I ‘refresh’ some blogs like a maniac. If the blogger hasn’t updated his blog in 10 days, chances are small that he/she will update it in the two minutes since I checked last. I have no idea why I do it. I refresh the url every 2-3 minutes, expecting a new  post to show up miraculously. Yes, I am responsible for a majority of the hits some of you get.

9. I feel a special bond with some of the blogworld kids. Ofcourse, all children are special, but some are more special to me than I can let on. I really love and adore them with all my heart.

10. Either I obsess over my blog stats and check them every day, or I completely forget about them and don’t view them for days/months. There is something else connected to this point though. In my opinion – the more regularly you write, the more people get used to reading you, the more they come back to your blog. That’s how your stats shoot up. So when I write regularly, I tend to be more aware of my daily hits. When I don’t blog as regularly, I almost forget my stats exist. At the end of the day, I am really trying to not care about numbers and hits. Writing for yourself is the best.


37 Responses to “On blogging..”

  1. R's Mom said

    Dear Pepper

    Your blog,

    • Pepper said

      RM, some gadbad happened and I lost half of your comment. I have no idea how or why 😦

      • R's Mom said

        Pepper’s blog doesnt like me 😦

        *goes to a corner and sits crying loudly just like R does at the start of a tantrum*

        • R's Mom said

          *comes back to add*

          I was saying your blog, your rules, your life, your happiness, your thoughts, your ideas, and your words.

          Period, full stop.

          Everyone else doesnt really matter.

          And I also said

          PS – You married the right guy 🙂

          • Pepper said

            Thassright! Nobody and nothing else matters. I don’t think I care anymore, RM. Also, this post wasn’t about rules. I don’t think there are any – and that is what makes it so enjoyable. It was more confessing how I feel about it. Nothing more.

            Those who want to read the blog are welcome to. Those who dislike it can do themselves a favour and stop reading. So simple na.

        • Pepper said

          You are one of Pepper’s blog’s favourites! How could it do this then? *Whacks the blog for misbehaving*

  2. I really donno why, but I enjoy reading whatever you write, Pepper.

    Be it shallow, deep, feminist, stupid, introspection whatever….But I do enjoy reading whatever you write 🙂

  3. I loved this post and your updated views on blogging 🙂 You should have linked to the old post though, would give us perspective about how things change 🙂
    I would love to do this post, but I am incapable of. So a few things.

    I agree with point 1 to an extent because I realised there are some really honest bloggers out there who might not have the said command over the language but just write so openly, so uninhibitedly, that I can’t stop reading them. I am with you on 2 (I was in the same state some time ago, actually before Zo, and I know I got maximum comments then) and 3, I told you what I felt in a reply to your comment.

    4 amuses me, the category, the kind of people. To them I just have a very rude finger to show. I have had some 4s in my life and I don’t get a point behind their existance. I have written them off as unfortunate, clinically depressed, mentally unstable souls who do this to survive. Criticize. It makes me feel better, almost like a saint, like I am giving them a purpose in life.

    5, I am the former category. This blog is my happy place, with doses of whines which make me happy too. I am a happy person looks like. Touchwood.

    6. Nope. NO PICTURES. No no no. I am terrified of who all read me, and I specifically don’t want some people to see pictures. paranoia redefined.
    7, I do that annoying update thing ALL the time. I fix ALL errors after publishing.
    8.Nope, Don’t. Solely depend on my reader 🙂 If I miss some one terribly, I re-read archives. Hehe.
    9. Aw, I know one of the ones you are talking of. Now even if she isn’t in your list, you will be forced to say she is, else mommy will be very angry.
    10. Yeah, I like my stats. Not always, but fun when the reader space is dry!

    Woo hoo! My longest comment ever I think 😀 But I had the time and this was fun!

