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Seeing through a glass wall

Posted by Pepper on July 8, 2014

These days, I seem to write posts only in my head. Once I am done writing an elaborate post, I go on to evaluate it. Yes, in my head. Considering I take pride in the fact that I hardly censor my writing, I am not sure why my mental evaluation has become so stringent. If I don’t find the content of my posts appropriate enough, I spend some more time editing it mentally. By the time I am done with this exercise of writing, evaluating, editing in my head, I hardly feel like posting.

Sigh. So I am not going to subject my thoughts to anymore assessments. Not today. Even if I write a completely meaningless post. Which is bound to happen, you know? I am so bored and blahed. The sister and Mint have gone for a movie. They really tried hard to loop me in. And although Transformers seems to have some good reviews, I didn’t feel like spending my evening cooped in a theatre. Just one of those days, I suppose? I chose to stay home and work on a tedious project. That is, washing my hair. Have I told you how much I hate taking a hair bath? I avoid it till I can.

Unfortunately, I managed to evade the ‘big task’ yet again. Which means I will have to wake up early in the morning tomorrow to wash my hair. What a pain. Today, I spent my evening lounging on the couch. I think I like being home and doing nothing. Speaking of home, Mint and I are staying with my parents. To add to it, we have a lot of our boxes and bags lying around and the house is in a state of disarray. Our own house is still not ready, but from what we understand, it should be complete in another week. Then we will need to buy a few basics before we can consider moving in. Basics like a bed and a stove and an air conditioner and a refrigerator and..umm, other stuff I can’t think of right now. I wonder how long it will take to procure all of that with an overanalytical Mint. I’ve spent long hours imagining life in the new house. I’ve pictured myself there and gone over the finer details in my head. I’ve dreamed of sleeping, waking up, cooking and unwinding there. So I am quite curious to know how it really will be to live there.

Maybe I will ask Mint to make a list of our pending purchases tomorrow. Oh well, tomorrow is only Wednesday. Why does it feel like we’ve already gone through the week? When will the weekend arrive? Weekends are so much ┬ánicer than weekdays. Speaking of weekends, I met my former colleague this Saturday. I was amused to note how my old work place has remained unchanged. After we said bye, he sent me a text saying how much everybody in my team misses me. And how they all hate my replacement. Hah! What a high that gave me.

Mint and I also spent some time in this lovely coffee shop. It was the perfect place for an impromptu date. We spent some good time chatting with each other. About life and all that jazz. The coffee shop had a large glass wall with a beautiful view. I couldn’t resist taking a picture. It was a clear day, but I thought of how lovely it would be to come here on a rainy day and watch the downpour and the swelling lake through this glass wall. Someday, I know I am going to come back here to do just that. For those of you who are interested, this coffee shop is in Hotel Renaissance. Lovely, isn’t it?

coffee shop

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