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Posted by Pepper on March 11, 2014

It has been almost 48 hours now. I’ve been facing some severe tensions. And as it usually happens, they have all chosen to come to me together.

The first one is related to work. There is something I have been struggling with. It isn’t working out and that is very worrisome. Especially because of the kind of money it involves. It is big. The onus of finding a solution rests on me. I have been racking my brains. And worrying.

The second one is about Oregano. He is in the hospital. Again! (ETA: I wrote this post yesterday, and though he is back at home now, his situation is still worrisome). I really don’t know what I can do to help. His condition troubles me. Also, my FIL’s test results are out and he may not be accepted as a donor for the transplant. At the same time, the doctor hasn’t ruled him out completely. It is all very vague. My MIL will be tested now and then we will figure the next course of action. I don’t know what to make of all this. It is scary and distressing.

Lastly, we are in the midst of a personal crisis of high magnitude. We have never been put in a situation like this. We need a solution soon. A lot is at stake. Mint and I have been probing all possibilities to work something out. A roadblock as massive as this was never anticipated by us. So here we are, wondering how we can solve this giant sized problem.

Yesterday, I could feel my brain shutting down. So I walked out of office relatively early. Some time has passed and we still haven’t found the solutions we’ve been looking for. I went for a long walk last night. The one thought that made me feel light and euphoric was this – atleast my parents are not suffering from ill health! I can handle the worst of worries, but my parents being sick shakes me like nothing else. I am so thankful to God for keeping my parents safe. Everything else will be alright.


19 Responses to “Worry”

  1. Oh dear it isn’t easy to go through this situation. Please keep breathing and leave everything else for the time to resolve. Sending loads of good wishes on your way. It will be all fine, keep the hopes high. Tight hugs !!

  2. Hey hope things work out soon for you and the family. I agree these are testing times but am sure you, guys, will come out strongly. Best wishes.

  3. Shivani said

    Things will be alright. Stay strong.

  4. Everything will be fine pepper ! take care !

  5. S.Nair said

    Don’t loose hope Pepper….everything wud be fine….wud surely pray for u.

  6. Hope things sort themselves out and you figure out the path ahead.Sending positive thoughts your way..

  7. Shweta said

    Don’t worry pepper… Things will all fall in place, soon. Keep the hopes riding high!

  8. Deepa said

    Sending hugs, love, prayers and some clarity in thoughts your way. Thats all I can do love.

  9. ashreyamom said

    Hugs dear.. take care.. things will sort out..

  10. Sumana said

    I sent a silent prayer to the almighty. Hope all things will be under control and you feel better..

  11. Seema said

    Sending in warm hugs your way Pepper. Will pray for the tough times to go away ASAP and bring in loads of happiness!

  12. Because sometimes all problems come together, it becomes worrisome. Try to be calm Pepper and see what you can do yourself to come out of this phase. Some things are of our limits,so leave it to the time. And just being there for your family is also a big support for them which you are always doing. Don’t worry ok?

  13. Santulan said

    Hang in there

  14. Pepper said

    Thanks so much for all the good wishes, prayers and hugs, people!

  15. Meira said

    Hugs. Praying for you. Hope things get better. Really soon.

  16. smiles32 said

    It will be okay Pepper. Take care! Hugs!

  17. Pencil said

    Take care Pepper.My wishes for things to sort out at your end..and you know what – TIme is the BEST healer …

  18. Jack Point said

    I have been managing all sorts or work crises the last three weeks, just getting back to normal now. Just to wish you the best of luck.

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