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Happy Week – Day 6

Posted by Pepper on June 9, 2014

So I had all plans of writing a happy post for 7 days straight. But then the weekend came and took away all my inclination to write. Not my fault. It is hard to get yourself to sit in a corner and compose a post when you are busy having fun. And I figured, it is okay to resume the happy posting from Monday.

Monday arrived too soon, as usual. So here I am, ruing over the end of the weekend. And dreaming about the things I want RIGHT NOW, on this hot Monday afternoon. This is something I have realised – dreaming makes me happy. I spend hours thinking of my perfect world. Building it bit by bit and living in that imaginary space for a while. Most of us have a million fantasies, and even though it maybe hard to fulfill them all, living those fancies in a personally constructed dreamland costs almost nothing.

Making lists is another task that actually makes me very happy. So today, I am going to combine my love for dreaming, and my love for lists. So here is a list of things I am happily dreaming about right now.

* I want to stop working. That’s what I want right now and have actually started fulfilling this desire from the time I started typing this post.

* I want to be home. With my family.

* I want to take a cooling shower and give myself a good head bath. The shower gel should be something fresh and citrusy. I’ll pick a soothing conditioner for the hair. At the end of it, I want a very clean, soft and fluffy towel to hug me.

* I want sit in my balcony as the sun goes down and immerse myself in music. The playlist must be full of old classics.

* Goa. I want to be in Goa. Again. I never tire of Goa. I can hear the beach and the sand calling out to me.

* I feel like a pedicure. I never get one done. But now, I am dreaming of soaking my feet in a warm, sweet smelling and shampooed solution. I can see somebody scrubbing my soles. Then they lotion and massage my legs right upto my knees, focusing on that exact spot near my heels and ankles. After the cleansing of my cuticles, I emerge with soft and supple feet with bright coloured toes.

* I want to eat a warm sponge cake. On that, I will make a smiley with chocolate syrup.

* I want to buy atleast 2 classy pairs of rainy shoes. Then I will be all prepared for the impending rains.

* I want to be presented with atleast 6 new books. I want to experience that conflict when it comes to picking the one to read first.

* I want to be at the airport. In the flight, with my seat belt on. Ready to take off..



18 Responses to “Happy Week – Day 6”

  1. ashreyamom said

    its a practical dream.. i am sure all will happen soon.. 🙂

  2. Sarah Syed said

    Coincidentally that’s all “I” want to do as well.. except I’d be flying within a week so instead of dreaming about it am distressing on the many things I’ll have to leave behind.

  3. Santulan said

    Well since the posts are about happy days, a day off that makes you feel happy is a must no 🙂

    I have never had a manicure or pedicure, and I am told that they work wonders.. Will have to try..

    Do you have one of the Kerala Ayurvedic / Kottakal centres near your place? They give this back massage with a medicated oil that is oh so good..

    Do you want any book recommendations?

    • Pepper said

      I do know of the Kerala Ayurvedic centre (close to my workplace) and from what I hear, it is terrific. But they only do the full body massages there, for which they ask you to strip 😐 Can’t imagine doing that, so I’ve stayed away from that place despite the awesome reviews. I should look for some other centres where I can avoid the embarrassment.

      And yes! Book reccos are always welcome! Thanks..

  4. The list sounds wonderful..Thanks for setting me off to dreamland right on Monday morning 😉
    No Mint on the list of dreams?

    I wish to go have a nice warm oil massage in a sweet smelling semi lit room with light music on. Want to fall asleep being massaged and wake up super rejuvenated.
    Then, head out to meet a bunch of fun loving friends and have an exotic lunch ( non Indian) at a fancy place..where we’ll laugh like crazy on inside jokes 😀
    Evening shall be a visit to the planetarium with Paapu and then ice -cream together. Husband would have cooked a gourmet Indian dinner and will end the day fully satisfied and go to bed with a fabulous book in hand.

    Sigh! It does feel good.Hmm…

    • Pepper said

      No Mint on the list. I made a conscious effort to keep him away, least I came across as a crazy nutter.

      Ohh, I love your list too. Will add those points to my own list. What goes 😛 Yes, I’d even like to join you guys for the planetarium visit. Will you have me please?

  5. Deepa said

    Am with you on dreaming. Totes the best space to be in the world. Gosh, I can create anything I want no? Unlimited and unfettered by all the mortal constraints and other assorted joy killers. Yeah, good place to be:-)

    Am also fantasizing about being in Goa, getting pampered by my mum with fish curry-rice and eating the mangoes she harvested this year and promised she would preserve. Sigh…..

    And BTW, looks like I got an early telepathic memo from you on your wish for a good bath and pedicure. Keep guessing what I mean by that:-)

    • Pepper said

      So when are you coming to Goa? I’d love to be there when you visit. It’s one of my favourite places, and I’d get to meet you! What more can i want..

      I am totally curious and confused about that last line of yours. Are you telling me you had a good bath and pedicure on my behalf?

  6. send me your address, I will send you a book if not 6 🙂

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