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Posted by Pepper on April 7, 2014

The past few weeks have been crazy. I have been running around like a headless chicken. Work has been stressful. The ‘personal crisis’ I keep talking about only seems to get more complicated by the day. One day we think we’re on track and then the next day things go awry again. I am so done with this nonsense. A post coming up soon.

People in my family have been taking turns to fall ill. The sister had a liver infection. Then my mother was sick and experienced severe joint pain along with high BP that gave her a heavy head and an added stomach bug to boot. My dad’s brother (somebody very precious to me) ended up having another abscess in the same area as the first one. We had surgically removed the first one because it was beginning to infect the region around his thorax. My aunt had to be hospitalised because of very high fever and we had to take shifts to manage our time in the hospital. My dad has had bleeding in his eye, the cause of which we are still trying to determine. It makes him look rather scary.

And Oregano. His creatinine has risen to a very alarming level. It has crossed 9! He now has to get the Arteriovenous fistula (AVF) surgery done ASAP because he will soon be put on dialysis. No matter how much we tried, we have been unable to stop his kidneys from deteriorating further. To make matters worse, we don’t have a donor for the transplant. My FIL has been declared medically unfit. My MIL and Mint have incompatible blood groups. We’ve reached a dead end.

Despite it all, I have hope of things working out. In all aspects. It is only a matter of time. Though we’ve been crazy busy managing work, tackling our ‘blown out of proportion for no reason’ crisis, tending to sick family members, racking our brains for a solution for Oregano, we’ve still been having fun in the midst of it all.

At one moment I feel stressed and tensed. I am harrowed and short of time. Another moment I am out partying and laughing. One moment I am worked up, the other moment I am totally calm and laid back. Some days are awesome. Some days are blah. I must admit, even the blah days turn out to be sweet when my mom makes me my favourite snack of dhoklas and pudina chutney in the evening. Or when I decide to screw it all and just go to the park to play on the swings, like I did today. Given our current situation, I find myself swinging from one sensation to the other very often. But then, such is life. Colourful chaos.


17 Responses to “Life”

  1. Wishing well to you and family .
    Positive thoughts and cheer your way..

    It’s a phase, will pass. {{Hugs}}

  2. I think I might have mentioned this before, but I have a close friend who has been on dialysis for over 10 years now. He even had a transplant (from his mother) but it failed. He works in London now and is one of the happiest and most positive people I know, and he leads a fairly normal life. Please let me know if you would like to speak to him and I can pass on his email address.

    God bless. I hope everything gets sorted out soon.

  3. Oh dear I just cannot imagine how you handling all these. Must be really tough. Tight hugs to you and I really hope you are able to come out of this phase soon.

  4. Oh man! So sorry to hear about the health concerns all around. Sending warm thoughts and prayers your way. Hoping things take a turn for the better.
    The dhokla bit got me craving some asap!

  5. R's Mom said

    Oh take care Pepper…take care of everyone around you and of yourself too

  6. Deboshree said

    Colourful chaos. That last bit will stay with me, Pepper. Great read. 🙂

  7. It’s important to de-stress while handling such crises.
    It’s good that you’re optimistic that things will work out. I’m keeping my fingers crossed, particularly for Oregano.

  8. Richa said

    oh Pepper
    Life seems very hard..very strange at times. But I will pray for you that you and your family take on this challenge with all the strength and come out with flying colours.

  9. Arch said

    Wishing everyone a speedy recovery.
    I hope things fall into place soon for you..

  10. Ashwathy said

    Wow. Colourful chaos indeed. We need to catch up sometime soon…

  11. Smita said

    (((hugs))) I hope things fall in place for Oregano!!!!

  12. Snow said

    Hey wish everything settles down soon and everyone in your house will be in pink of health very soon.. Take care and stay happy… Only if you are happy and fit, you can take care of people and situations 🙂

  13. Hugs, Pepper. This too shall pass. Will pray for your family.

  14. I wish everyone a speedy recovery…..till then have faith & hang on! 🙂

  15. MR said

    This will pass, life is like this, some highs and some lows, but I’m so glad read you still enjoy yourself . For me inspite of all issues we had a few yrs ago ( and there were many) and many a weepy hours, we overcame it all, not by doing anything great or special, just by hanging int here. it helps that R and Me were a team. you have y our spouse and family, and life will slowly settle down, these are the fun parts. 10 yrs from now you will look back and realise with great satisfaction ow you got thru all these adn came out successful and happy

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