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With God’s grace..

Posted by Pepper on June 19, 2014

Before I proceed, I must tell you guys that the surgery went well and things are looking up. Read on to know more.

Oregano had been admitted to the hospital a day prior to his surgery. We tried spending as much time with him as we could, but with the hospital having exceedingly strict regulations regarding attendants and visitors, we weren’t allowed to hang around too much. We said our byes and left for home at night. My MIL would be spending the night with him.

The next morning, we were back in the hospital at 6 am. He was being readied for the surgery, so we weren’t allowed to see him. Finally, we saw him being wheeled into the OT around 7 am. I stopped by his stretcher for a minute and we spoke for a bit. He told me with a smile that he had used his phone to see and approve some of the comments that were left for him on his blog. After this, his phone was switched off and kept away. Thank you so much for wishing him well. Comments that came before he was wheeled into the OT have been approved. I am guessing he will approve the remaining comments once he is in a position to do so. Once again, thank you so much.

Our waiting game began the moment he was wheeled inside. It was 7:05 am to be precise. They said it was going to be a 4 hour surgery. In the lobby of the hospital, we found ourselves comfortable chairs to slump into. We had barely been sleeping and I was exhausted. Around me were a number of assorted relatives. They all spoke in a language I don’t understand. Although I manage to catch bits of Tamil, Mint’s family speaks a dialect that is very hard for me to grasp. It is sad because my lack of understanding and ability to converse makes me stick out like a sore thumb. I feel alienated and awkward. Unable to do much about it, I shrugged.

My mind raced to the day before. That was when I had deeply regretted not being able to talk in their language. After waiting for long, I had finally met their aunt who was going to be donating her kidney to Oregano. She smiled away as she greeted us. Without even knowing it, I could feel my eyes well up. I wanted to reach out to her. I wanted to tell her how thankful I felt to her for doing this for Oregano. He means a lot to me and she was saving his life. I wanted her to know that I understand it isn’t easy to part with a piece of your own body, to risk future complications and adhere to some restrictions for the rest of your life. And yet she was doing it for him so graciously. I wanted her to know the deep regard I held for her. But I couldn’t say any of it.

She doesn’t speak any of the languages I know and I don’t speak any of the languages she knows. I asked Mint to tell her how I felt, but he asked me to try saying it to her myself. I wondered. How would I convey the depth of my feelings to her? How would I find the right words? Also, I am shy. So I kept ignoring the swelling urge to talk to her. Until I found the perfect opportunity. We were alone in the room. I looked at her and I started to blabber. I told her how thankful I was. I told her I had no words to express it. I don’t even remember all that I said. In the midst of it, I held her hand. I struggled for the words that would express my gratitude. And when I found myself fumbling too much, I just shut up and gave her a hug. Not knowing how to speak to me, she continued to smile.

I have a feeling she managed to understand all that I tried to convey. Yet, I wished I had the support of words. I wished I knew Tamil, if not the dialect they spoke. I promised myself I would try harder to learn. And here I was again, in the midst of alien chatter. Too tired to focus. I knew I should try and absorb what they were saying as much as I could, but at that time the task seemed to demand more stamina than I currently possessed.

Also, the lobby was freezing. We had already been sitting there for hours, waiting for some news. My stomach felt twisted into anxious knots. Four hours were up. Where were the doctors? Why hadn’t we heard from them yet. Just as I was thinking of this, we saw an assistant of the surgeon pass by and my FIL ran up to him. He told us Oregano’s surgery was still going on and would take another hour to complete. I hoped the delay was not because of any sudden complication they had encountered.

I had all sorts of thoughts going through my head. The hour finally passed. And then yet another hour passed. Time seemed to be crawling. Finally, after waiting for more than six and a half hours, we heard from the doctors. The surgery was over. They said it went well. His new kidney was functioning. As is the norm, both Oregano and his aunt had been moved to the ICU, where nobody would be allowed to see them for four days. As of now, things were good and they were both doing well. I let out a deep sigh that released all my pent up anxieties and tensions.

