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Meet our new friend

Posted by Pepper on April 27, 2014

It has been a few months since Mint has been trying to convince me to get a dog. Yes, a dog! I love the idea of having one too, but given our circumstances, I don’t think we can afford to have one. For one, apartments in Mumbai are ridiculously small. How will we manage to accommodate a dog? Secondly, who will look after it while we are both at work during the day? There is no way we can leave the dog alone at home. And how will we manage to take it out/downstairs multiple times a day?

Despite my apprehensions, the idea of having a dog warms my heart. I remember asking my parents for a dog as a child, but even the mention of the word ‘dog’ is enough to terrify my mother. She is mortally afraid of these adorable beings. So she never allowed the sister and I to harbour any thoughts of having one. She went to the extent of telling me that if I ever chose to have a dog in my own house, she would never visit me unless I locked the dog in a room.

In the time that Mint and I were debating about having a dog, something delightful happened. The sister’s friend adopted a little pup. And with that, we started getting out daily quota of play with the little fellow. He is called Milo and we absolutely love him.

We would make sure we played with Milo after we got back from work in the evening. One day, we decided to bring Milo home. My mum was out, so got him home and were having a wonderful time playing with him. Before we knew it, we heard the doorbell ring and realised mom was back. She had no idea about the surprise that awaited her. We opened the door and said nothing. She walked in and was telling us something casually when she spotted him. As expected, she shrieked and ran straight to her room. She locked the door and wouldn’t come out even when we told her we were holding Milo and he would not come close to her. “C’mon Mom! He is such a little puppy! What can he do to you?” We tried to rationalise her fears, but nothing worked.

That was the first day we got Milo home. Despite her initial reaction, we decided to continue bringing him home. After all, my dad loved him too. He is such a darling little boy. He doesn’t cause any trouble. In fact, I am the one who enjoys troubling him. When he sleeps, I pry his eyes open. When his eyes are open, I force shut them. I play with and sometimes even pull his big doggy ears. I ruffle his neck. I squeeze him. I raise his brows and trouble him in every way I can. And he does nothing. Not a whimper from him. He just lets me have my fun. Slowly, my mom started realising what an angel he is too. As of today, she willingly touches and pets him. That, for my mom, is a very big achievement.

Milo too loves being around people. He loves cuddling up to us and sleeping on our laps. He will sleep through a racket, but if you walk out of the room, he will wake up and follow you. No matter how fast asleep you think he is. Doesn’t matter if you silently walk on your toes. He will wake up the instant you try to leave. Such an adorable bundle he is..


That is me, petting him as he sleeps while I watch some TV


PS – My Grammar might be all over the place. This post was typed in a big rush and I had no time to proof read. Apologies.


33 Responses to “Meet our new friend”

  1. Toooo cute! Dogs are the most wonderful part of a family. Speaking from experience! My mom also turned around and how! She could bear dogs earlier. Now you can see her at home with my dog wrapped around her with ‘mazha sona beta, chotu pinku’ and all going on and my dog sprawled in front of her all smiling. Plus she is so involved with the semi adopted dogs, getting them food, meds, sterilized, etc. I encourage you to adopt! I know many places if you are interested.

    • Pepper said

      Wow.. looks like I should give my mom a chance after all. She could turn over completely. I really want to consider adopting, but we will have to work out the logistics for managing one first. Will definitely message you when we decide to take this forward..

  2. B. M. said

    Milo looks adorable. . Dogs man’s best friend ..The post brought some memories. .

  3. Deepa said

    How adorable the two of you look. You’re going to have a ton of fun times with Milo. You know 13 years ago I got sucked into getting our Border Collie retriever mix Tara(or “Terror” is more like it!) when my husband confided to me that all his growing years he begged his folks for a dog of his own and they never got him one citing lack of space in their B’bay apt. as the ultimate and final excuse. His puppy eyes(my husband’s not the dog’s:-)) did me in and I put aside all my reservations and trotted off with him to our local pet shelter to adopt Miss. T. 13 years on she continues to be a bundle of contradictions, unadulterated joy and a major cardiac soother. She’s calmed down somewhat now but in her salad days she did get us thrown out of a couple apt. complexes:-)

