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Kabootar ja ja ja

Posted by Pepper on March 6, 2014

I have been terrified of pigeons since the time I can remember. Their eyes look evil. The noisy flapping of their wings gets me startled almost every time and I shriek when they come close. They also love stealthily entering your home when you aren’t looking. Sometime ago, the sister and I walked into our bedroom, only to find a pigeon sitting comfortably in the centre of the bed. Ofcourse, we let out a loud scream and ran helter skelter in panic. The confused pigeon too violently flapped its wings and flew around the room looking for an exit. Finally, we ran out and shut the bedroom door until we found help.

Even today, I watch the damn pigeons peck at the plants in my parents home. They break little twigs, pluck out the leaves and peck at our precious plants just because they are bored! Arey, if you folks are bored, go find something entertaining to do. Why damage our plants? Every time we see the pigeons attacking our plants in the balcony, we run towards it. All along screaming, ‘Go! Go! Go!’. The truth is we are too scared to go too close. So we just pretend to scare them away, all along being scared ourselves. Like I said, the noisy flapping of their wings is frightening.

Day before yesterday, we were busy with something and we got home home really late at night. It was around 2 am by the time we slept. The sister was staying at our place. The next day was a working day for us. We had overslept and were scurrying around in the usual morning rush, getting ready, packing our lunch boxes when the bell rang. The sister who had just woken up, walked up to open the door. The watchman stood outside. He asked her, “Aap log kabootar paal rahe hai kya”. The sister was still bleary eyed and her reaction was just a stumped, ‘Haan?’. I don’t blame her. You don’t usually open the door to random men asking you if you are raising pigeons.

She wasn’t sure she heard or understood what he was saying, so she just looked at me, confused. I walked to the door and he repeated, “Aap log kabootar paal rahe hain?”. Err..I said nothing either, because I was equally lost. Then he pointed up to a little nook above our main door and continued, “Yeh kabootar ek hafte se yahan hai. Neeche lobby se ud kar aata hai. Mujhe laga aap log isse paal rahe hai, isiliye kuch nahi kaha”. It translates to ‘This pigeon has been here since a week. It enters from the lobby and flies up here. I thought you were raising it, so I said nothing’. I looked up to see a white pigeon nestled there! And it had been there since a week? It did make sense though. We’re not home and the house is locked during the day. We usually return in the evening, by when the pigeon has retired for the day. So we don’t notice it.


The crazy idea of us raising a pigeon in a nook above our main door would not stop tickling me. It made me feel very tribal. Once he  realised that we weren’t actually raising the pigeon, the watchman asked us to get the pigeon out of it’s cosy spot. For a moment, I felt bad displacing it. Where would it go? Yes, I was having those thoughts! Who would think I would actually consider not evicting it out of its current home? But before I could nurture the thought of actually raising it there, he warned us – if we allow it to lay eggs, we will be in big trouble. Also, the other residents will object. So we have to clear it out now. Before we could react, the watchman had done the job and the pigeon had gone. I couldn’t decide how I felt about it. A wee bit sad? Perhaps.

Only after the space had been cleared did I actually realise something. I said to Mint, “That space where the pigeon was was never empty. I think there was a small Ganesh idol there”. Mint in turn asked me, “You are saying the pigeon flew away carrying the Ganesh statue?”. Argh! “Why do you talk to me like I am stupid? I am saying there was a statue there, and I don’t know what happened to it”.  Stupid guy! Always talks nonsense. We’re still debating whether the Ganesh idol was there. And if it indeed was, what happened to it.


37 Responses to “Kabootar ja ja ja”

  1. ashreyamom said

    i was just about to ask if u had kept any idol, may the place was created to keep ganesha..

  2. R's Mom said

    hahahahhaah! I am laughing out aloud..LOL at sis’s reaction with watchman..and your reaction to the kabootar..hahahaha 🙂

    Waise I am not a big fan of pigeons as well!