He is still in the ICU ofcourse, and although he cannot see us, he is allowed to talk to us on phone. He has been given a very high dosage of steroids and immunosuppressants inorder to minimise the chances of his body rejecting the new kidney. We’re hoping his body is able to cope with that level of steroids without many side effects. The first day he was in too much pain, so he couldn’t talk. The second day, he spoke to us and said he was much better. His creatinine (indicator of kidney function) is slowly inching towards the normal range. I am ecstatic.

Ofcourse, this does not guarantee life long success. For the coming few weeks, his condition needs to be monitored strictly. Because of the very potent immunosuppressive drugs he has been administered, he is very susceptible to infections.  His disease could return anytime. His new kidney may give up suddenly. His body may reject the new organ in the coming days/months/years. We don’t know what may occur when. But until any of that happens, we will celebrate. After all, this is a start to a new life. And we will take it one day at a time. Today, we have reason to rejoice.


84 Responses to “With God’s grace..”

  1. prachi1234 said

    Its a great news.I pray to God that everything goes well and smooth for all of you…..May the Almighty give him strength to bear all the pain and he gets well very soon without any complications…..

    • Pepper said

      Thank you for praying, Prachi. Hopefully, the pain won’t last for too long. That’s what the docs say atleast. And yes, truly hoping we don’t face any complications ahead.

  2. The successful surgery is definitely reason to rejoice! Best wishes to Oregano, the donor aunt and the entire family!

  3. deuxtime said

    Hey Pepper.. I have been subscribing to your blog for a while now, and reading it silently, in the privacy of my inbox. However, given the gravity of the situation and what you, Mint, Oregano and the rest of your family is going through, I just thought I’d reach out to you. I also read Oregano’s blog and I have to tell you this – he is truly lucky to have a support system like you guys. He has mentioned you especially as his go-to person, and it warms the cockles of my heart to see the love you guys have for each other, like he is your own flesh and blood.

    Don’t worry, Pepper, everything shall be fine. Take each day at a time, and rejoice in the smallest of things, for they bring the most joy! A big hi to Oregano as well!

    Keep writing, and keep us posted on everything that is going on.

    • Pepper said

      Thank you 🙂
      A lot of people are surprised when they find out we’re not related by blood. I just tell them our friendship runs very deep. Yes, he’s lucky to have us as a support system, and we’re equally lucky to have him in our life. Especially me. Just like Mint, he’s been my support when I have ranted about my inlaws.

      Will pass on your hi to Oregano when I can. Hugs to you too.

  4. Smita said

    I don’t know what to say!!!!!! Or rather how to say!! SO a biiiig hug and am glad that things are better!!!!

  5. Bikramjit said

    It will be FINE.. God bless .. and yes celbrate indeed it is a new life and new life always needs to be celebrated ..

    All will be FINE….

  6. Latha said

    I’m very happy everything went well. Oregano was/is in my thoughts ever since I read his blog. Checking you blog every now and then for your updates. I wish he and the aunt live a long life without any complication. My best wishes to oregano and the aunt. Latha

  7. Shweta said

    Such optimism!! God bless oregano and I wish well for all of you, Pepper. I hope he is blessed with the strength to fight the pain! And also your aunt.. Hats off to the selfless lady!

  8. Mrs B said

    I am soo so so happy to read this pepper. Having seen my dad suffering from kidney failure and then finally losing him, I am so emotional right now reading your post. So very happy for oregano and all of you. I wish him a speedy recovery. God Bless You all.. Thanks for keeping us updated. Ever since the news of oregano broke, he has been in my thoughts.. Take care.
    And I am sure the aunt would have understood what you were trying to convey. 🙂 time to rejoice for sure!

    • Pepper said

      Thank you so much. I feel like I can relate to the pain of watching your loved ones suffer from kidney failure too well. I’ve gone through it not just once, but twice. I know since you’ve been there, your wishes are truly heartfelt. Thank you 🙂

  9. This is such a great news Pepper, the one I have been waiting for . I am glad you took time to write. Yes it is time to celebrate, life is unpredictable we should live each day. Hugs to you . I wish oregano the very best life has to offer and may all his dream come true ,I wish him to be the best game developer in the world.

    • Pepper said

      LF, believe me, he is going to really cherish your wish. He is so crazy about game development. Seeing your comment would make him so happy!

  10. Mrs. Nair said

    I have been dropping here like never before since yesterday….the news was worth it….wishing a speedy recovery to Oregano nd his aunt…nd i am sure his aunt understood ur feelings , if not ur words….take care….all of you.

