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Happy Week – Day 3

Posted by Pepper on June 4, 2014

Today, I feel a surge of emotions, so I don’t know if I will be able to write a coherent post. I am happy. If I had to choose the ‘happiest post’ from my ‘happy week’ series, this post would be a clear winner.

This one is about Oregano. From the time he was diagnosed with chronic kidney failure, we’ve  faced a series of blows. His condition only kept worsening. To make matters worse, we were unable to find a suitable donor for him. So we weren’t in a position to arrange for a kidney transplant. Everybody in the family was tested as a potential donor, only to be rejected on medical grounds or due to an incompatible blood group. His condition declined and we really didn’t know where we were headed.

He was put on dialysis a little over a month ago. Like I’ve said in my earlier posts, dialysis has terrified me because I’ve witnessed my dad’s brother journey. Dialysis reduced him to almost nothing. Thankfully, a kidney transplant is what saved him. I hoped it would be easier for Oregano. After all, I did know people who were doing fairly well with dialysis.

Unfortunately, like I suspected, dialysis has had several intense and undesirable effects on Oregano. It is not that they insert two big needles into him. It is not that he has to endure it for four hours, twice a week. It is the fact that he gets unbearable headaches during dialysis. So much so that he starts throwing up uncontrollably. We’ve feared he will pass out. And to undergo that torture for four hours straight every 2 or 3 days? It is traumatizing.

To add to it, he is constantly fighting intense muscle pain in his joints. His stamina has dwindled and reached a level that is dangerously low. He can’t walk a few steps without feeling short of  breath. He can’t climb a single flight of stairs with ease. His hand aches even when he raises it to brush his teeth. I wondered how he will go on.

I know all of this sounds depressing, But when it all looked bleak, a ray of hope made its way into our lives. An aunt of Mint and Oregano offered to be a donor. Her blood group was compatible and she got all the necessary medical clearances. It took us some time to get all the legal clearances as well. After a lot of running around, paperwork and interviews, we’ve finally got the green signal from all concerned authorities.

I am delighted. We have a donor in place. The surgery has been scheduled for the 17th of this month. That means Mint will have to shorten his US trip by a few days. We’ll both be off to Chennai in less than 2 weeks. If the transplant is a success, it will mean an end to the dialysis sessions and a relatively normal life. This is  big for us. I am happy. And I am praying fervently.


40 Responses to “Happy Week – Day 3”

  1. renxkyoko said

    I’m so glad. I’m sure he’ll be alright.

  2. My prayers and good wishes. Hope to see a happier post here soon!

  3. Found donor! Oh, that’s such a great news!! Phew!

    Will send all positive thoughts his way and pray for a very successful transplant surgery.

    It will all be fine. Amen.

  4. pixie said

    This is good news.. I hope he recovers well from the surgery.

  5. Bhavani said

    So glad to hear Pepper….all the very best for his transplant…sending a prayer and good wishes to your family…

  6. Praying for all of you. Hope you guys meet happiness soon….

  7. This is indeed a great news!! Good luck for the transplant. I will pray for oregano. !!

  8. aarya said

    My good wishes are with oregano and your family, Pepper. This is a great news and I hope all goes well. And may god bless that aunt…she’s an angel.

  9. Titaxy said

    that is amazing news. my thoughts and wishes are with oregano and your family.

  10. yaadayaada said

    Good Luck!! My prayers for Oregano and your family!!

  11. Nitya said

    Oh this is such good news Pepper. Prayers and tons of positive vibes coming your way.

  12. Squishy said

    I’ve been following your blog since a while now and I absolutely love it. This is great news! I hope everything goes well and Oregano gets healthy in no time. I’ll be praying for Oregano 🙂

  13. Thank you God! Thank you God! God Bless your aunt and oregano with a happy life!

  14. Deepa said

    You know I will be desperately praying for Oregano’s success with the transplant and his brave aunt too as she goes thru the process of giving a loved one a chance at a great future. Even though M wanted to ask Mint about how Oregano was doing he refrained, not knowing what his current condition was and whether it would just upset him maybe, but I did want to know how he’s been and I’m glad things have taken a turn for the better. My Dad was on constant dialysis towards the end and it was more painful to watch the repercussions of that take a toll on him than the actual issues that had put him in the hospital in the first place. Had he lived, he would’ve been on it the rest of his life.

