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We are our choices

Posted by Pepper on August 5, 2014

I’ve been a little quiet around here. Mostly because I’ve been living a dazed existence and don’t quite know what to say. I feel like I am living in some sort of a limbo. And for somebody who freaks out at the loss of control, this doesn’t come easy.

I’m sorry if my statements sound overly dramatic. Nothing earth shattering happened. I am just annoyed and exhausted with the lack of progress we’re making with our new home. For those of you who keep asking me, no we haven’t moved into our place yet. We’re still staying with my parents. Please don’t go on to ask me why. I hate to answer that.

Because there is no real justification. Our reasons are considered vain. Nobody really understands them. In order to move in, we had to make a few immediate purchases that would make the place livable. I can’t go on tell you how stressed out we’ve been because of our inability to decide. To pick and choose.

What is the best water purifier? Should we get an RO? Does Mumbai really need an RO? Or will UV treatment suffice? Maybe UV is enough for Mumbai, but what if we decide to move to a city that requires RO too? We won’t be able to carry the water purifier with us if it is only UV. Should we get a sofa cum bed that is not very soft or should we get a soft and cosy sofa that comes without a pull out bed? Will we need a sofa cum bed? Will we really have visitors? Shouldn’t we just focus on comfort? What if we regret not having a pull out bed later? Should we get an ottoman for the sides or should we go for single seaters? Oh, ottoman won’t have backsupport. Maybe a bean bag is the best. But will everybody be comfortable sitting on bean bags?

Should we buy an instant water heater for the bathroom or should we buy a boiler that takes time to heat? Will the instant water heater be able to take the load of a long, high pressure shower? Will a boiler be better for lengthy showers? But will we remember to turn it on before our shower? How long will it take to heat? Will we even have that much time in the morning? What colour should our flooring be? Will a dark wood shade make the room look too small? How much can we spend on a refrigerator? Will the dimensions of the fridge fit in the designated nook of our kitchen?

Mint spending *hours* pouring over different wooden flooring patterns. I just sat on the floor since I was so tired after a long day at work.

Mint spending *hours* pouring over different wooden flooring patterns. I just crouched on the floor because I was too tired to stand for hours after a long day at work.


One of the many evenings we spent in furniture stores. That's Mint taking a break playing candy crush on his phone. Across him is my equally fed up sister.

One of the many evenings we spent in furniture stores. That’s Mint taking a break playing candy crush on his phone. Across him is my equally fed up sister.



Lights. So many. Which ones will be right for our home?

I can go on. But you get the point. You don’t need a genius to point out that we over think. We simply can’t make decisions. I’ve written about our inability to decide here and here. Even taking a small decision has always been painful, so now when we’re faced with the task of making infinite decisions, we feel bogged down. I wonder if we suffer from some kind of a disorder? Why do we always have two unrelenting perspectives in our head? The two perspectives are always at war with each other. Neither willing to accept defeat.

Unfortunately, in addition to being perennially confused, I am also the kind of person who likes to be in control. I need to know where I am heading. How long I will take to get there. How tough the path is. What I should expect along the way. I can’t deal with the loss of control. But now, our endless to-do list is not allowing me to maintain command. I don’t know when we will make all our required purchases. I don’t know when our home will be set up. I don’t know when we will go back to a normal routine. And all the unknown has been throwing me off balance.

Every evening after work hours we find ourselves in some store or the other. We spend hours analysing and dissecting every detail of the product and brand we are considering. Yet we come back without taking any firm call. We put it off for another day. I’ve spent so many days going this, I have no energy left anymore. All I want to experience is the joy of striking an item off my endless list..


49 Responses to “We are our choices”

  1. Don’t worry, things will fall into place. Sometimes, we need to take some time and it’s always rewarding.Best with the house n let us know:)

  2. Just go ‘in pin safety pin’. If you are like me, go thrice. And then pick the other. And after that, return and pick the first.

  3. Pepper, So this appears pretty common and came up in conversations with my bestie who recently bought a house here. Young, new home owners tend to want everything perfect and hence every purchase becomes a major decision point. Imagine doing this for a huge 5 bedroom house in the US – the sheer agony. She says this period of decision making was possibly the worst in her relationship with her husband as the argued endlessly over mindless things like water faucets and light fixtures. Finally her other friend and home owner gave her some solid advice- divide and conquer and don’t get involved in the areas under your spouse’s jurisdiction. So this means if you get lights under you, you solely decide and move on. The other person lives with it. And this my friend followed and said kept her sane:) Honestly, no decision is terrible that you can’t live with it. You make your peace and take pleasure in the fact that you had your pick on quite a few things. Good luck! Side note: These are exciting times leading to you guys moving into your first own place. Enjoy them without the stress:)
    Just my 2 cents..feel free to not publish.