  11. Hey! That’s great news for Oregano and m thrilled to read the successful operation. His aunt is such wonderful lady in a world difficult to find such people. My hug to Oregana, his aunt and of course you, who prayed him. Good things happen to good people.

  12. MR said

    Awesome news pepper. Everything will be well, sending positive thoughts that way.

  13. By far the happiest post I have ever read. I will keep Oregano in my prayers.

    I am sure Mint’s Aunt would have understood your hug, if not your words 🙂 hugs Pepper.

    • Pepper said

      I believe so too. Thanks so much for praying for Oregano. I know this bag full of hugs, prayers and good wishes will go a long way in helping him. Hugs!

  14. Thank God everything went well…. Hugs to all of you….. Wishing him a super speedy recovery and healthy life ahead…..

  15. Manju said

    I am shedding tears at my work place right now..I just felt like meeting this Aunt of yours & want to convey all that you stated in this blog now..Wat a relief at last..I sincerely keep Oregano in my prayers from now on

  16. Bhagyashree said

    Thank you for posting this. Sometimes one doesn’t need a language to convey a thought but I know what you mean, been there done that. Tamil is a tough language to learn, but not so tough if you’re adamant 🙂

    Love to you and your family..

    • Pepper said

      That’s what I wanted to believe. I hoped she would feel my gratitude in my hug, even if I had no words. But yes, knowing Tamil would help. Sigh. I will try.. 🙂

  17. Maya said

    So so happy Oregano is doing well. This is the best thing I’ve read today, Pepper!

  18. Oh great news! We have been waiting for your update about the transplant!! All the best for his recovery.

  19. yaadayaada said

    Nice to get the positive update on the surgery. Thanks for posting in the midst of all that is going on!! Our prayers and hugs!! Good luck!

  20. Been logging in to check for updates. So glad everything went well! Hugs and prayers coming your way :))

  21. Stardust said

    Ohh such a great news ! Good to hear everything’s going on well. I was feeling very low yesterday and happened to read Oregano’s blog. Tears kept flowing as I read each of his post. I felt asahmed for worrying for very minute things while people like Oregano, despite facing the worst could still be positive. Oregano has inspired me to face hurdles. Please do let him know this. I wish him the earliest recovery and wonderful life ahead.

    • Pepper said

      Really. Oregano is amazing. He has the ability to really laugh and see humour (without feigning it) even when the doctors say his situation is pretty damn f*cked up. When I say I keep learning from him everyday, I mean it.

  22. Sarah Syed said

    I’ve been refreshing the posts feed each time I checked my phone for the update you promised. It certainly is a relief that Oregano is doing well and that the surgery was a success. It’s haunting thinking about the possibilities of the disease returning but I hope, wish and pray it never does. Not to anybody. Not to Oregano.

    • Pepper said

      Thanks Sarah. The possibilities are daunting. So we try to not think about them at all. I hope we never have to face them, so no point worrying about them now.

  23. D said

    amazing news pepper!!…my prayers are with him. And I can imagine how you must be feeling towards the aunt..she is indeed a great soul!!..your inlaws must be wonderful people to have such relatives around!…wish you guys all the luck …:)

  24. Ranjini said

    On a day that I woke up watching something terrible and felt that all human beings suck, I read about someone like your aunt. It’s only fair for your BIL to name his first born after her 🙂 haha. hope they feel well soon.

  25. Bhavani said

    Phew!!! so glad to hear about his progress. I was refreshing your page frequently waiting to see the positive updates. I am so happy…Amazing how strangers bond over the blog right?
    And I am sure his Aunt understands your feelings…sometimes you dont need words to covery something…you just feel it…Our prayers for his successful recovery and leading a normal life…


  26. Oh My God. Thanks you!!

    I have tears of Joy for Oregano and his loving family…

    For now, we’ll rejoice and feel ecstatic. No reason, not to 🙂
    The days to come will only bring more happiness. I really think so.

    Tight Tight {{Hugs}}

  27. I am so happy to hear that Oregano’s surgery went well. I read most of his blog and had left him my good wishes. It indeed is a reason to celebrate.

