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On my mind

Posted by Pepper on August 12, 2014

Is a motley. An assortment of thoughts. Ofcourse, I am converting them into a post.

Is the new fridge we got this weekend. Yes, we bought one FINALLY. The moment it arrived, I went to a quiet corner and fist pumped like mad. You see, it wasn’t just the joy of owning a new refrigerator. It was the joy of finally having decided on a brand and a model. Phew.

Are the pani puris I have been bingeing on. The mother made a couple of gallons of pani this weekend. For a change, the supply could match our capacity to consume. Since we couldn’t finish it in one go, we decided to freez it. I come home every evening only to let it defrost, before I go on to stuff myself. Pure bliss.

Is our newly done flooring. Yes! We managed to choose the pattern. That’s one more thing off the list. Euphoria!

Are the rakhis we tied to each other. The sister and I have been tying a rakhi to each other since the past couple of years. The sister also ties one to Mint. It is only this year that we realised that Mint had not been tying one to the sister.We realised it in time and he did tie her a rakhi this year.


The rakhi I tied to the sister. Pretty, isn’t it?

The sister tying Mint a rakhi.  Too bad I don't have other pics..

The sister tying Mint a rakhi. Too bad I don’t have other pics..

Are the new shoes I need to buy. I have been surviving only on one pair. The rest are in boxes that lie unopened. I am going to buy a new pair of shoes because that is obviously easier than opening the million boxes and searching for the old ones in there. No, you’re not allowed to ask me why we didn’t number/mark our boxes.

Are the many holidays that are coming up. For the first time ever, I think we’re too broke to travel. Any spare money we have needs to be put into the house. Surprisingly, that is not saddening me as much as I thought it would.

Is the stupid lady at the salon. I happened to take a package that included eyebrow threading and a hair cut. Along with it, I got a free facial clean up. There are few things I love more than a good facial massage. Especially one done by skilled hands that know where the sinus points lie. Anyway, I told the lady I wanted some mild cleansing and then I wanted her to focus only on the massage, nothing else. No bleach by any means. I repeated that a total of 5 times. Only to realise that my face was stinging a little and I could smell the bleaching agent. When I called out to her, she said she didn’t use bleach, but only used an “Anti tan pack”. Because apparently my face needed one desperately. What the hell does an anti tan pack contain if not bleach? Idiots!

Is the picture of the sleeping child I happened to see when I was at Dadar station a few days ago. As expected, crowd and chaos reigned the premises. I was startled to see a child, fast asleep amidst the din. Instantly, my mind was spinning a million stories..


A makeshift bed in the midst of complete bedlam. Can you spot the baby?


16 Responses to “On my mind”

  1. The Bride said

    “Especially one done by skilled hands that know where the sinus points lie” I hear you. Alas I have been told that I shouldn’t do a massage with my skin. However, I overruled the salon’s advice and do a massage even if I end up with a couple extra pimples a day later.

    Congrats on your new fridge.

    That baby gave me the goosebumps.

  2. Santulan said

    Wait, no mithai with the rakhi?

    • Pepper said

      No mithai. We’re lazy bums who didn’t bother to stock up on any mithai for this. So we stuffed ourselves with chocolates. Not that I am complaining..

  3. Dadar is always chaotic and loove it this way. Truly Mumbai the amchi way!!! Happy Belated Raakhi and congrats for new Rakhi:)

  4. Good you got stuff done! Congrats girl. One step closer to the end.

  5. Boiling said

    Yay to finally settling some things for the house!

  6. Yeah on the fridge ,Pepper!! The rakhi tying bit amongst yourselves is too cute:)

  7. Hari said

    Recipe for pani please!

  8. Thisisme said

    good that u have finally decided on few things for ur home!
    Also, the idea of freeezing pani puri water is soo amazing..i would love to do that!
    and about the facial massage .LOL!! i can totally understand ur situation!
    I hate bleaching and hate the smell of bleaching agent n all…
    and my arms get tanned very easily….i was discussing this with my parlor lady when she siggested i go for an anti tan pack..i asked her does that include any bleaching agents (though i should have known..anti tan = bleaching!! 😦 ) …after she applied the pack on my arms…after few mins.it started stinging and then smelling of ammonia..that typical bleach smell..yuck!

    i asked her that y did she apply bleach ..but she kept repeating its not bleach but anti tan pack.! what the hell! she later removed it n says dekho saara tan gayab ho gaya…honestly there was no difference and costed me a bomb! i just ensured not to visit that parlor again!!

  9. Bikramjit said

    and then i came to this previous post and MORE talk of FOOD .. nooooooooooooooooooo

    Rakhi looks beautiful .. and yes STUPID salon .. yes idiots

    and yes i spotted the baby in that yellow Chunni ..

  10. Scribby said

    Hope the anti-tan pack, the non-bleachy pack was good? 😉

    A new fridge, finally, great 🙂

    I could spot the baby, the innocent age that is, away from all expectations and realities, immersed in its own world of dreams and smiles, simple life 🙂

  11. That anti tan thing happened with me too. It was my first time getting a facial and i was paranoid that my skin would react to something. Like i fool, i let my fears known to the salon lady. She talked me into buying the most expensive facial on their menu. I kept telling her, i dont care what you do, just dont use bleach. Dont use bleach. Dont use bleach. Said it 7 times like a parrot. She said she would use anti tan pack. I agreed. Came out of the parlor looking like a faded kitchen cloth and face hair gleaming in the sun. Was i mad at the woman or what. Arrggh.

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