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Happy Week – Day 7

Posted by Pepper on June 10, 2014

Today is the grand finale of the happy week. My day has been dispersed many happy moments and now they are all competing to be featured in this space. Since today is the last post of this series, perhaps I should factor in and include all my happy bits instead of focusing on one. So I am going to go with the flow and write without an agenda.

Mint. I’ve come to realise, he is the source of my eternal joy. And eternal annoyance too, but we’ll leave that for another day. My heart still skips a beat every time I lay my eyes on him. So it was the weekend and we were chatting with each other with our webcams on. It was past 4 am for him and I continued asking him to go sleep. But he would insist on staying back and talking to me. Since he refused to listen to me, I let go. His reponses became slower. After a point, he seemed to be mumbling and in the next few minutes, he was fast asleep. It got me a little mad. Why does he want to fight sleep all the time? Why does he tell me he will be there when he can’t? I pulled out my phone and took a picture of my laptop. I wanted to show it to him and say, “See? This is how sleepy you were! You just fell asleep while we were talking. So next time don’t act smart and try to stay up when you can’t”.

Today, I was going through my phone and I came across the pic that I had taken this weekend. And only now did I really notice it. The sight of him sleeping put a big smile on my face. I think it is the sweetest. But ignore me, I am just a smitten wife.


As the days progress, I am trying really hard to contain my excitement. Mint will be returning from good old California on this Friday. Calling me excited would be an understatement. I am hopping from foot to foot. I can’t wait to be with him. I can’t wait to dive into his suitcase. I can’t wait..

I was smiling to myself as I drove back from work today. For a change, I made it home in a record 25 minutes. The roads were almost empty. Why, I wonder. It is a Tuesday. Anyway, I am not going to question it too much.

BFF#1 had to drop by my place in the evening to collect a book. She brought me almost a dozen idlis. Those who know me will know what a big fan I am of home made idlis. So this unexpected treat had me gasping in delight. What joy.

Once home, I spent some time going through Asian Paint’s Colour Spectra. What colour should the walls of our new house be? We need to make a final decision in the next few days. I took immense pleasure in picturing our home in different shades. But really, any recommendations on how we should go about choosing the colour of our walls will be welcome.

Mint is landing in Mumbai on Friday night. We’re flying to Chennai for Oregano’s transplant on Sunday. Both Mint and I are going to be working remote after we land there. I have to pack for a few weeks. We need to settle some things with the new house in the two days that Mint will be here. It is all very rushed, but beneath all my anxiety, there is a hope. Hope of Oregano’s transplant being a grand success. The thought of his life being presented back to him makes me happy like nothing else does.

This happy week has been a wonderful exercise. I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. If at all any of you are interested in taking this up, please let me know. I would love to read it!


38 Responses to “Happy Week – Day 7”

  1. Dod you give Mint a shopping list? Psst.. VS semi annual sale, h&m, the body shop sales start today. Hehe
    Prayers for Oregano.
    Try neutral shades for your wall so you can keep changing your livingroom and bedroom color schemes using fabrics. And make one wall accented. That also can keep changing every year if you want. Easier than repainting all the walls.

  2. Ranjini said

    You guys should totally paint the wall yourselves. There are a ton of videos on YouTube to guide you. One side wall at least?

  3. Bikramjit said

    Poor guy.. he is sleeping and still talking to wifey dear.. awwwwww moment for sure. .

    my best wishes with the tranplant ..go and come back amd give us all the good news..

    And have fun desciding the paint. ..
    Take care…

  4. Bhavani said

    Awww..it brought a big smile on my face too..that pic:-) So I am sure you are expecting something big from here right;))

    Fingers and Toes and everything crossed for a very successful transplant for Oregano…..all will go well with all the positive thoughts and prayers from a loving and caring family..

    Take care and do update us…

  5. Arch said

    Lovely post! Picturing your to-be home in different colors must be so much fun. Good wishes you way, Pepper!

  6. Deepa said

    LOL on Mint in “sleeping beauty land”. So endearing that you actually saved this image and now can go back to it and rekindle that memory. Thesedays I try and take audio recordings of the brat and us speaking, arguing, negotiating and sometimes singing. I figure if not just for the memories I’ll be able to blackmail him with them in front of his wife/partner someday no?

    I’m sure you’re going to inundate Mint with a zillion tasks once he lands:-)

    Best of luck(raised to the power of a gazillion) for Oregano’s surgery and post recovery. I’m praying for him too.

    Will write to you when you’re back in Mumbai.

    • Pepper said

      Audio recordings are a great idea! I should try doing those too. And lol! You are already thinking of blackmailing the poor fellow, eh? Mean mommy!

      I will wait for your mail 🙂 You do know you don’t have to wait for me to be back though, right?

  7. R's Mom said

    hahahahhahaha Mint is super cute…I am laughing out loud!!

    And all the best for Oregano..I will definitely go to the temple this weekend to pray for him…Big time hugs to everyone in the family

  8. ashreyamom said

    thats a nice and positive change na.. regarding the colours, dont get into fancy onces yar, maintenance would be difficult.. go for pastel shades, preferably 3 walls of light colour and ceiling white. or else room would become really dark. textured paint will accumulate lot of dust and cleaning is really difficult between the creeks.. so choose wisely.

  9. S said

    How sweet of him to insist that he wants to talk to you despite being sleepy 🙂 He loves you more than his sleep. It is another matter that his tired body gave in. Your happy posts have a happy effect on the readers too – a splash of freshness in this summer. Keep writing. Now that the happy week is over, please don’t ignore your blog 😀

    All the best to Oregano and your family. My prayers are with you.

  10. good to see you happy…..may many more weeks of such happiness fill ur life 🙂
    BTW I am getting inspired to do something similar 🙂

  11. MR said

    Im usually a happy person, but lately my rants and angst have increased. I’d like ot take up the challenge – for me. lets see if i can write for 7 days straight nad keep it happy happy !!!!!

    • Pepper said

      Same with me. With Mint in the US and all the workload on me, my rants had increased drastically. This happy week was the perfect way to end the rants. So, are you taking it up? 7 days is not that hard.

  12. Awww on the smitten wife bit

  13. Stardust said

    Kudos for completing your challenge successfully !
    I know that inexpressible feeling of waiting for close-hearted ones and not to mention lots of goodies . And did i tell you i never miss any of your posts ? Good stuff you’ve got in here. Btw me thinks of taking up the challenge too ! Wish me adherence 😉 😀

    • Pepper said

      Yes. Only a few hours to go before I see Mint. Can’t tell you how excited I am 😀
      Ofcourse, I wish you all the adherence. You’ll be able to do it 🙂

      • Bhagyashree said

        Hi Pepper,

        I am a silent reader of your blog, I had this compulsive need to comment today since it’s Oregano’s transplant today. Am praying fervently, it will all be okay.

        Sending your family lots of positive thoughts.


  14. Aww that is such a sweet pic. I have same habit, taking pics of my sweetheart when they sleep. It always melt my heart to see them sleep peacefully. Those pictures always bring a smile on my face.

    Wishing the very best for you and family. Oregano will be good, keep it positive. I am sure this is a tough phase for all of you. Remember to breathe often ok? Take care and sending loads of positive vibes for oregano.

  15. Oh no did I loose my comment ?

  16. Sulakshna said

    I wanted to quickly wish for Oregano’s operation tomorrow and mention that you write in a very engaging manner! Prayers.. Wish everything turns out well and a speedy recovery to him!

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