    • Pepper said

      We considered that, you know? But I think both of us are too timid to rely on our individual discretion. We always need validation from each other, when it comes to making a purchase. I also think we’re both secretly worried that the other will sulk if we dislike what the other got. Sigh. Maybe we should just be more confident, put aside those fears and get things done.

  4. PeeVee said

    You know the thing with choices? You have to choose and then try to stop second guessing yourself to prevent your mind from going in circles and driving you mad. For each item, make a list. Set a budget. Narrow the selection down to two and get a third person who you trust to pick the best one out. And then, MOVE ON. Otherwise, you’ll keep wondering if you made the right choice.

    Setting up a new home should be making you happy. Skip the shebang and go off to Goa. Come back refreshed and maybe things won’t look so bleak.

    Don’t let a bit of furniture get you down, love.

  5. PeeVee said

    You know the thing with choices? You have to choose and then try to stop second guessing yourself to prevent your mind from going in circles and driving you mad. For each item, make a list. Set a budget. Narrow the selection down to two and get a third person who you trust to pick the best one out. And then, MOVE ON. Otherwise, you’ll keep wondering if you made the right choice.

    Setting up a new home should be making you happy. Skip the shebang and go off to Goa. Come back refreshed and maybe things won’t look so bleak.

    Don’t let a bit of furniture get you down, love.

  6. Sarah Syed said

    I totally understand. When you want to set up your (dream) home, everything should be considered. . And it takes time.

  7. Boiling said

    I am also quite indecisive and used to agonize a lot (and sometimes still do). So, I started making some quick decisions and as long as it is not too expensive, I think life is okay na? Also, I do not like too many choices because then you cannot make any decision then!

    Here is my unsolicited advice (of course biased towards my preferences) –

    1. Water filter – First get that standard Indian filter – stainless steel water filter from Butterfly or something like that because this also filters out bacteria etc. I would recommend Reverse osmosis because that is the best. UV only kills bacteria and other microbes. R.O filters out some other chemicals, pesticides also. Though I do not know if R.O is transferable, like can you move with it to another house. If yes, you can get that later. I am not really impressed by UV filters and if the price difference is negligible between UV and RO, I do not see why we should pay so much just for a UV.

    Also, alkalizing water filters are more of gimmicks. Our stomach is pH = 1-2. Why should we pour alkaline water on it all the time? Alkalizing foods theory is different because it is what happens after they break down, they are not alkaline per se.

    2. I would go for sofa – a comfy one. Sofa beds are not really that comfy. Many Indian visitors can spread a bedsheet + mattress on floor and sleep, at least I can. Anyways, I am sure your parents must have a lot of extras. You can rush to their house to borrow if someone visits or you could sleep over at your parents if a large number of people come.

    My deciding principle in this case is what we do daily matters more than what we do once in a while (from Gretchen Reuben, but she mentioned it for other situations not this kind). You are going to use your sofa 365 days /year. The guest is going to use for 30 days max/year. So, your usage is more. Get something you love using.

    3. If you need more storage, go for ottoman. I prefer single chairs. Young people like bean bags. Older people can’t really be comfy in them. But then, I prefer chairs, so I am biased.

    4. For heaters, I would definitely go for instant heaters. I have used the boiler in India and instant ones here. I like instant ones. Get up late. Rush to shower. Turn on heater. Garam paani ready. It does work for long showers, at least the one I am currently using here. My older houses instant heaters were not great because they were old. Yes, the more your water pressure, lesser the heat, but then you can set on Max and increase water pressure. Also, you live in Mumbai. So, the weather is like Sg. You do not really have really cold winters. So, I do not think you would need boilers. Also, I am not sure, for boilers, you have to dilute hot water with cold water right? Mix till you get the correct warmth? Who has patience for that in morning rush? I am not sure how modern boilers are.

    This looks like something I use now – https://s3-ap-southeast-1.amazonaws.com/ecourtssingapore/assets/images/products/ip077469.jpg

    5. Does you flat have flooring? Tiles? Smooth surface? As long as it is not concrete and a decent flooring, I wouldn’t bother about wood. Most Indian homes do not have wood flooring because it is not practical. Also, dark floors means dust shows a lot more easily. I would skip this part if not needed. Also, does your flat have a lot of natural light? If not, adding dark wood flooring would make it even more dark.

