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Year 4 – Happy Anniversary, Mint

Posted by Pepper on March 27, 2014

Dear Mint,

We turned 4 years old two days ago! When the clock struck 12, you woke me up and gave me a card. I was taken aback, because you haven’t given me a card in a long time now. All the cards I have carefully saved have been given to me by you before we were married. Ofcourse, that gives me the opportunity to talk about ‘how you used to do such sweet things for me once upon a time’, and how you don’t do them anymore. Your gesture will now force me to shut up for some time. When I was trying to wake you up in the morning, you put in front of me your curled fist. When I opened it, I saw a lovely chain and a pendant. What had happened to you? This was more sweetness than I had been prepared for. All this time, I wasn’t feeling guilty for not having done anything special for you, because you know how very busy we’ve both been. Yet, you did manage to spring these surprises. I wondered what my excuse was. card

I look at our journey so far and I realise how we have remained unchanged. I still don’t know when we will turn into responsible adults. We are so tired of hearing people say we don’t behave like married people do, we just let go now. Marriage is meant for grown ups. And grown ups are responsible. We decided to get married one day even before we felt ‘grown up’. It would happen, we thought. We will learn. We never did. And I don’t know when we will. As of today, we still throw our clothes all around the house, order food every other day, wake up really late, live in a mess, spend money very irresponsibly, thrive on junk and more. I know we enjoy our untamed existence, but trust me, this is not conducive to healthy living. I hope we change sometime, for our own sake.

I feel tongue tied when I review the year that went by. We’ve argued and fought so much. We’ve hugged and kissed so much. We’ve blamed each other for ridiculous reasons. We’ve stood by each other in difficult times. We’ve screamed at one another. We’ve clung to one another. It makes me wonder what kind of a couple we make. We’re not the ‘ever loving’ type given how often we argue. We’re not the ‘always fighting’ type given how much we smile, cuddle and hug. I don’t know where we fit, but I guess it doesn’t matter at all. What matters is how awesome I think we are together. *grins*

I still hate how attached to your phone and laptop you are, I hate the fact that you don’t have much value for time, I hate some of your habits, but I also love the fact that you give me a hundred kisses on my forehead, that you put my wishes above your own, that you serve me dinner even when you are tired yourself, that you are always there for my family, that you smilingly bear with my sometimes unreasonable moods, that you stand up for me no matter what, that you take me on those lovely holidays, that you really want to carry me and walk every time I say I am tired, that you still don’t flinch while clearing the bathroom drain full of my hair. You are amazing. Stay the same.

I am putting up another favourite picture of mine. This one makes me feel all warm and reminds me of how often we embrace..


Lots of love,

— Pepper


67 Responses to “Year 4 – Happy Anniversary, Mint”

  1. Happy Fourth Pepper and Mint, even we blogger folks want you guys to stay just the same :).

  2. Happy Anniversary, Pepper and Mint! 🙂

  3. Belated Happy Anniversary…Wishing you guys a lifetime of fun filled days,lots of happiness and togetherness…

  4. Arch said

    Lovely post!! Happy Anniversary Mint & Pepper! 🙂

  5. chipmunk said

    hoppie hoppie 4th anniversary to you guys 🙂 🙂 🙂 just a very sweet post this is 🙂 🙂

  6. Shweta said

    Wow! Such a lovely post with an awesome pic Pepper!
    Congratulations to both of you on turning four!!!

  7. Happy Anniversary, P & M!

  8. R's Mom said

    Sigh! you guys are awesome together..But I have already told you that na :):) Happy Anniversary both of you..hope you continue to be as you are and enjoy yourselves as much as you do now 🙂

  9. ashreyamom said

    Happy Anniversary to both of you.. 😉

  10. Rahmath said

    :’), Happy anniversary Pepper and Mint.
    Bless you.

  11. Happy fourth to he coolest couple I’ve ever heard off 🙂

  12. Congratulations for the 4 yrs! Wish you many more years of togetherness, happiness & hugs & kisses! 😀

  13. Smita said

    Hey Belated wishes for your anniversary…:)

    How did you celebrate???

    And *touchwood* for all the love and understanding that you guys share!!!

    • Pepper said

      It was a weekday, so we both had to get to work. But my parents and sis got us a cake in the morning. And the two of us went out for a lovely dinner late in the evening.

  14. Happy Anniversary ! May you always stay young and so happy ! ( we did

  15. Jay said

    Happy Anniversary, Pepper!! 😀

  16. Titaxy said

    happy anniversary, you two. may the love and adoration only grow with time 🙂

  17. Happy anniversary, pepper mint ! Wish you both a lifetime of togetherness!

  18. Bhavani said

    Wish You guys a very Happy Anniversary Pepper and Mint!!! Here’s to more and staying the same:-)) Growing up can always happen….

  19. Jazz said

    Happy Anniversary PepperMint, love you guys !

  20. Suma said

    Lovely post!! Happy 4th anniversary to Pepper and Mint!!

  21. ajay said

    Happy anniversary and many many many more 🙂

  22. Wishing u and Mint many more years of togetherness….

  23. aarya said

    Happy Anniversary Mint & Pepper. Stay blessed!!

  24. Happy Anniversary Pepper and Mint. You both stay like this forever!!

  25. happy anniversary 🙂 .. party time … 🙂

  26. Childwoman said

    Happy 4th guys!!!

  27. Wishing you a very happy anniversary, Peppermint.

  28. smiles32 said

    That is so sweet! Happy anniversary to both of you!!
    Wishing you both much more joy and all the more love in years to come! Stay happy, stay blessed! 🙂

  29. S said

    All smiles while reading 🙂 Wish you a happy anniversary.

    Cheers to never growing up into the stereotype of being ‘married’ 🙂

  30. Happy anniversary, Pepper and Mint!! Stay blessed!

  31. Richa said

    what a nice way to put your relationship into words!

    Congrats. Between, me and M are also into our fifth year. 🙂

  32. Deboshree said

    Hope you had a splendid anniversary, Pepper. Wish you many more! And yeah, some things in life are perfect just the way they are. 🙂

  33. stutigupta said

    Many happy returns of the day PepperMint. May your love remain as strong, when you are both old and senile.

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