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Happy Week – Day 5

Posted by Pepper on June 6, 2014

I was certain today was going to be a very happy day, by virtue of it being a Friday. Sadly, as the day progressed, I failed to feel the usual Friday exuberance. Work was chaotic. And then I had a lousy fight with my dad. My papa is extremely dear to me, and any fight with him throws me off. I sulk for hours.

Also, I had to talk to Mint urgently about the choice of sunmica for our kitchen door. I had promised my uncle (who is doing up the interiors of our house) that I would get back to him by today afternoon at most. Unfortunately, Mint fell asleep without talking to me. I had to discuss the sunmica patterns with him before I could respond to my uncle. I kept pinging and calling Mint hoping he wakes up, but I had no such luck. With each passing hour, I grew more anxious and stressed. I am very particular about keeping my word and getting back to people when I tell them I will. I hated it that I was answerable to somebody else and I couldn’t live up to my word because of Mint. In general, I spent my morning and afternoon feeling strained.

And then when I thought the day was turning out to be tiring and annoying, something wonderful happened. By chance, the sister and I stumbled into my grandmom’s home. Memories came flooding back to both of us. We smiled as we recounted incidents of our childhood. We talked about our beloved grandmum, the stories she told us, her peculiar pronunciation and the many times she saved us from the wrath of our mother.

Her house, in particular her kitchen, has remained untouched from the time she passed away. We just locked the door and refused to let people enter it. As a result, it is a dirty, rusty, and run down room. But we wanted it that way. We didn’t want to let others come close to touching the things she last touched. Even the gas lighter that is lying on the stove in the centre is the one that was placed by her when she cooked her last meal there.



To an outsider, this kitchen range will be nothing more than rusted junk. But to the sister and I, these scraps are very precious. When we stood beside it, we could almost hear the sounds of our past. The running of the tap, the sizzling of the frying pan in which she cooked our favourite mix of cauliflower and potato, which we fondly called, ‘phool batata’. Her reprimanding her overenthusiastic grandkids when they tried fingering the ultra hot potatoes as they were being spread out on a newspaper. We devoured the memories and felt our spirits rise. When we walked out, it almost felt like we were returning from a visit to our darling grandmom.


16 Responses to “Happy Week – Day 5”

  1. Your trip down memory lane took me down to….my grandma passed away last year and she was so dear to me…..I can so relate to ur post…in my recent trip to India I couldn’t go to her house just be coz she wouldn’t be there and the pain is still so fresh….hopefully someday….

  2. Santulan said

    the kitchen looks really neat.. better than mine at least 😦

    • Pepper said

      Ofcourse. The kitchen is unused. It is more likely to be dirty than untidy. Our kitchens are used everyday, so it’s hard to keep them neat. That’s what I say to myself all the time 😛

  3. stutigupta said

    Aw, precious 🙂

  4. SriEA said

    Wow…that photo is simple but sure is powerful!

    My grandparents are 80 plus and I try to visit them as much as I can…the way my granny pampers me is unbelievable…

  5. Such wonderful and sweet memories 🙂

  6. Very precious memories which makes the heart flutter with joy and over turn minor upsets in life. Love the stove which re-kindle love. Truly a happy moment, Pepper:)

  7. R's Mom said

    Ooohhh that stove looks as if it has a million memories associated with it..loved that pic..it reminded me of my paati’s gas stove in Calcutta :

  8. ashreyamom said

    oh lovely.. its nice to let the place be like that and have memories filled in.. I hate my grandmom for the fact that she always treated sons and daughters differently.. even now she treats her grandkids from sons and daughters differently.. now that i am expecting, she wants me to have a son.. she and not come and seen me, but went all the way to b’lore to see her granddaughter from her son as she is too expecting.. weird na.. by chance if she has a son, i have a daughter again, i know how royally she would be treated.. :(.

    • Pepper said

      God, that really does sound awful 😦 I’m so sorry,.. maybe you can try making up for her behavior by making sure you treat both your kids (whether it is a girl and a boy, or two girls.) absolutely equally?

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