    6. Decide where you will have the fridge. Definitely, no extension wire, has to be a direct connection. Then measure that area for possible dimensions. Get the largest you can. No fridge is too large. IN hot humid climates. Nobody complained of too large a fridge ever. And get the best quality you can because you will be using it for years to come and it is always running.

    7. You have not mentioned washing machines + Gas stove. Again they are essential and do try to get the best or second best in your affordability range.

    8. Best advice – Ask mom and buy whatever they have in their house. Phir you can decorate the way you like it. Also, examine your parents house. What do you use more? What do you love? What are the not-so-great things in their house? Don’t repeat that. See things you use and need for your life style not any body else’s.

    • Pepper said

      Firstly, I can’t tell you how thankful I feel to you for your input. Really. This is awfully nice of you. Thanks so much.

      Moving on..

      1. Have decided to go for RO. We’re now beatings ourselves over the brand. Choices between Eureka Forbes, Kent and HUL. Also, which model to pick out of those brands is another story.

      2. I agree. I am more inclined towards the comfy couch. Now all I need to do is silence the ‘what if’ noises in my head ..

      3. I prefer single seaters too. Only thing is that our living room doesn’t have enough space to accommodate a 3 seater sofa (which we will have anyway) AND additional 2 seaters on the sides. I mean, we can fit them in, but then they’ll be sticking out of the designated space. Will also make the room look too crowded. So we’re two minded about those now.. Ottoman and bean bags will fit in more easily and won’t make the place look too congested.

      4. Thanks. Will keep those points in mind. Just that the sales guys in these stores kind of scared us by saying that the instant water heaters cant take the load of a long shower. They blow up. Not sure how true that is though. At my parents place we’re using an instant heater for showers with no visible problem.

      5. We have tiles in our flat. But I forgot to mention this. The previous owners while moving out their bed and other stuff broke a few tiles in the bedroom. Since the tiles were jagged and cracked, we had to change them. Unfortunately, we didn’t get the same pattern as the earlier ones. So now you there is a visible difference in the tiles in the bedroom. It kind of looks funny. To cut costs, we decided to go for vinyl flooring. It is not wood. Merely a lamination of sorts. Most importantly, it’s cheap and seemed like our best option if we didn’t want to spend money redoing the tiles for the entire room. But most of vinyl options have the ‘wooden’ look. We’re trying to choose a lighter shade.

      6. The fridge is a big problem. We have very little space assigned for it by the builder. The length and width of the space are okay, but the space has very little depth. You know what I mean? So most big size (or even normal sized) fridges will end up protruding out way too much. And we won’t have enough space to enter the kitchen because it will block the door. So we’re trying to find models that have a relatively small depth.That has added to our stress.

      7. No budget to buy a washing machine now. We’re planning to do laundry at my parents place for the next 6 months. They live in the next building, so it’s not too much trouble. Thankfully, that’s one thing less to decide. As for the stove, we’re trying to choose between the auto ignition models and the manual lighting ones. Any thoughts? Apparently auto ignition doesn’t work for too long because of the water (from the cleaning) that enters the battery area. But both Mint and I hate the idea of using lighters all the time. We’re too lazy.

      8. Yes, yes. That we’re doing. And it helps SO much!

      • Boiling said

        You are welcome 🙂 Oh further decision making! I agree with the others that you should get some basic stuff and move in. You can add extras as time passes by.

        1. I do not know much about which brand is better, why not ask people or do a FB poll to find which people mostly use. What are the differences in the models? Go to one shop, get the shopkeeper to explain the difference, choose the basic one. I believe different models come with some small extra features. If you really need the added features take it. See what brand has good warranty.

        2. Just buy sofa. Whatever sofa mint falls asleep on.

        3. Get the sofa now. Buy chairs later. or can you get one chair? Or foldable chairs? Parents have extra?

        4. If you get a decent brand with good quality testing, I do not think so. I have not heard anybody in Sg tell me that happened. And everyone uses the instant one.

        5. Go for lighter shades unless you will religiously clean every day. Dust shows. Don’t go for total white also. That will also show all the stains. I do not know much about vinyl flooring though.

        6. Can you move the fridge to another location? I know it is not ideal. My parents got a bigger fridge and they keep it outside the kitchen coz there is no place in the kitchen and they kept the smaller fridge in the kitchen. Definitely it is annoying if the entryway into the kitchen is blocked. But everybody needs a good big fridge IMO.