  28. Great News !!! GOD Bless Oregano ! Hugs to you and your whole family pepper !

  29. Anu said

    Hi Pepper, I have been waiting for this post… so glad to know that the operation was done successfully! Here’s wishing Oregano a speedy recovery… I hope and pray that his body accepts the new kidney and he is able to get back to leading a normal life!

  30. This is fantastic. Lots of positive thoughts being sent Oregano’s way.

    And big hugs to you 🙂

  31. Arch said

    Truly, she is a wonderful person! No amount of thanks would be enough for the deed she has done.
    I hope and pray that everything goes well for Oregano! Take care!

    • Pepper said

      Yes, I hope everything goes well. Not just for the sake of Oregano, but for the sake of their wonderful aunt too. Can’t imagine her deed not bearing the desired result.

  32. hugs pepper.. it is so great to hear that the surgery was successful.. lot of wishes to oregano.. he’ll definitely get better soon … 🙂

  33. A big hug to you anf all my best wishes to Oregano. he will sure do very well. God Bless him..I am so happy that you took time to write this. Ever since you had written about him I was disheartened but now as you said its time to rejoice…. take care

  34. dreams said

    Great news. ..feeling relieved to read this. My attitude towards life has changed after reading stages in his blog. .hugs to you. ..He will sure be a game developer. .cheers 🙂

  35. Deepa said

    What tremendous news dearest pepper. Hallelujah it is and no less. This is the beginning of a brand new life for brave, brave Oregano. What a huge relief for his mum and dad who I’m sure were praying not only that it went off well but also that their darling wouldn’t be in too much pain afterwards. I recall after each one of my surgeries in the past two years my mum would specially say a separate prayer only for that knowing how much of a baby I am about physical pain. Oregano will every single day gain strength and heal, the body knows when it’s been thru too much that there’s no way to go but up and thats exactly what will happen.

    I will continue to pray for him because as you rightly said his journey is not over yet so we must keep on sending him our good vibes.

    You will learn Tamil sweetie, by and by. I love the language myself having studied for four years in the South and although I can sort of follow it I regret I didn’t learn to speak it comfortably well although I’m told when I sing in Tamil I sound very authentic.

    Am currently traveling so when I’m back owe you a long rambling email.

    • Pepper said

      Your wishes mean a lot. Thank you so much. And I hope there is no more pain. Not for him. Not for you.

      Yes, do come back and write to me. I’ll wait for your mail 🙂

  36. Thisisme said

    This is such a great news! One of my friends had both kidneys failing at the age of 22 and finally her mom donated one of her kidney! Its been 3 yrs and my fiiend is leading a very happy life and her mom is good too! 🙂 she even got married and is thankfully super-happy in it!

    I wish ur BIL the same kinda speedy recovery and many many more happy days n celebrations to come!

    One of my very close cousin brother is currently going thru a very bad phase as his kidneys have failed and he is on dialysis! Its been very very hard to find a donor also…its been almost 3 yrs that he is surviving on dialysis and it really pains me to see him go thru all this..
    I hope he too finds a donor soon and is able to recover from all of this!

    • Pepper said

      Stories like your friend’s go a long way in encouraging us. Thanks for wishing Oregano.
      I will really pray for your cousin. It is not an easy place to be in. I hope he finds a donor really soon.

  37. aarya said

    Wish oregano a speedy recovery from all he has gone through…i hope he is soon back to his normal self and may god bless that aunt and bring all great things in life to her…take care you guys

  38. Yam said

    So happy to hear this:) wish him a very speedy recovery. Best wishes!

  39. SS said

    Hi Pepper, commenting for the first time here! One of my close relatives underwent a kidney transplant and it’s been over a year now since the surgery happened. In his case the donor was his wife! Although he is under medication and his situation needs to be closely monitored, he has recovered well enough to make a trip to US!
    My wishes and prayers are with you and your family.

  40. Very happy to know this Pepper :). May God’s blessings be with him forever!!

  41. Hi pepper,
    I am glad to know that the surgery went well. Somehow my subscription for your blog is not working and I was waiting for an update. my prayers for a speedy recovery and healthy life ahead to oregano.

    • Pepper said

      You’re the second person telling me the blog subscription is not working. I wonder what is wrong..
      Anyway, thank you for sending his way such lovely prayers..

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