  4. sundar6873 said

    apart from zillion reasons for having a pet, the one which surprises me is it can reduce tension from our day-to-day life and keep ourself at peace. So, its good to have a pet. Have fun you ppl 🙂

  5. R's Mom said

    I am exactly like your Mom..so if you have Milo around..do let me know in advance if we come visiting..or else I will scare the little fellow with my screams 🙂

  6. even my Maa does not allow us to keep a dog :/ You have fun with Milo! 🙂

  7. Cute Milo! I am quite terrified but M trying to chuck the fear factor and be friends with them..Mom doesn’t like itna…hehe btw, love the post:)

    • Pepper said

      I am a little scared myself. Not as fearless as Mint.. but then he is too cute to be scared of. So I shrug off the fear.. If that makes sense..

  8. MR said

    I’m the same, no dogs 🙂 I’m not terrified of them but i’m not fond of them either. Mostly I abhor the work that comes with a dog, especially in the initial stages. Plus we live in aplace with terrible winters, there is no way im taking a dog twice a day in the snow and cold and ice. no way!!! I’ve told my kids when they leave home for college and work they can have as many dogs as they want.
    plus the shedding and the hair drives me crazy.

    • Pepper said

      I maybe wrong but I don’t think dogs shed too much hair. Depends on the breed, I suppose. In this regard, I find them a lot better than cats. But I think you have a very valid point about the winters. I wouldn’t be able to manage taking a dog out twice a day in the snow too. Can’t imagine how some people do it!

  9. Bhavani said

    The pic is soo c ute..having said that I am exactly like your Mom…i get so freaked out and scared even when i see a pup..and my kids have been asking me for a pup….i have told them it is either me or the dog :-)) my hubby always takes this oppurtnity to tease me saying ” so we have a choice to choose ??? ” – LOL

  10. He is so cute!

    I love dogs too, although a bit scared of them. As a kid, i always wanted a dog, but grew out of that phase. Then during college, 3 of my closest friends had dogs at home, and listening to their endless stories, i started troubling my parents again for a dog. Sadly, my dad is terrified of them (he was bit by one when i was very little) and will never allow one inside the house :(. I’m gonna make it a point to marry a guy who likes dogs so that i can finally have one of my own. I even have a dog name picked out and have decided what his collar will look like. Just waiting for the right husband now…

    • Pepper said

      That is so cute! Already having a name and the image of his collar ready 😀 I hope you get a cute little dog soon..And oh yes, a good dog loving husband too!

  11. Milo looks adorable. Oh man! My mom reacts exactly like yours and even holds her breathe in fear when a dog is in the room. She has threatened never to visit if we get a dog. Oh and our little one of nearly 20 months seems to have inherited her grandma’s fear of dogs:(
    Your post gives me hope though that they will come around some day.

    • Pepper said

      They will come around someday, but only if they are exposed to the adorableness that is a pup. Especially the little one. Kids learn and adapt easily. You must let her be around some dogs. 🙂

  12. Reading this post of you making me super guilty. Chucky is been asking for a dog and I keep delaying thinking it will be a burden on me.

    • Pepper said

      Don’t be guilty. Dogs are a lot of work and there is no denying that. You already do seem to have a lot on your hands, so get one only when you are sure you won’t feel weighed down by it.

  13. i liked ur post, but i was afraid of dogs, and after reading how you tease him and he still dont do anything, i got some confidence to go near dogs :p

  14. Deepa said

    Hello Madam, no new updates from you. Hope you are well and simply caught up with life as usual. Await your posts with great anticipation so write when you get a breather.

    • Pepper said

      Thanks so much for checking Deepa. All was well, but like you said.. I was way too caught up with life. Hopefully, I am back. I await your comments with great anticipation too. They usually make me think or smile, or both. Thanks for being around 🙂

  15. sayamaya said

    I am like your mom as in I am petrified of dogs but I can’t deny that they are cute… From a distance I mean 😉

  16. Hey! I have nominated you for the Liebster Award! Thanks for inspiring me to write… 🙂
    Check this out…. http://asplashofmylife.wordpress.com/2014/05/12/329/

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