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Posted by Pepper on July 28, 2014

I wonder what it is that lies beneath my skin. I feel it crawling inside me. Is it anger? Is it sadness? When did I lose the ability to distinguish? Nobody is sick. Nobody is dying. Yet, what crawls under my skin is abominably dark. I suspect it is the hurt. Hurt that is drowning me. Why? Why do we give some people the power to hurt us this bad? If I could take back that power, I would.

Or maybe I wouldn’t. I’d continue bestowing them with this power. And I’d continue flinching as the hurt descended upon me.

11 Responses to “Power”

  1. Santulan said

    I don’t know why, but this reminds me of Linkin Park

  2. Hye, hope everything fine. Guess, such things happen and let’s go with the flow, Pepper:)

  3. Deepa said

    Hugs and love your way, sweetie. I’ve written to you a few days back on your pepper account. When you find a breather and are out of this mood read.


  4. ash said

    People hurt us when they think there is nobody to fight FOR us .
    Once they know , there are persons who care for us …they usually back off

  5. Hugs, Pepper. I do not know what brought on this post in your case, but the sentiments expressed echo mine so precisely at the moment, it is uncanny. May we feel better soon!

  6. I so get it .. I experienced it few days back and I am in a dilemma whether to take the power back or not ….

  7. Stu said

    Hugs. If you love them and they love you, it’s okay : they have the power to hurt you, as do you. and sadly both of you will use it from time to time. It’s human, it happens, and it doesn’t change the love.
    If, however, they don’t love you and yet hurt you intentionally, then they are just mean people and you should cut them out of your life pronto.

  8. Hoping all is good. Xx

  9. Deepa said

    Hugs again, hope you’re doing better now.

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