        7. My parents have been using the same automatic stove for a long time and it still works (They use the one made in Japan)! Even the current place I am staying has auto stove and it has been in use surely for some years because the previous owners sold it to the current owner. Again, invest in a good brand with warranty. I rarely use lighters but some of the places I rented before had stoves with lighters. They were okay though I prefer auto ones.

        Right now, I would go for the basics and move in – Bed + matress for both of you, stove, water filter (start with the stainless steel butterfly types one and you can get R.O later if you do not want to spend at a go now), fridge. Fix the tiles + vinly flooring before getting the bed in.

        You could borrow foldable chairs/ stools temporarily form your parents until you buy a sofa. Also, do your parents have any extras – furniture/sheets/house decor to give away, take it. You can always buy yours later if you like other designs.

        • Pepper said

          3. I can get the sofa now and chairs later, but then they won’t be a part of the same set. It will look too mismatched. We don’t want a completely matching-matching, clinical look for the room, but nothing too out of theme either. So thought getting it together is a good idea.

          6. Cannot move the fridge to another location. There’s no space that is right for it. We’re getting the biggest we can (given our constraints). Thankfully we managed to find a model that is decently big. Has a good length and width but a smaller depth. In future we may consider breaking a kitchen wall and upgrading to a bigger size fridge. After 5 years or so that is. If we still here..

          7. Auto ignition stoves are definitely preferred by us too. But there are two kinds here. One is the built in hob. This one is attached/built in to the kitchen counter. The auto ignition of the burner works through an electrical switch. This works very well and there are no problems. My parents use this one. The other is the movable stove. The auto ignition here works through a small battery located beneath the burner. The battery runs out every 2 months and the mechanism stops working completely if exposed to water. Checked with a lot of folks. So which kind of stove are you talking about? Has the battery operated auto ignition worked well for you?

          • Boiling said

            Oh, I did not know there was so much into stoves. The stove I am currently using in Sg is built in hob. No problems with it so far.

            The movable stove like this one [https://encrypted-tbn1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRUxKFVhy6EioPOK9egK7nPExpSFU4n4urBwwJ4oI-gPLCeTmu8sA] which is kept on the kitchen platform is the one my parents are using. It is movable and connected to gas cylinder. This has been used by my parents like forever and dad does do some regular cleaning & maintenance and maybe they did some repair like maybe once in between (don’t remember) but I do not think they have battery problem every 2 months. Auto ignitions is like you turn the knob and it works na? My parents stove makes a lighter kind of noise every time you turn it. So you have to press and turn it, just like you work with a lighter.

            Get the sofa and fridge 🙂 Just do it 🙂

  8. I can understand your dilemma. I would say take your time for its your home and confusion over zeroing down on stuff is bound to happen. and at the end of the day, you will have a beautiful home which will reflect you and your hard work towards making it your home 🙂

  9. Anams said

    Gosh I can totally relate. A couple of years back, we had our house re-constructed, from ground up. The number of decisions required were mind-boggling, the choices even more so. And two years down the line, life at times, still throws me a curveball where I end up wondering if Option B would have been better than A. What this has taught me is:
    a. Had my choice been different I may still be having these questions and
    b. for the smaller things in life (and to my mind these are relatively smaller things in life) its ok to go ahead and take a chance – Go ahead and buy the sofa you like without wondering about the guests who may or may not end up visiting. And when you do have guests, people you know and like and who know and like you, shall adjust. The others don’t really matter do they?
    Oh my, this has been a long ramble. Need to stop before I go onto refrigerators and purifiers next [bought those too and have stories to tell  ]

    All the best!

    • Pepper said

      Making your home seems to be very taxing for most people. I agree with your reasoning. We’re most likely going to be looking to our own comfort instead of picking convenience for others.

      And hey, if you have any stories to tell about refrigerators and purifiers, I am all ears. Those will help us. Please go on?

  10. Hari said

    I have a piece of advice. Buy a fridge; limit yourself to the dimensions of the nook you have and don’t look at any of the bigger ones. Then move in. Just do it. Deep clean the bathrooms and kitchen and have a party. Call friends over to listen to music and drink and talk and play board games all night. Order in food and eat on disposables if you have to or borrow one of the million melamine dinner sets all our parents have. Get gaddas or rajais and spread them all over for people to sleep on. Make a big batch of eggs for the hungover people next morning. Once you see how easily your friends fill your home and enjoy it, lack of sofa or decorative light fixtures notwithstanding, you will find these decisions easier to make.