    • Pepper said

      Haha, I loved your comment.
      1. I think this point is important to understand. People may not impress you for various reasons, but I try not being put off atleast.
      2. I had a lot more comments and readers earlier too – that is when I could blog hop regularly. Now I don’t comment on blogs as often and I see the drop in my own comments too. That’s just how it works.
      3. Agree with your opinion. I have decided to not bother at all and I must say it feels awesome 😀
      4. I love your thoughts on this. Makes me feel better instantly.
      5. I think I am a happy person in general too, just that I am other things too. I do feel angry and sad at times. *Touchwood* for you 🙂
      6. Lol. You know I realised something funny. I am more vary of putting up pictures on FB than on the blog. Some of my friends have begged me to upload my Thailand holiday ka pictures on Facebook, but I am still not sure I want to do it. Whereas I shared some of those pics on my blog long ago. You on the other hand uplaod pics on FB without much hesitation (I know you clear your friend list). I think most people are like you and unlike me. I am more comfortable sharing my life with strangers. When it is people I know in real life, I don’t feel like giving them so much access to my life. I am lot more private with known people than with random folks. I think I am just strange 😀
      7. I should do it too. Better than displaying errors that make you cringe.
      8. I re-read archives too.
      9. Ofcourse you know one of the dolls I am talking about. Give her lots of kisses for me, ok?
      10. Same pinch!

      Long, long response from my end too. But like you, I had time too (forced holiday for me today) and this was fun 😀 Thanks!

  4. Maya said

    I thought this post will come up during the blog marathon itself. But yeah, better late than never! 🙂 🙂

    And, I am shocked to learn that people can send hate mails for no apparent reason! Sigh.

    • Pepper said

      I thought this post will come up during the blog marathon too. But I had so much to write about, a couple of posts that I had in my head didn’t see the light of the day. Perhaps I will write them now 🙂

  5. Bhavani said

    Hi Pepper,
    I enjoy all your posts. Period. Nothing more to add 🙂

  6. Regarding points 3 and 5, for the record I do not think you confuse your readers at all . A lot of us live our lives like that – we jump between the serious and frivolous matters in life .You blogging about both kinds of topics makes you seem very natural and relatable to your readers. At least , that is what I think and I have been reading you for a few years now.

    • Pepper said

      Thank you. It is true – nobody’s life can be happy and frivolous at ALL times. That wouldn’t even be appealing to me. So people in the offline world do move from one emotion to the other – it’s just that I choose to display all emotions here. I believe the bad is as much of a learning experience as the good. Both sides make me grow, so I like to include both 🙂

  7. Sarah Syed said

    I am a fussy reader (:P) .. You are the first blogger I started to follow and continue to do so. I’ve unfollowed blogs I was impressed once because of multiple reasons. I like how you keep your posts light and sometimes deep. I seem to connect with you most of the times.

  8. RH said

    Hi Pepper,
    As always ,love your posts.
    I dont have a blog but can relate to all these points.
    “The feeling of truly not caring about what the world thinks of you is liberating.” I love this point. and also No one is one dimensional.

    • Pepper said

      Absolutely. Nobody is one dimensional. Humans can’t be. But then some people blog for specific reasons – and their reason is to smile while focusing on their ‘happy’ dimension. That makes sense too. Ultimately, it is all about what we want from our blogs.

  9. 1. I am still put off by lousy English–guess I have a long way to go!
    2. I do visit the blogs of all those who comment on mine–there never are too many comments, so it is easy enough–but I too don’t comment unless I really have something to say. There have been a few who commented on my posts for a while and then disappeared, possibly because I seldom commented on theirs. It doesn’t really bother me. By the same token I don’t mind if bloggers, on whose blogs I often comment, don’t ever comment on mine!!

    • Pepper said

      You know, regarding point no. 1. I have been attacked several times for openly stating my dislike for lousy English. I’ve been called insensitive, snobbish and proud. Though it angered me earlier, it doesn’t anymore. Perhaps there is some truth in what others say. Being put off means looking down at somebody, and I am not sure I am in a position to do that. So these days, I’ve become more tolerant 🙂

      I know what you mean, I’ve had some bloggers disappear from my blog after I haven’t gone back to theirs. Fair enough – if the only reason they are commenting here is to earn some comments of their own, then it makes sense that they stop coming here and instead go to some blogger that will reciprocate. For me, like I said – I do read/comment on blogs as and when I have time. Not putting any added pressure on myself anymore!