    Are there any supplements, easily purchased medications or anything at all that M and I can send with Mint do not hesitate to let me know privately. We know Mint is super busy with work so it might provide a short cut if M gets it together for him.

    Safe trip to you both to Chennai and super success with everything while there.

    • Pepper said

      Deepa, as usual, I am touched by your generosity. Thanks so much for offering 🙂

      PS – Mint says he had a lovely time with M. Why didn’t you go with them too?

      • Deepa said

        You know I owe you that email but I’ve actually been mulling over it all this while. Sometimes, the details can gross people out totally or just make them go TMI Dude!. So I’m thinking of just how much and what to write to you. Anyways, now I will wait till you’re back from Chennai so you go there feeling all fired with love and hope for Oregano. Okay?

        Will write to you why I didn’t go. And BTW based on M’s feedback Mint’s a clear winner. Shaabash beta.

  15. I am so happy just reading this,Pepper. Hoping and praying it all goes off well and Oregano can go back to leading a relatively normal,healthy life.

  16. R's Mom said

    This is the best post ever!!! so so happy for Oregano… I will pray really hard for him as well :):)

  17. omg.. hugs pepper.. I am sure things would turn out to be great ..

  18. seena said

    That’s really a good news.. hope everything goes well… sending prayers and best wishes to Oregano…
    I have been reading your blog for almost a year now.. delurking for the first time 🙂

  19. Smita said

    That is a great piece of news re!!!! Good luck for the surgery! Am sure all will be fine

  20. Cathy said

    Oh wow ! That would be amazing if it all turns out and I feel it will . So this is indeed a very happy post 🙂

  21. Anon said

    This is wonderful news Pepper.Praying all goes well with the surgery.

  22. ashreyamom said

    good luck dear.. hope everything goes on well..

  23. The Bride said

    Your happy made a lot of us happy too! I don’t know your brother-in-law but this is the best new all day. I hope the transplant and recovery goes super smoothly.

  24. Good news dear! Hope everything goes well now…….will pray for both Oregano and your aunt 🙂

  25. Shweta said

    I have Oregano in my prayers, Pepper! Good luck to your family!

  26. This is a great news Pepper. All the best wishes to Oregano, will definately keep him in my prayers.

  27. Bikramjit said

    I am sure it will all be fine and things will work out .. my best wishes and prayers for you and everyone involved..

    God bless Oregano..

  28. Best wishes to Oregano for a successful surgery and a speedy recovery, and to the family to give him all the support he needs!

  29. Hey Pepper, such a great news. Will pray for Oregano and the wonderful aunt.

  30. D said

    this is such an awsome news!! the first part of the post was seriously depressing…i was wondering how a guy this young must beeling going through all this!..anyway..many many congratulations and hope the transplant is very successful!!

  31. Jack Point said

    Best wishes to Oregano and the family, hope all goes well.

  32. This is such a good news and wishes Oregano to get well soon, be strong in mind and spirit. M sure all of you will get through it and life will be on track soon.
    Much love to the family

  33. MR said

    Awesome, there is always light at the end of a tunnel, glad for you guys and allt he very best to him. positive thinking ….

  34. Maya said

    This is such awesome news, Pepper. Will keep Oregano and all of you in our prayers and hope his recovery is smooth!

  35. Scribby said

    Good luck to all of you! Stay positive 🙂 all will be well!

  36. Thisisme said

    this is such a great news! a cousin brother of mine is undergoing dialysis since past 3 yrs and looking for a donor..he has been put on waiting list and wait is approx 8 yrs!! we have been trying hard to find a donor but no such luck till now! this post reminded me of him!!

    good that oregano got a donor! god bless the donor as well!! it takes a lot of heart to do that for a loved one 🙂 and i m glad some1 is doing it!

    • Pepper said

      That’s awful. Will keep your cousin in my prayers.
      And yes, bless their wonderful aunt who will be the donor. Can’t thank her enough 🙂

  37. This is awesome news, Pepper! Will pray for both Oregano and his aunt… May god bless their aunt….

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