    Also, it helps to live in a space Before you start decorating it. Often you will find that the seating plan you thought was good for the house doesn’t really feel inviting. That is another advantage of having people over, you will see patterns emerge on how they use the space as guests. It is an excellent guide as to how you should spread out the seating.

    I’m going on too long, but one last thing. If you have a 2 bedroom apt then go for the comfy sofa. A pull-out is not necessary(see above – gaddas!) and they are not as comfortable as regular sofas.

    • Pepper said

      I love your suggestions. We borrowed razais from parents and are going to just move in in the next few days. Since we still dont have a functional kitchen, we’ll be back at my parents place for meals and showers, but hey, it’s still a start.

      Agree with you completely on observing patterns emerge as guests use the space. Yes, we’ve a 2 bed apt and are most likely going to go in for a regular sofa. Thanks a lot!

  11. I can understand how frustrating all this is …I have helped a lot of friends with their home interior decorator … The only tip I can give u is try grouping the stuff that u plan to buy … Like all the electronics u need together so that u can fix a total budget and then spilt it amongst each appliance … Then when it comes to furniture note down which ones u both agree to( like for example a bed for the bedroom. That is like essential. No arguing point on that) … So once u make a list of them u can proceed and buy those things. So u will feel that u started and are actually doing something. The later parts can be added over months and a home is a home. U can decorate it as per ur convenience later also… Hope this helps …

    • Pepper said

      We fix budgets and then we realise we don’t like what is available in the budget we set. Then we go on to overshoot the budget and then we wonder if it is worth it. We’re just going round in circles. But thankfully, we’ve learned and have made some good progress in the last few days.

  12. Shweta said

    Aww! Hugs Pepper! I totally understand what you’re going through! May you get done with the list soon…

    PS: Remember about the mail?!

  13. Thisisme said

    🙂 it just seems to me that you are being very careful about picking the right stuff for home! Lot of effort going in there! and its Good!
    I actually like it that ur putting in so much effort into all of this…
    I just hope that the end product that you have gives u lot of satisfaction and makes u happy and when u satrt living in ur home..ur blessed with a lot of goodness! 🙂

  14. Stu said

    I’m sure you would have heard it earlier Pepper, and I am sure you don’t really need any unsolicited advice right now, but at the cost of irritating you I’d still say Move In. A house builds up slowly and as time passes it will imbibe your character. Take it from somebody who made the mistake of having a beautiful house, lovely furniture and gorgeous civil work, but which lacked character i.e. the little things which make the house your own. Unfortunately for us, all that perfection-striving cost us a lot of time, and we moved in a day before our son was born, and then a lot of other things took over and all we bought from our unique, personal taste was a mario miranda painting. That’s IT.

    As for the confusions you’ve listed out, if you’re taking a poll:
    – Go for the RO.
    – Take a sofa for the living room and a pull out bed for the spare room.
    – A more natural wood colour (not very light, not very dark) makes the room seem cozier than dark or light wood.
    – A full-on geyser.
    – Try floor lights if you have the space. they look awesome.

    Lastly, you’re not alone in being poor decision makers. We are horrible, that way. we don’t have any chandelier / floor / wall lights till now because we couldnt decide on any. In retrospect, I should just have got one i liked, and i am sure it would have grown on us. And hehehe, i’ve booked multiple theatre seats, multiple train tickets etc just because i couldnt decide which are bettern 🙂 You’ll survive !!

    • Pepper said

      Stu, I think I actually do need advice, so I wouldn’t call it unsolicited. All opinions I see here go on to help me in making up my mind.
      Thanks! All your ideas have been noted.

  15. Pepper, I think you should move into your new home which will help you decide some of this faster, now you have the luxury of parents home and probably taking more time coz of that. If you don’t have a definite timeline it can go on because there are endless product choices.

    I can totally get your dilemma as I am going through lot of decision making and my list looks endless too. But being an adult we have no other choice but make decisions .I hate it.i wish I had someoone to just decide, my head is exploding.

    Good luck to you and Mint.

    • Pepper said

      Completely agree with you, LF. The fact that we have our parents home to stay in is making is complacent. I know for a matter of fact that had we had no choice, things would have moved at jet speed. There is only so long you can live without a stove. We’d have almost been there by now. So I we really need to stop taking my parents place for granted and get on with our stuff. We’ve realised this now.