  3. Sumana said

    LOL a lovely update on the pigeon stuff. Pigeons robbing Ganesha, unbelievable. 😉 Anyways the pigeon population in bangalore has also increased leas and bounds. Our balconies got meshed for the same, otherwsie they kept littering it. We had one sitting on our kitchen cabinet one morning and did not go till an hour.

  4. Santulan said

    I HATE pigeons.. From afar they may look all cute and cuddly, but when they inhabit your place it is a different thing..

    They like to peck at things, they make those god awful noise with that guttar-goo and wing flapping in the middle of the night, and the smell… ugghh.. they poop and make nests which smell so baad

  5. anjeneyan said

    I can well relate to your blog.

    We had a pigeon laying egg within the false ceiling in our bedroom. We realised it after we heard some sounds while going to sleep. We got it removed the next day.

    Pigeons used to fly into our house and sit on the top of cupboards. We have kept many plants on the ledge which they used to eat selectively. We had to put pigeon nests around the windows to put an end to their incursion.

  6. Bhakti said

    Hey Pepper,
    I don’t remember how exactly I came across your blog but I am GLAD I did. Your posts have always made me smile..ALWAYS. Thanks for that!!
    Hope you soon find the missing idol.
    Take care.

  7. Ganpati turned into the pigeon. I bet! Haha. ‘Aap kabootar pal rahe hain’ too funny!
    We have had pigeons laying eggs in the balcony plenty of times. It is sad when the eggs or babies are killed by crows and sadder when they grow up and fly away. But they make a mess. They make the worst nest. Its just a few twigs put together.
    There’s a permanent nest in my dad’s office window under the AC and he calls it the maternity ward.

    • Pepper said

      Gunpati turned into the pigeon? Now that is an interesting explanation. Lol.

      Your dad is okay with the maternity ward being there permanently? Doesn’t it make his office smell? Cos that is what usually happens with pigeons around.

  8. LOL on Mints reply…I burst out laughing.
    I suppose, you guys need to look further inside. May be the Pigeon just pushed it inside with is occupancy of that space.

  9. kabootars are the dumbest birds in existence and should have been extinct like the dinosaurs …

  10. Mint is too funny. I am laughing loud.

    This is too cute that you guys didn’t even know about it for 1 week ? By the way I like that spot above the entrance door. Its really good to keep something and with the recessed light it will look great.

  11. What happened to the idol? You have to solve the mystery now. 🙂

  12. Ok one of the following possibilities must have happened.
    1. There was no Ganesh statue there to begin with. You just had a God-vision.
    2. The Ganesh statue was made of grains. Ouch.
    3. Ganesh statue became the laughing stock of other statues that are targeted by pigeons for you know what. So Ganesh statue eloped home. Or maybe Ganesh statue couldn’t stand the pigeon stink.
    4. Pigeon has declared war on you guys for getting rid of him. Ganesh statue has been kidnapped.
    5. You guys have special plants growing in your neighbourhood that makes you hallucinate a statue.
    6. The statue accidentally fell in a visitor’s bag and is now waiting for a temple to be built in the village following the miracle.
    7. Maybe the pigeon was in fact Ganesh
    8. It was not a Ganesh statue. It was Vishnu. It was not a pigeon. It was a Garud. Those plants growing in your neighbourhood are pretty good.

    Can’t think of anything else. What do you think happened?

    Ps: no, I haven’t been smelling special plants and please don’t bsn me from here 😀

  13. Haha..your watchman’s comment was too funny! I can’t stand pigeons or most birds in general but we always had a nest on top of our AC in Bombay and we could hear them cooing. We had to shoo them out by banging on the window before switching the AC on.Ah memories!!

    • Pepper said

      Lol. Surprisingly, we haven’t had a pigeon take permanent residence in our home. Not so far atleast. They do come visiting, but I don’t remember a nest being built. And thank God for that!

  14. Pepper, how can you write a post on anything so well…This is one of the reasons I like your blog…..keep writing…

    I hope, by now kabootars got a shelter somewhere…

    • Pepper said

      Now aren’t you the best? Thanks so much! 😀 I think I tend to talk/write a little too much. Most of it is unending blabber. I am glad some people like it. Lol.

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