  10. ashreyamom said

    deep or shallow, we love reading ur post.. few post make the reader happy, few make us really think.. 🙂

  11. Deepa said

    Keep writing sweetheart. Love your blogs regardless of what you write. Know why? Coz you write straight from the heart, as corny as that sounds, it is true and very endearing. Plus you always have an interesting POV. And I think I am equally interested in your vociferous ranting-against-injustice type as well as the my-hair-sucks-because-it’s-frizzy type of posts because that is who most of us are unwilling as we may be to admit it in public.

    As for the “friend” of yours who writes you with uncalled for comments she doesn’t have to read your blog at all you know. Does she know that maybe!

  12. I so totally loved this post, Pepper! I *just* commented somewhere else too about blogging. It has become so internal to me. I don’t write with a purpose. I dont care who reads, but if someone reads, I get happy. Its such a glowing feeling to have a space where I can write what I want and not be judged. I rarely share my blog with anyone I know personally and those that I have shared with, tell me to share it on Facebook and I shudder. The idea of someone from the real world reading my blog! I was going to write a post on the world of bloggers once. I dont know what gets us to write, what gets us to read others, how we end up finding people who are so similar to us. But its so much fun! And I am so glad I got into this because I get to read blogs like yours! 🙂

    • Pepper said

      Okay, so you get it completely, don’t you? It is so liberating to be able to write what you want to. I hate being put into a particular category if it restricts my thoughts by making me adhere to some rules at all times. Readers make me so very happy, but I wish I wasn’t judged so much. Ultimately, I’ve learnt to not care 🙂

      And, same pinch! I feel terrified of having any of my posts on Facebook. You don’t know how much precaution I take to ensure my bloglink doesn’t appear there. When my stats tell me I have visitors from Facebook, I panic. I think people who actually publicize their blogs on FB are very brave.

      Thanks for the lovely comment 🙂

  13. I love your blog Pepper. Keep doing what you do. And as for the person who sends you those e-mails, its funny how they like to hide behind a computer and scrutinize everything you do. They’d never do that if they knew you in real life.

    • Pepper said

      Hiding behind a computer is right. I have a feeling that the email address she uses is also not her real one. It has been created for such nasty purposes only. How much spare time do these people have? Tch tch..

  14. Pepper it is your blog and you shod do what makes you happy. We all change girlie so the rules you apply now maynot be applicable few years from now . Do what ever that makes you happy. I am surprised to hear some one can sent email in that fashion questioning you. I would say don’t even bother to give importance to such people in your life.

    • Pepper said

      I know we change over time and what we say now may not hold true a few years down the line – I just play safe by adding those disclaimers. As much as I can, I prefer not giving explanations for past statements. Easier to make it clear now.

      Haan, I don’t give much importance now. I have considered blocking her email ID several times, but part of me is curious to know how bitchy she can get, so I read on. Lol! As long as I don’t get bothered, it is fine I guess.

  15. Comfy said

    I think of the blog world as an alternate world. Almost all the social rules of real world apply. We have close friends, general friends, acquaintances and so on. And just like real world as we evolve our rules change, they change here too.
    There was a time when comments, numbers were important to me, they are not anymore. There are a few people who top the ‘to read’ list every time I open my reader but again it all depends on the amount of time I have.
    Grammar and proper English is something that never really bothered me, maybe because I have atrocious spellings myself and don’t really know the rules of grammar well. It is all about the content and in reality the emotional connect I have with what I am reading that makes me come back to a blog.
    Finding mistakes after publishing – that is me.. always 🙂
    Some people need to get a life, if they have all the time to read and send nasty emails. Or better still they need to find a different blog to read!

  16. Ranjini said

    I don’t like commenting on anyone’s blog and stuff, but I like this one. This is funny. Was it supposed be though? Well, it is.

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