      I can imagine your situation with all the big changes that have come in at once. Good luck to you too, sweetheart

  16. MR said

    maybe it’s a subconscious thing, maybe you just like ot live with your parents 🙂 thats not so bad is it?

  17. We were going through the exact same phase as you…. But as we are approaching the closing, we are left with no choice but decide….. So give yourself a deadline….. With so much choices available it can be nerve wrecking….also in our case the online reviews helped us a lot…. We narrowed certain appliances and checked the reviews….though moving into a new house is exciting, it can also be stressful …. All the best to both of u guys….

    • Pepper said

      You think we buy even a pin without checking its review online now? We’ve spent too much time getting sucked deeper and deeper into all this because of these online reviews. I call them a double edged sword.

  18. Oh God. Choices. They turn my brains to noodle soup. I keep thinking in a loop. I like A coz of this this n this, so ill choose A over B. But B has this this n this. So ill pick B. But A had that that n that. It never ends. When i got my scooty 10 years back, i went to the showroom and booked red. It was love at first sight. Then on thinking more, i felt blue would be the better color (friends’ opinion). So went n changed the colour. But since my heart liked red, it kept poking me…red, red, red, so i went back n changed to red. The showroom guy was majorly frustrated and told me i cant change my mind anymore. But friends still told me to get blue.That red would be too chatak a colour. It was the worst 15 days of my life. I dragged my parents back to the showroom 3 times and would spend 15 minutes staring at the sample red n blue scooties kept side by side. Looking at red…heart would warm up..such a bright n beautiful color….looking at blue..well, everyone else will love blue…look back at red..such a beautiful color..went on n on n on. Today, im extremely grateful to the showroom guy for not letting me change the colour after the 3rd time. I got the red one, and sooo glad i did. It’s just so pretty and makes my heart sing while riding it. I just cant picture myself on a blue scooty. *scrunching up my nose* (apologies to anyone with a blue scooty).

    So ya, totally get what you guys are going through.

    • Pepper said

      That sounds JUST.LIKE.US. We keep swinging between the available options. Sigh.

      • Saw ur question about the auto ignition stove in one of the comments above. We have a stove that we built into the platform and the auto ignition has been working fine. It has been 6 years now….

        • Oh no, just checked with dad, the battery needs to changed once a while..apart from that its fine.

          • Pepper said

            Okay, I am slightly confused. Your parents seem to have the built in hob. Those built in stoves usually are not battery operated. There’s an electrical switch they’re connected to. And electricity is what is used to ignite the burner. That is the one my parents have and most places I have seen are the same. But your parents seem to have a built in hob which is battery operated. That’s new. And you’re saying it works well. Should consider it then.

            And hey, thanks!

  19. Hugs Pepper !!!Totally understand your dilemma… I went through the same phase 3 yrs back. Only difference was no parents home/support . i guess you are taking so much time coz you have the luxury of staying at parents home without worrying about anything. Imagine the condition if you were staying at a rented apartment, pay rent plus EMI and on top of it if have a fixed notice period to leave the apartment. Just think about it … 🙂

    Loads of good wishes to you!!

    • Pepper said

      Absolutely. We’re taking time because we have the luxury of staying with parents. I shudder to think how it would have been without this. Glad you sailed through. And thank you 🙂

  20. Hari said

    Hey, just thought of something. In case, you haven’t heard of it already – urbanladder.com is an excellent site for furniture. Check out their facebook page for the reviews. A little expensive but apparently their hassle-free service is worth it.

    • Pepper said

      Heard of urbandladder. Suffice to say I love it. But, it is expensive. We usually haunt furniture stores and see the same or very similar stuff there available at a much lower price. We have no budget right now to focus on convenience, so we look up the pages of UL and then try and design our own stuff in these local furniture stores. It takes more effort and time, but it’s worth the significant difference in price..

  21. Sravi said

    Good luck!Sailing in the same boat!Adding to your list of water purifiers(Did you check out UF?)… .Also.. do get the water tested at a govt certified lab..before you get a purifier till then survive on canned water!Planning to get one from here – http://www.rupaliaqua.com/ but do check their after sales service in your city!

    Just one Q though.. why not get one like your parents?

    • Pepper said

      Hadn’t heard of this brand. Will check it out. Thanks!
      In answer to your question, my parents order those huge drums of mineral water. They’ve been doign this for the last 10 yrs. I don’t mind this as a temporary solution, but wouldn’t want to do this long term. It is not at all cost efficient.

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