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Oregano’s journey in his own words..

Posted by Pepper on June 16, 2014

It has been an extremely eventful week for us. Mint finally came home after his very long US trip two days ago. We flew in to Chennai late last night and we haven’t had a chance to catch our breath yet. I don’t have the energy or mental bandwidth to get into details now, so I’ll save those for upcoming posts. For now, all my focus lies on tomorrow. Tomorrow is the big day. It is the day of Oregano’s kidney transplant surgery. I’ve been taking deep breaths at regular intervals to keep myself calm and composed.

You’ve always been there, praying and sending in good wishes for him. Until now, I have been passing on those wishes to Oregano. Today, I will be happy if you pass them on to him yourself. To document his battle, Oregano started blogging some months ago. All this while, he preferred to write privately, so I did not share the link on my blog. He posted his last post before the surgery today and I asked him once again if I could share his blog url. He agreed, and surprisingly, he seemed almost excited.

He doesn’t write often, but nevertheless, here is it. His journey in his own words. His last post says it all. In this highly unpredictable life, we have no room for regrets. I continue learning from him everyday. I hope his life takes a new turn tomorrow. Please do pray for him. And ofcourse, I believe he’ll be happy if you let him know you’ve been praying and wishing him well. So if you can, do stop by his blog and let him know.

PS – I promise to update this space and let you all know how the surgery went as soon as I can.


7 Responses to “Oregano’s journey in his own words..”

  1. Deeps said

    Just got back from oregano’s blog. Wished him. Here’s wishing you and your family all the luck and strength as well.
    I may not have been around blogging much, but have been following your updates on Oregano regularly. Will be waiting to know how the surgery went.

    Take care, Pepper. Stay positive..

  2. Bikramjit said

    Definitely.. off to his place

  3. I kept thinking abt you especially knowing how difficult this week must have been for you. It’s greeting closer, I am praying for him and your family. Hang in there ! Hugs!!

  4. let me jump on Oreganos space and in mean time, pass him my best wishes Pepper. I am sure he will triumph for holding his might so well and I’m sure he’ll come up strongly:)

  5. Anu said

    I have never commented on your blog but have been reading it for years now. I read oregano’s blog too and I sincerely hope and pray for his surgery to go off well and that he recovers soon. You must be strong for him and your family and I hope to see good tidings on your blog soon. All the best !

  6. MR said

    best wishes, keep your cool and believe..

  7. […] Oregano’s journey in his own words.. […]

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